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  1. I took this on a Pacific crossing in 2004 featuring two of my favorite people ever. Captain Reidolf (It's me again") Maalen and his wife, Terry. This was Valentine's Day and the Crystal Cove was streaked with red ribbons, awash in scarlet velvet hearts, festooned with garlands of plump roses with and hanging from the Atrium ceiling - silver cupids with lit arrows pointed at the dance floor. Just something understated and simple.
  2. Thanks, Larry. I think you're spot on. Perhaps we'll see each other in January. Steve and I are getting our first shots on Monday and the booster three weeks after. May it all go back to normal sooner rather than later.
  3. Hey Larry...do you think the September crossing will happen? Right now, I'm optimistic but... Hi to Monica. Jim
  4. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Reimagined-cruise-acts-blend-entertainment-with-protocols
  5. The Serenity at dawn. World Cruise 2020.
  6. To my dear Chicago and Detroit friends...you may tout your pizza till the mozzarella melts, but being a native New Yorker...well, need I say more? But as long as I'm here in The Bistro, I'll ask Noel for a iced cappuccino.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. That was a PERFECT cruise. Not sure yet about October but if I do go, I will be singing, dancing, yakking and eating way too much as we sail down the coast.
  8. Hi dear Nancy, I just got a call from crystal with the official cancelation of the August cruise, but I was offered the October 30th cruise so I think you can be hopeful. Hope it works out.
  9. No one deserves this more! I hope he wins. This clip is a tonic...just the right medicine for these times. Good luck Jon!
  10. Hi Roy, Although the Magic Castle lent its name and the perk of an admission, the Castle staff itself never had a hands on participation in overseeing the program. It has always been supervised by Rich Bloch who continues in that role. Jim
  11. That's right. Crystal Magicians at Sea.
  12. I feel I have to speak up about this because I am privy to what happened and Roy has it right. The few who abused the privilege ruined it for the rest. But happily the program continues.
  13. ...the wonderful Raphael Derkson. Gary is retiring as most know. I found this out a few weeks ago but today he made the official announcement. He'll be taking over for Shane who moves to the Serenity on June 19th. This is a really wonderful choice. Raph was the bandmaster for so many years and then assistant cruise director. He really earned his stripes over the last year and will fill the position beautifully. He's a truly great guy and Crystal's made a very smart decision to move him up. Good luck Raphael.
  14. I started one month after you Roy. May, 1996 on the Harmony to Alaska. Glad we finally caught up.
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