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  1. We've been booked for end of May sailing for over a year for a milestone birthday celebration. However, don't hold your breath about going. Even if you're vaccinated, I can't imagine the Bahamas opening back up for cruise visitors by May. I'm expecting another round of cancelations and I'll be taking the FCC to rebook for the following year birthday week, plus another cruise with the extra credit.
  2. No. I'm cruising in May and looking forward to it. Now I wouldn't be taking a trip or cruise over in Asia right now, but the Caribbean (right now) is pretty low risk.
  3. For everyone complaining about the app being delayed 😉, it went live in the Apple app store today. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/virgin-voyages/id1478112097
  4. No, not included you still have to pay the $350 daily rental. However, they do have a separate cabana section only for suite guests to rent. Then, if they have empty cabanas that weren't booked by suite guests they will open those up to the rest of the ship to book.
  5. I’ve been asking and looking for the same thing. So far no one has posted anything on the XL bathrooms or cabins. I want to see if it’s worth a call to upgrade.
  6. I just got off the phone with VV and the agent had to check with a manager, the EATSLEEPCRUISELOOT (or any other access code) is not combinable with the current Wave sailor loot promotion. It's one or the other, you cannot combine. Dang.
  7. I'm doing a new booking... So, were you able to get the EATSLEEPCRUISELOOT promo sailor loot PLUS the current running sailor loot promo? So on a Terrace cabin example - EATSLEEPCRUISELOOT Promo $200 Current Promo $200 For a total of $400 in sailor loot
  8. No, its not the bar tab promo. Its the current sailor loot promo. The access code also gives you sailor loot, but unsure if they're combinable or not.
  9. Does anyone know, or have already done this.... if the EATSLEEPCRUISELOOT promo code is combinable with the current onboard credit promo they are running? This would basically double the amount of credit given for the booking then. I'll call them in a bit and ask but just checking here first.
  10. The dock was dredged a few years ago to allow for cruise ships to dock.
  11. Anyone else see the ship tour that was posted on youtube a week ago? Ship looks awesome!
  12. Does anyone have any experience with changing your cabin or calling to book over the phone to choose your cabin? The site is auto assigning me deck 14, and I would rather not be directly under the pool/sun deck (I don't know why they would consider this location better then a deck below).
  13. The purple pin on the map of Bimini is the site of the Beach club. Sat images are a year or so old, but you can see the pools started to be poured.
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