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  1. Dr. Fauci also said Americans do not need to wear masks on April 3rd. I’m not saying he was wrong then and I’m not saying he is wrong now. What I am saying is that what we know now might not be what we know once the vaccine(s) are available.
  2. I guess we should all just lock ourselves away until we die. No thank you.
  3. You should read what your source says before using it. The article claims 10x what Covid reports and is a guess, with you have already criticized. That number would still be about half of the Swine flu. Thanks for proving my point.
  4. And your using data from an article written on April 20th shows that you think no progress has been made since that time. THOSE numbers were estimates made when nothing was known about the virus.
  5. CDC.gov.. go to their report on 2009 H1N1 virus. Then, still on CDC.gov, look at current numbers for covid19. CDC reported 60.8 million cases of h1n1 from April 12, 2009 to April 12: 2010. Current Covid numbers are 8.7 million. Even adding a few million to make a full year would still show H1N1 being 5 or 6 times greater than Covid.
  6. According to the CDC, H1N1 had a rate of infection 10 times that of Covid19, though Covid 19 had a far greater mortality rate. As for school closures, a limited number of schools closed for days to weeks during that time...nothing to compare to the current closures. You are absolutely correct about the misinformation from social media, but also from the main stream media. This is, unfortunately, what happens when agendas take a back seat to facts.
  7. No, but not because of Covid. Because nothing would be open. Treatment for the virus has greatly improved. It is still highly contagious, but not a death sentence. H1N1 was far more contagious, but not nearly as deadly. Did people cruise then? Of course.
  8. We had the same thoughts about MSC Divina, though we thought their private island was the best we have been on.
  9. Fox News reported he was ILL seven hours ago? No, they reported he had Covid.
  10. The OP was 7 hrs ago. At that time, he was not heading to the hospital and only mild symptoms were reported.
  11. Actually, the harsh response was the one you initially offered. Relax.
  12. What makes you think I haven’t considered that? My comment stands.
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