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  1. Hi- Can anyone recommend a resort in Cabo that offers a good beach, food and showers to non-guests on a fee for use basis? Thanks!!
  2. Have had mine for five years now and it's the best one I've ever had. Very reasonably priced, excellent value for money.
  3. Funchal is beautiful in her new black, white and red livery. What a wonderful thing that these classic ships are saved from the breakers!
  4. Had a great meal recently on Oosterdam. I'd recommend giving it a try.
  5. What an awesome collection! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Talk about dedication and what great results!
  6. You're right. Now I'm feeling guilty... I do love Dick's Deluxe AND the fries. I just wish that we had IN N' OUT too!
  7. John - Pollo Loco is good but, the thing that it is the biggest deprivation up in Seattle is having no INN N' OUT!! I dream of double-doubles! Have a wonderful cruise and am looking forward to your travelogue. Bon Voyage-Bill
  8. Lisa- I love your "where the ships are" posts. Wonderful daydream material! Can't wait to hear about your NCL cruise. Bill
  9. I love them both. In terms of suggesting one over the other, I'd need to know the size of ship you prefer. I guess that I have a slight preference for the Zaandam. It's a smaller ship and has a (to me) much more intimate feeling. In addition, the Zaandam has a more traditional decor while the Oosterdam is a little "flashier" and less conservative. Either one will provide a wonderful cruise and both have wonderful crews. In short, you couldn't go wrong with either!
  10. We've had porthole cabins several times and enjoyed them and would book them again without hesitation. Portholes add a more nautical feeling, like actually being on a ship instead of a floating hotel.
  11. Aside from looking up ports of call in travel guides, the only other effort I expend is on a careful selection of books I'll take to read on the cruise. My 9-5 life is run on a frenetic schedule so my idea of relaxation is the joy of not knowing exactly what I'll be doing ahead of time.
  12. I hope that this is only a rumor. For many years, we've spent several weeks a year in Zihuatanejo staying in a small hotel and have grown very fond of the owner and his family. Due, at least in part, to the increasing drug problems, their bookings were down 25% during 2009. Past guests are expressing reluctance to travel in Mexico. I'm sure that at least part of the decline in occupancy is due to the US economy. Aside from border towns, I still feel that coastal resort towns in Mexico are a much safer place to vacation than many cities in the US. The implications of reduced trade with Mexico are quite sobering. They have a rapidly shrinking "middle class" and this will only add to the problem.
  13. Great review! Please keep posting more. Love your idea of recording the sound of the wake!
  14. I'd vote for keeping formal nights. Even with the current standard, I've noticed that many already interpret "formal dress" as "country club elegant". Human nature being what it is, it's easy to imagine how quickly "country club elegant" could be redefined to include "dress shorts" and "elegant Tivas". I don't bother packing a tux. I rent one onboard. It doesn't cost much and saves the bother of dry cleaning and lugging an extra bag.
  15. Lisa- Am doing well! George and I are looking forward to our April 24th cruise on the Oosterdam. Wish that you and Tom would be able to stop in Seattle! Please do post your review of NCL with a link on the HAL board. Pending a good review, there are several NCL itins. that I would be interested in. Wishing you both a wonderful cruise.:)
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