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  1. I only book independent tours now. They are usually much smaller, intimate groups that can get to more places ahead of the big tour buses. All of our guides have been very knowledgeable and personable. As others have suggested, check the ports of call boards here on CC and also check out TripAdvisor for other ideas of excursions. I found an excursion that would go to a private citizen's house for a cooking lesson on the local food. I never got to take that excursion though as we canceled that cruise.
  2. Ole Miss Rebel Baseball vs South Carolina Gamecocks last night. The sky was a perfect Red & Blue for the Rebels and we got the victory 5-1. Perfect night for baseball! (taken with my Samsung Galaxy 5S phone - just doesn't do it justice)
  3. The Milwaukee, WI Airport is named in honor of Billy Mitchell. I'm not sure, but he may have been from that area. (Guess I could google it and find out). So cool seeing this.
  4. The Gin no longer exists. It burned down back in the 90s I believe. The hippie theater was called The Hoka and sadly it too is gone. I never did get over there, but their cheesecake was supposedly to die for. The pizza joint may have been Pizza Den? It does still exist only in a different location than from the 80s. Today, The Square is hopping just about every weekend with high end boutique shopping and a good mix of really good restaurants.
  5. I started cruising in '91 (I think - guess I should check my signature 🤣). We were on Princess and I felt like the youngest one on board. I did love the champagne tower, the midnight buffet, and dressing up. Even the set dining times was fun. These days, I do really enjoy Anytime Dining as I know I won't have to rush back from an excursion to get ready for an early seating dinner or just not be hungry by the time late seating rolls around. I've been lucky in that I've been able to have the same wait staff even with Anytime Dining. I do like having the option of adding a bevera
  6. I found CC back in 2005 as I was preparing for my Celebrity cruise out of San Juan. I found our Roll Call and got to chatting with several people on there. When we finally met up at the Martini Bar, I felt like we had all been friends forever. Sadly, I've lost touch with all of them. I also discovered the ports of call boards. I never realized that you could do excursions on your own and at such a HUGE savings. So for that cruise, I pulled the trigger and booked an independent excursion in Grenada. I have to admit, I was still a little nervous about making it back to the ship
  7. As you can probably tell from my screenname, I am an Ole Miss alum. When I became an empty nester, I decided it was time for me to "go home". I love living in Oxford! The core of campus hasn't changed a whole lot, but boy oh boy are there plenty more activities going on throughout town and on campus.
  8. My sister was in town last week, so one day we took a walk around the Ole Miss campus and enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather and some really good catfish from the Taylor Grocery food truck. From the 2nd floor of the Lyceum looking at The Circle Ventress Hall Catalpa tree that is believed to be at least 100 years old Barnard Observatory - they would have had the worlds largest telescope in 1860 something if the Civil War hadn't broken out. The telescope ended up at Northwestern in Evanston, IL instead. The Walk of Champions Arch
  9. I've only cruised Alaska once and went the end of June/early July. We did our own land based tour the week before the cruise and went that late in the year specifically because we wanted to get at least as far as the Eielson Visitors Center inside Denali National Park. We ended up going all the way to Wonder Lake which was pretty cool, but the mosquitoes there were horrible! We were on our land tour at the Summer Solstice that year and there was a Super Moon the same day - just INCREDIBLE seeing that moon with Denali in the background. It was kind of neat also that it never truly got dark
  10. On one cruise with my former in-laws, we got to port really early because my FIL had ants in his pants. We were amongst the first few to get on board, but our experience wasn't like yours. There were hundreds of people that had the same idea and so we didn't have the relaxing visit to the buffet. Luckily though, we did pack bathing suits so my kids could change after lunch and get about an hour of swimming in before our rooms were ready. That was really nice as there was no one else in the pool or even around the pool at that time.
  11. Yes you can get a drink at a bar and walk anywhere you like except the pool if it's in a glass. I really like sailing on Celebrity because they meet you at the gangplank with champagne and mimosas free of charge! So nice to grab one of those and then walk around.
  12. I've only been on CCL once and wasn't a fan. Of course it was on one of their older ships and was only a 5 day cruise. Anyway, I can't speak to dining or entertainment reservations as we didn't make any. What I can speak to is what I like to do first thing on any cruise I take. I don't like to get there and try to be first on the ship. I usually wait until 1pm or so to try and board as lines are usually short to non-existent, plus my cabin is usually ready by the time I get on the ship. Then I grab a cocktail as I get on the ship and go up to my cabin to drop off my carry on
  13. This was a sunset back in August last year. I loved how it looked like car headlights were coming out of the clouds.
  14. One thing I have found that helps me with Dramamine or Bonine (the non-drowsy formula) is to take it at night before bed. You get a good nights sleep and the benefits are with you in the morning. Yes, even the non-drowsy stuff makes me drowsy, so they should try things several days before they leave to see how it affects them. Oh and I find that if I wait till about 1pm or so, the initial rush of passengers is over and there are no lines at embarkation.
  15. My family and I did an Alaskan cruise in 2013. We cruised on Celebrity, but much of what I did will apply to anyone. First - research. Get guide books from the library or if you really want to mark up the book, from Barnes and Noble. Don't stick to the ones that are just for cruising. I got guidebooks for land based vacationing. In doing so, I got ideas for hotels for us to stay at as well as excursion ideas that the cruise ships may not offer. Also check out the Alaska boards here on CC. BudgetQueen posts on the Alaska boards frequently and is a WEALTH of information.
  16. I've got ISO set to Auto, so aperture (f-stop?) and exposure are the only adjustments I use. I just have to learn the best combinations for various conditions. Thank goodness for digital these days so I can play with combinations! If I get to any of the softball games this year, I'll look for your niece!
  17. When did she play softball here? I've only lived here for 2 1/2 years now, although I did spend 4 years here as a student. I loved going to the softball games in 2019 (or maybe it was 2018)! That NCAA Regional Game was EPIC!!! Thank you for the compliment on the pictures. I'm still learning how to use my EOS Rebel in something other than "point and shoot" mode.
  18. It snowed here in Oxford, MS yesterday. I took advantage and grabbed my camera and walked around campus. I just love the snow! These pictures are (top to bottom): Ventress Hall, a row of bushes that looked like cotton to me, and a tree by Bondurant Hall. I loved how it looks black and white except for the hydrant.
  19. My first marriage, the ex and I loved to cruise. Now after 30 years of marriage and 4 years divorced, I'm dating a guy that hates cruises even though he's never been on one! I'm still trying to convince him to give it a try and I think I found the "hook". He wants to see Alaska, so I suggested at least a 2 week vacation - 1 week inland seeing all kinds of stuff and 1 week on a cruise. That was one that he seemed amenable to. His biggest hangup is that he doesn't want to "dress up" for dinner - I'm still working on that one. 😁😇
  20. Thought this was really cool - looks like the headlights of God's car coming from the clouds
  21. Just a few pix from my tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery on Monday.
  22. Sunset from my front porch and the courthouse in my hometown from a popular rooftop bar.
  23. I love this thread! Sunsets are my favorite things. I took this one as we were leaving Portland, ME last October. And that was when I was still using it in "point and shoot" mode.
  24. At Commander's Palace, also try the turtle soup. It is wonderful!!! As for things to do during the day, there is the WWII Museum. My son and I spent 3 or 4 hours there (including lunch) and we didn't see nearly all of what we wanted to see. When we were there, there was lots of construction going on, so there is probably even more to see now. Something else fun to do is to tour Blain Kern's Mardi Gras World. They show you how they make the floats for Mardi Gras and after the tour, there was a little outdoor bar where my son and I sat and had a drink and watched the shi
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