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  1. Just curious, why would Royal change the departure time of Serenade for the Sept. 29th sailing from 4pm to 5pm? Won't affect my mom and I since we will already be in Boston. Actually works out better so we can go to mass and then brunch before getting on board. Just a curiosity thing as I've never had it happen before. Nothing else on the itinerary has been changed.
  2. olemissreb

    Boston Silver Line - Walk me through what to do

    138 East - Hopefully you can help with this. I just booked the Ames Hotel in Boston for Sept. 2019 (FREE with Hilton Points so SCORE!). In the description on the Hilton site, it says the hotel is "steps away" from the State Station on the Orange and Blue subway lines. We will have luggage, so I'm still debating whether we take the subway to the hotel or if we just Uber it. If we subway, what's the best way to go about that and just how many "steps away" (a block, 2 blocks, 1/2 a mile?) is the hotel (1 Court Street)? Also, do you have any clue what might be going on in downtown Boston the last weekend in September next year? When I pulled up the Hilton site, just about every hotel said it was "sold out" for the dates I wanted. I was wondering if that was just Hilton's way of delaying reservations until the hotels got the info uploaded or something. Anyway, my mom and I are so excited about staying in the Historic Ames Hotel...we're just kind of nerdy like that! Thanks for all your help 138East.
  3. olemissreb

    Movies filmed on Harmony of the Seas

    I'm a Hallmark junkie (yes I know, I'm a sap for bad, schmaltzy, romance movies). Love at Sea kind of makes me want to try Harmony. I prefer smaller ships, but this looks amazing.
  4. olemissreb

    Cruise Planner

    I don't cruise till Sept. 2019 and the beverage packages opened up for me about 3 weeks ago. Booked right away (May 31st) and now just need to see if I can get it cheaper.
  5. olemissreb

    RCCL Website

    I was able to log in about an hour ago and make a payment on my cruise. No issues with anything else. Sure wish they'd open up the beverage packages, but guess since I still have over 500 days till we cruise, I'll just have to wait.
  6. Interesting...you'd think it would be the other way around...encourage people to spend more to get that 40% off. :D
  7. olemissreb

    RCCL Website

    I haven't been able to log in using Firefox. I get a "we are unable to complete your request" message. Guess I'll try clearing my browser history and see if that works.
  8. olemissreb

    Broken ankle on the Harmony of the Seas

    My youngest son broke his foot 2 weeks before we left for Alaska. He was able to get around on crutches, and he was walking in a non-walkable cast, the entire 2 weeks we were gone. He didn't have any problems in the shower (we had a rubberized cover to go over the cast) in his regular cabin. You should be just fine - especially if you can get a stool to sit/kneel on to give you extra support.
  9. olemissreb

    Motion Sickness prevention

    I take the Bonine and because I'm a whimp and it makes me drowsy even though it's labeled non-drowsy, I take it at night starting a day or 2 before the cruise. Then nightly while on the cruise. Haven't had a problem but the seas haven't been that rough either. I got seasick on a ferry once from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel...never want to feel that again. Found a pharmacy and got some Dramamine and took some when my stomach settled down, but it didn't help a whole lot on the way back. Guess it didn't have enough time to work its way through my system. Once it did kick in though, I was so sleepy. So if you are going to the cruise a day early, test out the Bonine and see if it makes you drowsy during the day. If so, just take it at night.
  10. olemissreb

    Just the perpetrator or everyone?

    I've always known the Mexican Riviera to be the west coast - Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, etc. I used to think of it as the "Love Boat" cruise. When did this change?
  11. olemissreb

    What is you experience with Dramamene.

    Dramamine and Bonine both make me sleepy even though Bonine is supposed to be non-drowsy. They way I counter-act that is to start taking it 3 or 4 days before the cruise and at night. That way I get a good night's sleep and then I don't have the drowsiness the next day, but I have all the protection.
  12. olemissreb

    Princess? RCI? Celebrity? Too many choices!

    Hmmmm might have to look in to this. Haven't heard good things about food on NCL unless you eat in a specialty restaurant. Will have to ask the youngest what he prefers...booze or good food? ;p
  13. olemissreb

    Been 28 years...

    Been living outside Atlanta for 20 years now - Coke all the way! :D
  14. My mom and I will probably drop off our bags in the cabin and maybe go get something to eat at one of the specialty restaurants where we will enjoy at least a glass of wine and toast to quality mom/daughter time for a week. Then we'll probably either explore or head back to the cabin to unpack and get ready for muster. Then head up top for sail away and a glass of champagne.
  15. olemissreb

    Princess? RCI? Celebrity? Too many choices!

    I love Celebrity. My youngest wanted good food and since we've already been on Celebrity, he opted to try Princess. Who knows though? That could change before I book the cruise!