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  1. So? You need approximately 94 percent population immunity to interrupt the chain of transmission.
  2. The death rate gets all the top line media, but there are also an even greater number of people reporting to be surviving but with lifelong major damage to their lungs, other organs, etc. Just getting this and surviving can shave years or a decade or more off your life. It's unlikely this becomes "just another virus" anytime soon.
  3. Absolutely false. All indications are that these early vaccines will at best be something like the flu shot. Effective at perhaps stopping infections in 50 percent of cases and/or reducing the severity of the illness and/or reducing the mortality rate of those who contract it. You'll still almost certainly be able to contract and spread it. You will have to wear a mask and social distance. That's just going to be the reality of the situation, likely for years. This isn't going to be like the measles vaccine where you get two shots and you're protected for life.
  4. It may be the first, but it won't be the last.
  5. Hate to break it to you, but even with a vaccine, those protocols will still need to be in place for some time.
  6. If it was a simple as "the cruise line buys them" then they would be everywhere. There are shortages of every component for those quick test machines and more importantly there are massive shortages of the precursors used to make them run. If we had a national testing strategy and had implemented wartime measures for production and procurement of those materials and precursors than maybe this would work. But we haven't, and it won't. They're also not that accurate (See Governor of Ohio last week for a high profile example), but they certainly would be better than nothing.
  7. All that will do is let the cruise line watch as it spreads throughout the ship. Better than nothing, but won’t stop it.
  8. It’s really not possible and is why cruising is dead as an industry. It’s a highly infectious and dangerous disease and cruising is a medium where disease spread like wildfire. FFS a cruise ship with only 67 people in Alaska couldn’t even cruise without a positive case on their first cruise!
  9. For someone who's been wrong on every single prediction you've made since March, you sure are confident.
  10. Lol, in 30 years people are going to look back at buffets in the same way that we look back at the concept of a communal drinking cup: https://safedrinkingwaterdotcom.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/100-years-of-outlawing-the-common-cup/ Buffets are dead and gone forever.
  11. The average time to get your COVID test results back in the US right now is about 7 days. The idea that people who go on a cruise are going to all have access to rapid testing is ludicrous, unless things change significantly.
  12. And, just to put this in perspective, while there are about 5000 cruise ship crew still stuck on their ships, there are over 200,000 other merchant mariners who are stuck on their ships. I think we are talking past each other. The title and thesis of this thread is that we are debating cruising restarting when we’re still in the position that things are so bad cruise crew members can’t even get home. That seems to still be the case. If cruise lines still can’t even get their crew members home (whomever’s fault it is), there’s no way we’re on the cusp of mass market cruising restarting.
  13. Ok? The point is that we are still in the realm of crew members can’t even get home right now. It does not bode well for cruising anytime soon.
  14. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/08/08/cruise-ships-us-have-12000-crew-members-amid-covid-19/5574288002/ You’re correct that the title is misleading and that all of them are not “stranded.” But some of them (including specific ones interviewed in that article) are on the ship past their contract not getting paid. If that’s not “stranded” then I don’t know what is. Edit: CLIA indicates there are still 5,000 crew members stranded trying to get home from cruise ships, per the article. Not necessarily all in American waters, but that’s still pretty terrible.
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