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  1. Not true according to Royal’s protocol document from July 21st. Vaccinated guests visiting venues that have been designated as “vaccine only” can go maskless. That would appear to include certain gym hours, certain shows and the casino.
  2. We checked in for our Freedom Sept 20 cruise last week. Hope everyone has a great time on their cruises.
  3. The vaccine greatly reduces your chances of catching Covid. NOTHING guarantees anything. Receiving a polio vaccine does not guarantee you will not get polio…it does greatly reduce the probability, though.
  4. But the CDC and just about EVERY health expert are saying vaccinated people do not spread the virus. So being vaccinated negates the need to wear a mask.
  5. Curious as to why you think people in no mask states should be penalized for mandates beyond their control.
  6. How does not wanting to spend a vacation in a mask equate to being an anti-masker or anti-vaxxer? Explain your logic.
  7. Has this been confirmed now? CDC, up until this morning, had not concluded, saying he “potentially” had Covid. Personally, I wouldn’t trust peoples’ “honesty”. Proof of vaccines a must.
  8. No loss there. I doubt if you would be someone worth meeting with that attitude.
  9. Did you read my comment? When did I say I was upset that X is changing? Are you suggesting that changing market conditions justify poor customer relations?
  10. We, too, are leaving Celebrity. It’s not because of the ships, the food, or the service. It’s the “who cares about the customer” attitude at corporate.
  11. We were on the 5/16 Eclipse but have not been offered that transfer, not that we would take it anyway. You can only make that type of move once, so if Millie cancels, what then?
  12. We finally received our notice of cancellation for Eclipse in May, 2020. No L&S available because of the date. Won’t use FCC because it would not even cover the increased cruise fare. Wasn’t offered the cruises through end of September. Sadly, I guess it’s time to look for a different Cruise Line.
  13. I haven’t heard anything on my May 16 Alaska. Can no longer find it on Celebrity’s site, though. However, they do show five other Alaska cruises in May, 2021. I wish they would be more up front about things.
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