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  1. Our TA called Regent this morning, we took the FCC of 125% and booked a new cruise for November. TA said Regent will holding everything until FCC is processed and at that time they will apply it to the new cruise/air. Does anyone have an idea how long it take for the FCC to be processed?
  2. Found it. It is on the U.S. website under: Regent Seven Seas Cruises , General COVID-19 Coronavirus Travel Advisory Updated as of Apr 24, 2020 GENERAL TRAVEL ADVISORY
  3. Mrlevin, Just saw your new post after I posted mine. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Regent has not posted the information to their website in the U.S. yet or I just haven't found it yet. But I will pass this information onto my TA so she can contact Regent and inquire.
  4. Just checked my Regent account for our May 18th cruise and discovered some of our information missing. Our May trip no longer lists our suite and deck numbers nor our category. In addition, all our tours and dining reservations have been removed. Checked American Airlines account and flight is still listed as Pending. Think our TA should be hearing from Regent fairly soon.
  5. Booked the flights for May cruise through Regent, as of today the flights are still pending. But when Regent does cancel that May cruise, I have asked our TA so switch everything (cruise & air) over to a November cruise. Regarding the July cruise, the final payment was due today but with the new 100 day "No Sail" order we decide to cancel. The air for that cruise we did on our own so I simply logged into my American Airlines account, located "My Trips", clicked on change flights and switched our flight to our January 2021 Regent cruise. It was very easy, no cancellation or change fee.
  6. From what I have read so far, the CDC did withdraw the paper but only to make some corrections for clarification purposes. It is suppose to be resubmitted this coming week.
  7. I hear from my TA all the time, at least 10 times since this whole thing started. The TA calls us when they receive email updates or information from the cruise line, just letting us know what they received. We discuss possible options and questions we may have with upcoming cruises. They have been very good about keep us informed.
  8. Update: American Airlines did cancel our flights, we are now flying out of DFW which I much prefer. But now there is a new problem, the flight they now have us booked on (according to their website) does not fly the DFW to LHR route on that day. In addition, they have assigned us seats D & G in business class, but there are no G seats on that plane. When I checked our return flights I found they had also changed them. They now have us leaving LHR about the time we get off the ship and obviously that is not going to work. You would think they would know that cruise lines require return flights be booked later in the day to accommodate disembarkation, travel to airport and check-in. Checked with Regent and they have removed our old scheduled flights and replaced it with: Your trip includes: Round-trip airfare for two I know most likely the cruise in mid-May will be cancelled, therefore I really don't need to worry about the flights. But as I stated before, check your flights for cancellations or changes. Our flight for a cruise out of MIA in mid-July has also been changed and once again our return flight leaves before we even get off the ship. The airlines are really struggling right now and seemed overwhelmed, thus the many mistakes.
  9. Was reading an article about airlines scaling back most of their international flights, and that American Airlines was only flying 3 international routes for April & May. Concerned I decided to check my Regent cruise flights for May and it looks like our nonstop flight from LAX to LHR on American no longer exists. Checked my booking on Regent's website which still shows the flight good. Checked the flight on Google Flight which don't show the flight existing. Checked "my trips" on my American account which shows the flight pending. Obviously there is a problem somewhere, which will have to be corrected. I just want to warn those individuals who have international flights that their scheduled flights may no longer exist if they are cruising in May or possibly June. You might want to do a new search for flights on the days you plan to travel. That is how I found out about the problem.
  10. The Miami New Times has an article titled "After Leaked Emails, Florida Attorney General Investigating Norwegian". It deals with internal emails obtained from Norwegian Cruise Line directing salespeople to mislead customers about the risks of coronavirus to protect the company's bookings. Since Regent is part of the Norwegian Line, I wonder if this will affect Regent?
  11. Sure hope this "Medical Form" goes away for a couple of reasons. Getting an appointment with a doctor is nearly impossible, especially right now. They are only seeing medical emergencies and even if I got an appointment for our May cruise, I'm not sure we want to sit in a doctor's waiting room. In fact, we had a doctor cancel my husband's appointment yesterday because he did not want us in the waiting room because we were over 70 yrs old. Talked with a family member who is a doctor, told him about the medical form being required to cruise. He said he would be surprised if any doctor would sign a form like that. Said he could for see a lot of problems, for doctors and cruise lines. Plus doctor's are going to consider this medical form a waste of their time. Will medical insurance pay for the doctor's visit and blood work, if needed? A lot of questions and problems are going to arise from this medical form requirement. This wasn't very well thought out.
  12. We have a May 2020 cruise on Explorer. Have been following port closures in Europe, beginning to think if our cruise does sail Regent would have to change the itinerary to accommodate these closures. With many Mediterranean, Baltic & Canadian port closures wondering where Regent cruises might sail the months of May & June? Thoughts!
  13. We also look to see when the ship was last in dry dock and what was done to the ship. We did the first Pacific Princess cruise after dry dock in 2017 and they did a great job. Though not everything was completed when we embarked. I think I would hesitate to book on a cruise that was getting close to its dry dock date. Have heard people complain that they stopped maintaining the ship because they knew it was going into dry dock fairly soon. Also heard complaints that they started doing some prep on the last cruise before dry dock which was pretty irritating.
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