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  1. Does anyone think that the March 14 Tokyo round trip cruise will not ultimately be cancelled? The fact that there was a case of Coronavirus discovered in a recent former passenger adds another potential roadblock to an immediate return to “business as usual”. If they do run a trip on March 13, my guess is that occupancy will be below 50%.
  2. They have. It’s better for HAL to give a future cruise credit now for funds already paid, rather than officially cancel the upcoming 2/29 and 3/14 cruises. But cancellation is a real possibility. If they do cancel, my best guess is they would refund in cash (since they cannot provide what you paid for) plus throw in some credits. So waiting until they announce either a new itinerary or a cancellation seems to be better than taking current offer. Might be more favorable and unlikely to be less than current offer.
  3. More details on this from HAL update: Updated Statement Regarding Westerdam Submitted by: Julie Update: 2/12/2020 3:30am Pacific Time Westerdam is now sailing for Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where the current cruise will end. We will arrive at 7:00 a.m. local time on Thursday, Feb. 13 and will remain in port for several days for disembarkation. Guests will be able to go ashore. All approvals have been received and we are extremely grateful to the Cambodian authorities for their support. Guests will disembark in Sihanoukville over the next few d
  4. I guess Singapore would work location-wise. It none of the possibilities now is particularly close. Maybe 4 days to reach Singapore from where they are now, 8 am Wednesday local time. Given the downside of letting 2000 people loose in any city, with a very unlikely yet still possible threat that someone had been exposed, it’s become difficult for any country to readily agree as we’ve seen.
  5. I wonder if Vietnam was on the “possible country” list. I haven’t seen where this country had rejected the ship.
  6. 4800 miles to Seattle. Maybe 10 days. Don’t think that’s a choice.
  7. Why don't you have travel insurance with "cancel for ANY reason" coverage?! Seems like a less than intelligent question asked in an insulting way. For someone that has specific reasons for a policy like that- maybe a work schedule that may change- it can make a lot of sense. But a cancel for any reason policy costs more and returns 75% of trip payments vs 100% for regular insurance.
  8. Even with the facts known days before the February 1 sailing from Hong Kong, it was apparent there were risks in that part of the world. Carnival/HAL management put their collective heads in the sand and chose a path that they thought preserved cash flow. It was heavy-handed to say the least that all was good, just take your cruise to new ports because we can change and there’s nothing you can do. At a minimum they should have offered refunds for those who didn’t want to go. So what happens now if the Westerdam passengers cannot disembark in Tokyo- which seems to be the case
  9. Thanks for the input. Not sure yet- just don’t appreciate the lack of flexibility shown by HAL. Reverting to fine print in the contract about port/itinerary changes seems wrong when it’s such a total change. Not that the replacement trip isn’t interesting- just not was signed up for.
  10. The reference might be to “cancel for any reason” insurance. There doesn’t seem to be any support for my position that HAL (or any cruise line) should be more flexible in a case like the present one. The 3-14-20 two week trip is called a China Adventure. When it’s totally changed, six weeks in advance, so that the trip bears no resemblance to the initial offering, it’s not the same as merely skipping a port or two on a journey.
  11. The offered trip is ok, but definitely a significant enough change to warrant more flexibility on behalf of HAL. Even credit towards a future cruise would be something. Cancel for any reason Insurance is a great idea- for the selling insurance company. If one pays a premium of more than 10% of trip cost to potentially recover 75%, that’s a net return of 65% to the purchaser. My best guess is that everything may change as the days go on, based on the impact of the coronavirus and its possible spread to more countries. Not sure how the Costa situation will unfold in Italy, bu
  12. To Cruisemom32: Yes, I understand that HAL can point to the fine print. Let them replace the trip- but treat customers as if they were important...
  13. Bad HAL management decision- to tell people on a basically ONLY China trip (March 14-29) that a trip to Japan in its place is what they MUST take, or they can cancel on their own and lose half their money. And deal with flight refunds on their own with the airlines. I don’t think it’s wrong to change ports on the March 14 (formerly China) two week cruise and offer Japan as a replacement. And it’s obvious they cannot go to China now. BUT, it’s obnoxious that HAL is not proactively at least offering refunds for those who signed up for China because that was the trip they boo
  14. Hard to believe that Carnival is not canceling any cruises to China. This was announced a few minutes ago: Coronavirus: Celebrity, Holland America Line and Seabourn Cruises Refuse to Cancel or Refund Cruises to China January 28, 2020 Several major cruise lines, including Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line and Seabourn Cruises, are refusing to cancel voyages out of China as concerns grow about the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. The New York Times published an article this morning that Hong Kong has restricted travel from mainland China due to the deadly outbreak as infections
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