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  1. Royal should just charge $10,000 per test and solve the problem of anti-vaxxers ruining the cruise for everyone else.
  2. What about all the poor, impoverished countries that the cruise ships will visit that lag far behind in the US in vaccinations? Unvaccinated selfish cruisers will literally have blood on their hands.
  3. This is not what all the studies are showing at all. The vaccines are absolutely preventing transmission. But hey, you dont even need the studies to see that is true at this point. Just look at countries like the US which have a very high vaccination rate where cases are falling off a cliff versus other countries with low or no vaccination rates where they are not.
  4. Can you also use it as a room key and to charge to your account for onboard purchases? That would be neat, kind of like magicbands at Disney World.
  5. Except allowing smoking doesn't run the risk of the cruise having a smoking outbreak, having trouble returning to port, having people die, and becoming and international PR disaster.
  6. Seems pretty easy for me for RCCL to leave from NJ, Maryland, and elsewhere until FL rescinds this law. As a NY resident, I think this is great. I'm eagerly awaiting fully vaccinated cruises leaving from my science believing state. Also, foreign countries have had vaccine requirements to enter for decades. The idea that cruises are impinging on "freedoms" because they don't want to risk someone bringing a highly infectious disease onboard is ludicrous. Kudos to the cruise lines for standing up to ignorance.
  7. Anyone claiming the can’t get the vaccine because of health conditions at this point is almost certainly lying, or their doctor is dumb. My MIL who has lupus, cancer, is living on a transplanted kidney, and takes a daily regimen of tons of immunosuppressants because of the transplant and the lupus got one. If she, with all of those disorders, including the immune system issues, gets one, then everyone can get one. The only real issue is whether or not a vaccine is effective and works in a person like her, not whether it is safe to take it.
  8. This morning someone ate a tuna fish sandwich and then dropped dead of a heart attack hours later. We really all need to stop eating Tuna Fish Sandwiches, they can kill you!
  9. There are plenty of us who don’t eat red meat for health reasons but enjoy impossible or beyond meat. It has nothing to do with what you’ve posted.
  10. I can maybe understand the no mask mandate, but why on earth would you care if there are distancing measures?
  11. What about children under the age of 16? In this hypothetical are we assuming that they are not allowed onboard?
  12. Yeah but wouldn’t they just say then “Royal Caribbean will be the first to offer fully vaccinated sailings, where both crew and guests will be vaccinated against COVID-19?”
  13. Sounds like sad news if you're a stockholder or executive, but good news if you're a cruiser, from the article: “It's a very concentrated industry at the top with Royal Caribbean, and Carnival, and Norwegian having a very high market share. It doesn't really leave much room for consolidation. But you may see some significant capacity come out of service. And I think prices will stay low for quite some time.”
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