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  1. Overall we were disappointed with the food on Explorer two weeks ago. We have always enjoyed the food on our previous sailings with Royal even though the selection and menus basically stayed the same. I was hoping the numerous negative reviews I’ve read regarding the food weren’t true,but we found them to be. Even the food in the café promenade was not good.The sandwiches did not look appetizing and the dessert selection was lacking. Aside from breakfast, we rarely had a good meal. We ate at Giovanni’s for dinner under the first night done right special and it was the best meal we had all week. However, we both agreed it wasn’t the same quality we’ve had on Allure sailings in prior years.
  2. We cruised from Port Canaveral a few years back and saw multiple people with cases of water get through security with no issues. I am also sailing on the Explorer in September and plan to bring a case with me. I figure $3 for the case is worth the risk versus paying close to that for one bottle while on board.
  3. I completed the online check in for our cruise in September, and I had to put an incorrect time for our flight home in order to complete the check in. Our flight is at 11:25AM and when submitting the information I received a message from Royal that the earliest departure time should be 11:45. I tried submitting the form again and still was unable to. Once I changed our flight time to 11:45 I was able to continue and complete the online check in. Do you think I should contact Royal about this issue? I would have called, but we booked with a travel agent so I wasn't sure they would speak to me. Has anyone had to lie about their departure time in order to complete the online check in? I booked the flight with little concern, but now I am worried it's too early. We are leaving from Seattle and Google Maps has a drive time of approximately 20 minutes from the port to the Airport. We plan to self disembark as early as possible so I would think we should arrive at the airport by 9:00. Even if there is a delay in getting off the ship or traffic I still think we should be able to get to the airport roughly an hour and a half to two hours before our flight. Our flight is booked so there isn't much I can do now, but this is our sixth cruise with Royal and I have never had this issue before.
  4. It's still $24 in our Cruise Planner for Explorer of the Seas in September. I didn't realize they charge a higher price on board. We are planning on having dinner there one night so I should probably book prior to our sailing.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I've never sailed in a suite before and was hoping the price would drop on that category, but it's still over $1,500pp. It would have to drop to around $900pp for me to consider it, but I doubt that will happen.
  6. This is my second time booking with a travel agent. Most of the time I book directly with Royal Caribbean. I check prices multiple times a day, I'm a little OCD, and I have found all the reductions myself. I booked with a big box store so even though I used a specific travel agent I am able to call 24 hours a day and get adjustments from any person who works there. I got $50 OBC from the travel agent which I have been able to keep each time there was a price drop, but I lost the OBC I had from Royal when I booked under the first promotion.
  7. I am currently booked on the Explorer of the Seas on September 15th. This is my sixth cruise with Royal Caribbean and the first time I have received a price drop after my initial booking. I have always seen the price stay the same or increase, but never go down. I first booked a panoramic ocean view room in March. My cabin had a price drop of $68 in April, but I lost my $50 OBC so it really netted to close to nothing.However, a resident rate became available for a balcony stateroom which was $800pp versus the $789pp (excluding taxes and fees) I was paying so I was able to upgrade to a balcony cabin,receive my balcony discount, and spend less money. The price of my balcony cabin has continued to drop since I switched at the beginning of May. The balcony cabin went from $800 to $743, and today it is now $664. The price has gone down almost $140pp in under a month and we are still outside of final payment. In total I have received four price drops on my cruise since booking in March. My question is have other people seen continuous price drops on cruises they have booked? I don't really understand why Royal keeps lowering the price, but it has saved me close to $300 from my initial booking so I am happy. Also, side note, I was surprised my balcony discount was able to be combined with the resident rates. I am platinum and received a $75 balcony discount, as opposed to the $100, but wasn't expecting to receive it at all.
  8. Do they only match your status once, or is it dependent on your status at the time of booking? We are platinum on Royal, but I wouldn't want to request the status match on Celebrity until we reach Diamond on Royal. However, if they would match our status now, and then again when we were diamond, I would look into it.
  9. I just switched our room on Explorer of Seas from a panoramic Oceanview room on deck 12 to a category E3 balcony room also on deck 12, room 1838. I was looking forward to trying out a panoramic Oceanview room, but there are currently resident rates for our sailing, in addition to our C&A balcony discount, that makes the balcony room $50 less. I know everyone else has their preference for room location, but the main reason I was willing to pay more for the panoramic ​Oceanview room versus a standard Oceanview room was because the room was added a few years ago during the dry dock. We have previously only sailed on freedom and Oasis class ships, and I was concerned from reading reviews about the Explorer that some rooms are dirty or showing their age. My question is should I keep the balcony room we have on deck 12 or switch to an E2 hump balcony on deck 8, room 8316? If we were on a newer ship I would not be booking a room as forward and high up as I currently am. Am I putting too much consideration into the fact that the rooms on deck 12 are newer? If we were on Freedom I'd be picking the hump over deck 12. Thanks for your input.
  10. The price is showing as $168 per person for our seven night cruise on Explorer in September which comes out to $24 a day. It states "For restaurants with a la carte pricing, you’ll receive a $50 food credit," but I don't see any mention of 20% off Chef's Table. Considering Giovanni's Table is already $24 a day, this doesn't seem to be too good of a deal. I guess it would only save us money if we were to eat at Chops or Izumi every night, assuming the $50 credit is per visit at Izumi, and take advantage of the lunch on sea days. If we decided to skip dinner or eat in the MDR one or two nights that would negate most of the savings.
  11. We have sailed with Royal Caribbean five times versus two times with Princess. We are also in our early 30's and Royal Caribbean is our preferred cruise line. Our first cruise on Princess was in the Summer of 2004 to the Caribbean so it's hard to use that sailing as a reference point. However, we did a Pacific Coastal cruise on Princess in May 2012 because we liked the price and itinerary. I'm not sure if it was due to the time of year or the itinerary, but we did not see any younger passengers on the ship. In fact, we rarely saw any passengers in the 40-60 age range either. The average age on the ship was much older than what we were used to on Royal. For us, it did not make much a difference because we are from the East coast and with the three hour time change we went to bed pretty early every night. As a result, I can't really comment on the night life of the ship. I believe the number of formal nights on Princess is similar to Royal. We liked the food better on Princess, especially the breakfast and lunch buffets, and would sail with them again if the itinerary was port intensive. I think we would get a little bored on the ship if the itinerary had a lot of sea days. To be honest, I cant't recall too many of the daily activities on Princess because our cruise had only one sea day. If you like the itinerary on Princess I think you should consider giving them a try.
  12. Do I have to call Royal Caribbean to book without my C&A discount? I prefer to book online, and I wasn't sure if I could just book without logging in or adding my C&A number.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I'm not logged in so I avoid the issue of the C&A discount not being available with the OBC. I think it may just be an issue with this particular sailing because I did mock bookings for Anthem in March 2018 and it worked. Now I just have to decide if I should book the cruise. I feel like the price and OBC will be hard to beat in the future, but I don't like the idea of giving a $500 deposit for a cruise that's two years away. Plus I've always wanted to book a JS, and for $700 more for an 8 night cruise I think it's a decent price, but I still don't know if I can justify the added cost for myself.
  14. Hello, I am doing some mock bookings for an Anthem cruise on March 15th, 2019. When I prepare to book a JS or "Ocean View with large Balcony," I see the $300 and $200 OBC in the booking. However, when I try to book an Obstructed Ocean View Balcony or regular Ocean View Balcony the $200 OBC is not showing up in the reservation. Has anyone else experienced this with their bookings? Does anyone know if the $200 OBC is only for the most expensive balcony cabins? If I decide to book, I will call Royal about the issue, but I don't want to make the phone call if I am not going to book a cabin. Thank you.
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