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  1. The full refund finally showed up online on Aug 14, dated Aug 11. That's 141 days since my refund request. Here's a full summary: Mar 20, 2020 Crystal canceled cruise Mar 23 TA requested full refund from Crystal (there was a small deposit made in 2018 and two payments made in 2018 & 2019) Jun 11 Credit received on Citi Card for the small deposit Jul 13 Opened dispute with Citi Card for the 2 charges Jul 26 Citi Card applied permanent credit for the 2019 payment Jul 31 Citi Card denied credit for the 2018 payment since it was made more than one year ago
  2. Citi has now denied the dispute for the 2018 charge. They said that they generally do not accept disputes for charges more than 1 year ago. I've asked Citi for reconsideration. Citi also told me that the permanent credit they provided for the 2019 charge was put through by Citi, not by Crystal.
  3. I disputed the 2 Crystal charges, 2018 and 2019, for the same cruise with Citi on July 13. Citi immediately put a conditional credit on our account for both charges, pending investigation. On July 27, Citi made 2019 charge a permanent credit. The 2018 charge is still conditional, pending investigation.
  4. scheduled sail date 4/25/20 Crystal cancelled 3/19/20, requested 100% refund on 3/23/20 no refunds as of 6/24/20
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