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  1. silvercruiser

    Royal Inside Sideways Cabins

    I agree about the extra beds on the side hitting you in the head. Make sure you get a cabin for only two people.
  2. We loved long cruises for the same reasons everyone has mentioned. The ship truly feels like 'home' and luckily, we loved the sea days. It's just a way of life if you cruise often. I've spent over 900 days at sea and loved every minute of it.
  3. silvercruiser

    Getting Credit for Very Old Cruise??

    I got credit fromRCL for 1977 cruise on Song of Norway. Funny, with so much cruising, I didn't get backto RCL until a couple of years ago, but they were able to find my original cruise.
  4. silvercruiser

    Pinnacle Grill breakfast dress code

    I was a newbie when I first started wearing my keycard on a lanyard. Now, after more than 900 days at sea, I still wear one and even have my own puncher to use as soon as I get the card, so it's on a lanyard when I first board. When going ashore I have a small plastic sleeve contining a copy of my passport and my drivers license that I hook onto the lanyard. Yes, I keep it inside my blousewhen ashore. It sure saves time when reboarding. If others want to think I'm a jerk, let them. :):)
  5. silvercruiser

    Special interest groups

    Thanks. Just what I was looking for!
  6. silvercruiser

    Special interest groups

    Is there still a place where I can find what groups are booked on HAL ships? I like to avoid cruises where large groups seem to sort of take over.
  7. silvercruiser

    Check from HAL for 2016 Prinsendam Cruise $21.33

    Correction: My check was also for $7.62 and so were my friends. They didn't trust they were really from HAL and threw them away.
  8. silvercruiser

    Check from HAL for 2016 Prinsendam Cruise $21.33

    I got one a couple of weeks ago for $7.64 from a cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam in 2016. My friends did too. Assume it was a change in port fees.
  9. silvercruiser

    Captain Peter Bos retiring in March

    Peter Bos is my alltime favorite captain. He did such a wonderful job on Voyage of the Vikings a few years ago and tried oh so hard to get us into Greenland, keeping us informed every step of the way. He'll surely be missed, that's for sure.
  10. I had been booking a cabin right across the hall from the laundry room, then discovered that if we booked a cabin 5 doors down it put us in a different category and we'd save $300. That's when I started getting the $7/day laundry package. And when I was on Voyage of the Vikings about four years ago it came to only $6 a day because there was a top limit for the trip of only $200 for the 35 days. After the early days of travel, group land trips as well as cruising and doing all laundry by hand I decided it was time to pamper myself. When you're spending thousands for a cruise I think that the amount for a HAL laundry package isn't that big a deal. I love it even more since I became 4* and get it free!
  11. silvercruiser

    How do you carry your cruise card?

    Oh darn! Now everyone knows I'm a newbie, since I always wear a lanyard. :) (Check our my signature, pal.)
  12. I too was bored on the Rotterdam in December and so were lots of others. If it had been my first cruise ever I wouldn't have wanted to take another one. As you can see by my signature I have lots of cruises to compare this one to. I obviously love cruising, but not this time.
  13. The only Oceana cruise I've taken was the one-time-a-year Bermuda cruise that was r.t. trom Miami, the only Bermuda cruise on any line that left from and returned to Florida. I thought it was expensive and by the end of the cruise there was quite a bit of talk among first-time Oceana cruisers that no one thought it was any better than Holland America.
  14. silvercruiser

    HAL Cruises versus Assisted Living Facilities

    Wander, you explained it very well, but the newbies who want to believe don't want to hear common sense. I've learned to just keep my mouth shut when people who have no idea what the reality is. On my most recent cruise the entire group one evening at dinner compared cruising, not to Assisted Living, but to Nursing home costs. They all agreed that cruising was such a much better option than being in a nursing home. And yes, it was difficult to just sit there an listen to this crap. I sort of try to avoid arguing about any subject that I know a great deal about with someone who knows very little. It just doesn't work. But boy, would I love to take these people to an actual nursing home or assisted living facility and expose them to reality.
  15. On the Rotterdam cruise I mentioned earlier we did NOT have BB King. In fact, even the music that was piped in was old, old, old. Every single song I heard was from WW II days. I'm already elderly, but I'm feeling too young lately for HAL.