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  1. Have sailed on both, prefer the Mariner. I did not care for the bathroom in the Concierge suite nor the Coffee Bar area. Explorer is still our favorite.
  2. The flight from LHR to BCN is on BA. Regarding transferring terminals, they currently have us coming into terminal 5 and leaving from Terminal 3. Not thrilled.
  3. "Your Regent routing confirms my suspicions which is that the most obvious choice of routes is using the PHX-LHR route on BA and probably in an old 747." Jay, BA was not my first choice, but all my choices were rejected by Regent. I was pretty much left with just BA, their choice. When I booked BA it was flying the old 747 but I found out this week that the plane has been changed to a 787-9. Just finish selecting new seats for the flight. It is still the terrible business class layout but at least the plane is newer. The only thing I'm worried about is an on time flight, I only have 1.5 hour connection time. Think it will be pushing it but fortunately there are 2 flights after ours, just in case.
  4. Took that into consideration. There are multiple flights out of TUS to PHX after our flight, we selected a flight with a long layover in PHX to protect ourselves. If our flight is canceled we have several other flights they can put us on but if they can't do than we are only a 2 hour drive to the PHX airport. Thanks for the concern.
  5. Jay, We also are from the Tucson area and have spent hours researching flights to Barcelona. We have a cruise to Barcelona coming up in November and working with Regent have booked a one-way from PHX to LHR to BCN. We disembark in MIA and have arranged our own flights back to Tucson by doing the Multi-flight option with AA. I booked AA from TUS to PHX where we pick up our BA flight to LHR & BCN. The second part of the Multi-flight on AA is MIA to DFW to TUS. Just a thought.
  6. We had brunch with an officer on Royal Princess while doing the southbound route in Alaska. The topic of the Royal not sailing through the Inside Passage came up and he stated that they were hoping to start sailing that route sometime in July. Seems like the Alaska Pilots are becoming more familiar with the ship. Keep your fingers crossed.
  7. Trivia was a big thing on the last 2 PP cruise we took. The ships young dancers usually ran trivia and Bingo, both were a lot of fun. When we crossed the Equator the ship had a King Neptune event on the pool deck, it was fun to watch and the staff had a ball. They seem to get a lot more creative on the smaller ship than the larger ones.
  8. Just off the Royal Princess and we would take the Pacific Princess over the Royal any day. Pacific Princess is our favorite Princess ship followed by the Coral Princess. But the Pacific Princess is not for everyone. If you cannot entertain yourself and want a lot of activities this isn't your ship. It is a very laid back type of ship. Expect it to be very different than the larger ships. We like its size and the fact it carries only 670 passengers. You make new friends on this small ship. It has the best food of all the Princess ships we have cruised. The mini-suites are different than the ones on Princesses other ships, and prefer Pacific's mini-suites (though I would like a larger TV). The staff we have encountered on our 3 times on the ship is the best and they also love the ship. It is an older ship but is well maintained. Looking forward to our next cruise on her, a 35 day Tahiti/South Pacific to Fort Lauderdale.
  9. I just purchased 3-12 can packs of Diet Pepsi at our local store, it cost me $13.00 and that is higher than normal. The Classic Soda package (fountain drink) on Princess is now $11.79 per day . Princesses 6 Canned Soda package will cost $11.80 or $1.97 per can. The purchase at my local store cost me 36 cents per can, McDonalds charges $1.00 for a fountain soda and I get free refills. I truly believe, Princess is out of line with its increase. I guess, I need to start researching stores near our ports of calls to buy sodas to bring on board because I'm not buying it on the ship unless I'm desperate.
  10. Wow, the change to the Soda & More package is really going to effect me. I only drink diet sodas so paying almost $12.00 a day is going hurt. Did a rough estimate on our next Princess cruise (35 days) and it figured out to around $400. I looked at the soda can package but it was more expensive per can than what I paid individually per can on the Royal last week. Looks like I will be cutting back on sodas and buying mine at ports of call. Think we need to start a page on where cruisers can locate sodas to purchase at each of the ports Princess stops. Also might make Princess rethink the increase if people stop buying on the ship. What do you think?
  11. One of the reasons we sailed with Princess over the last 25+ years has been the food. The food was excellent, the menu had so many good choices it was hard to select which one to get. Now we have a hard time selecting any from a much reduced menu, we skip the MDR many times now because there is just nothing that is appealing on the menu. Princess has always had a section before the entrees of pastas to select from but no more. I loved Princesses pastas, now there maybe one listed as an entree. The fettuccine alfredo on the daily offering is not nearly as good as it use to be, and no parmesan basket (miss that). Also, no escargot, just another item of many missing from current menus. We have also noticed how bland and tasteless the food has become and the quality is not nearly as good as in the past. My point here is that we have noticed a change at Princess especially with the food.
  12. Just off Royal Princess, we found the MDR menu very limited, food bland, tasteless and not very warm. Many things we had been use to on our other Princess cruises are now missing, especially on the menu. Yes, the ship is beautiful and very clean but the ship is also very crowded. We have noticed may changes over the years, especially on the larger ships. We have found that the small ships tend to have better food and a larger selection. We have started cruising on smaller more upscale cruise lines the last 2 years and will continue that trend in the future. However, we would not hesitate to book another Princess cruise on one of their smaller ships with a desired itinerary.
  13. From what I saw this past week on our Alaska Princess cruise, there is no dress code. Was really surprised to see men and women wearing jeans, tee shirts, sweat pants, sweat tops, athletic shorts and baseball caps in the MDR during dinner (including formal night). I can understand this the first or last nights because of the luggage situation, but not during the middle of the cruise. Why post a dress code if it isn't going to be enforced. Just my opinion.
  14. Thank you for the information, I will order it for him onboard.
  15. Looking at getting MedallionNet for my husband on our Royal Princess cruise. Is it worth it? Also, can you use onboard credit to purchase the plan?
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