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  1. Our family of 3 adults is currently booked in an angled balcony cabin and the upgrade advantage email just came out today for our 14 day Oct 16th cruise. Now I'm trying to decide which cabin to bid on. We stayed in the 2 BR suite on Getaway a few years ago with 4 us and I have had a tour of the Courtyard penthouse so I know how both of those are set up. I love aft cabins, but want to be in the Haven proper. That leaves me 3 choices: the 2 BR suite (minimum bid more than I want commit to), the Courtyard PH or the Forward Facing PH. I've only seen the FF in pics, so that's my unknown. Which would you bid on and why?
  2. I'm totally bummed regarding the October 2020 Meraviglia cancellations, I jumped the gun I'm afraid. We had booked two 12+ days cruises for Oct 2020 knowing we would cancel one. After family discussions over Memorial Day weekend, it was decided we would keep our NCL booking and cancel MSC based solely on ports. I called my TA to cancel on May 25th. Then MSC announced the cancellations with the 100 + 25% FCC, so if we had just waited another week or so we could have taken advantage of the FCC or moved the deposit to another date (plan on re-booking Meraviglia for May 2021). Instead it looks like I won't get anything extra and I still have to wait the 60 days for my deposit to be refunded
  3. I was wondering about this as well. It's showing as $149 per cabin on my 14 day Breakaway cruise in October, so for the 3 of us it would cover the cost of the spa credit. I'm wondering if we have any tender ports: Bermuda I know isn't, but what about Barbados, St Lucia, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao or Puerto Plata?
  4. Interesting topic. We had booked overlapping cruises for OCT 2020 with the intention of cancelling one. After family discussions this past weekend, we chose to cancel the Meraviglia repo so I called our TA on Monday to cancel. So far we had only paid the initial deposit of $199 pp with final due in July. I sure hope I will get a refund and not a FCC for what I put down. I've tried poking around the MSC website the past couple of days to see if our status updated but it only allows me to log in, once in I get an error message trying to do anything else like manage booking. Is it just me, or are others having trouble with the website?
  5. I never heard back from anyone. We ended up doing a stingray excursion to Gibbs Cay that we booked through the cruise line - had a great time
  6. I wholeheartedly agree with you- I thought the island was gorgeous! You also mentioned the water being murky- I also found that to be the case when we went for our first time in Oct 2017, so I don't think it had anything to do with being new
  7. Do you happen to know (or remember) how late the shops were open at the Clocktower Mall when a ship is in port? We arrive at 4 pm our first day and depart at 4 pm the next day, so we're planning on spending the first night doing Dockyard activities. Thanks!
  8. I would for sure choose the aft balcony any day!! The mini suite will only get you a bigger/nicer bathroom and that's about it. You won't get any "suite" perks as the mini suite is basically a deluxe balcony cabin
  9. I have stayed at both the Hampton Inn & Suites- MIA Airport/Blue Lagoon as well as the Hampton Inn Coconut Grove/Coral Gables and would stay at either one again, making my decision based on price/availability. The Airport/Blue Lagoon location has parking on an outside, gated deck. The Coconut Grove location has parking in an underground, gated parking garage. Both offer a Park and cruise option which includes free breakfast, parking for at least 7 days and free shuttle for 2 to the cruise terminal. You will need to secure your own transportation back to the hotel post cruise
  10. Yikes Kim!!! Sending you positive vibes for a speedy and successful recovery!
  11. You're right, but it was from a post from that page on FB. Last time I linked to their site here on cc, my post got pulled. There are a few other cruise sites that have the same info
  12. From a FB post just a few minutes ago : Royal Caribbean announced it will begin offering select sailings that visit Perfect Day at CocoCay twice, along with late night stays. Beginning September 30, 2019, Royal Caribbean will offer 4-night itineraries to the private island destination across nearly 40 sailings. Three exclusive cruises also make their debut today. In addition, three one-of-a-kind cruises with late-night visits to the island will be offered on Navigator of the Seas. Travelers of all ages will have the chance to extend the excitement long after the sun sets with traditional Bahamian-inspired activities, including a Junkanoo Jam Up Party, an island barbeque and performances by a calypso band and fire dancers, topped off with unforgettable farewell fireworks before setting sail. The new itineraries are available to guests on select Navigator and Mariner of the Seas sailings. "Perfect Day at CocoCay has revolutionized private destinations in the vacation industry, and the resounding feedback from our guests is that they want more – more time and even more ways to experience the island," said Michael Bayley, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International. "We’re building on an incredible adventure that’s already winning the hearts of many."
  13. I know it's been mentioned in other posts before, but I'll also throw this out there- check the current, going rate for the cabin you you plan to bid on and then place a bid that won't make your current (mini suite) cost + upgrade bid come in higher than the current going rate of the Haven room. Because at that point, you would be better off just paying for the upgrade outright and securing the cabin you want
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