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  1. Not NCL, but that being said- I took my very first Carnival cruise on Breeze to Bermuda & Grand Turk in 2019. The itinerary was awesome and we really enjoyed the ship!
  2. I have not personally used any of these, but a lot of options at this link: https://www.resortpass.com
  3. My mom has indicated that she wants our next cruise to be on Seaside (since she really loved the ship) or the new Seashore. I started to do general research and some mock bookings for SEASHORE to get an idea of anticipated costs. I thought I really should surprise her and book one of the S3 aft wraps like we had on Seaside back in 2018. It was probably our second favorite cabin after the 2 BR Haven on Getaway that I upgraded us to for a steal on my 50th birthday sailing. I know the ship hasn't started sailing yet and that the deck plans might not be 100% correct, but could one assu
  4. Hopefully not OT, but does anyone know if we can use our FCC's for shore excursions? I assume if we can that I would have to call NCL to do this vs book online which is not a problem
  5. You are probably right @caitlynambrai, I had forgotten about the "upgraded" decor and amenities in the Spa cabins. Anyone know if it's still just the Mandara spa sticker that you place on your card, or are they actually printing it on the cards now like the bev & dining packages are?
  6. I took a closer look this morning as the system was down for maintenance last night- The December date was in fact for a Spa Club balcony The January date was for Haven as every other category was sold out The February date was a Sailaway balcony vs a Spa balcony. Balcony BF is $1490 vs a B9 at $1875, so still a $385 difference, making it more than $139 pp to just buy a thermal pass
  7. If it's really only $139 for the week vs the $199 or $299 (?) I've seen for some other ships, then why is the cost of a Spa Balcony (B9) cabin so much more expensive than a standard balcony cabin?
  8. My TA messaged me 2 hours ago to say my Oct 19, 2021 Joy cruise was frozen. She said there was a very real possibility that it would be canceled. Apparently NCL is having issues getting crew. It was still showing on the website a couple of hours ago, but I see that it's no longer there 🤕
  9. Our family of 3 adults is currently booked in an angled balcony cabin and the upgrade advantage email just came out today for our 14 day Oct 16th cruise. Now I'm trying to decide which cabin to bid on. We stayed in the 2 BR suite on Getaway a few years ago with 4 us and I have had a tour of the Courtyard penthouse so I know how both of those are set up. I love aft cabins, but want to be in the Haven proper. That leaves me 3 choices: the 2 BR suite (minimum bid more than I want commit to), the Courtyard PH or the Forward Facing PH. I've only seen the FF in pics, so that's my unknown
  10. I'm totally bummed regarding the October 2020 Meraviglia cancellations, I jumped the gun I'm afraid. We had booked two 12+ days cruises for Oct 2020 knowing we would cancel one. After family discussions over Memorial Day weekend, it was decided we would keep our NCL booking and cancel MSC based solely on ports. I called my TA to cancel on May 25th. Then MSC announced the cancellations with the 100 + 25% FCC, so if we had just waited another week or so we could have taken advantage of the FCC or moved the deposit to another date (plan on re-booking Meraviglia for May 2021). Instead it looks
  11. I was wondering about this as well. It's showing as $149 per cabin on my 14 day Breakaway cruise in October, so for the 3 of us it would cover the cost of the spa credit. I'm wondering if we have any tender ports: Bermuda I know isn't, but what about Barbados, St Lucia, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao or Puerto Plata?
  12. Interesting topic. We had booked overlapping cruises for OCT 2020 with the intention of cancelling one. After family discussions this past weekend, we chose to cancel the Meraviglia repo so I called our TA on Monday to cancel. So far we had only paid the initial deposit of $199 pp with final due in July. I sure hope I will get a refund and not a FCC for what I put down. I've tried poking around the MSC website the past couple of days to see if our status updated but it only allows me to log in, once in I get an error message trying to do anything else like manage booking. Is it just me, or
  13. I never heard back from anyone. We ended up doing a stingray excursion to Gibbs Cay that we booked through the cruise line - had a great time
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