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  1. Webguy

    Tuk tuk in lisbon

    We used the eco tuk tuk last September andmit was great.
  2. Webguy

    Dubrovnik Questions (new thread)

    Hi Dubrovniktravelady And others Thanks for all the great information. We are so looking forward to visiting next year. Can you tell me how mid october is for weather? Are there still a lot of tourists then ? Thank you again.
  3. Drinks and gratuities is the way to go.
  4. Webguy

    Nelson's Dockyard on your own - how we did it

    Is there a water taxi back to the cruise ships? Thank you
  5. Webguy

    Internet Packages

    Where do we watch for that? Thanks
  6. Webguy

    How has Celebrity changed since 2012?

    Interesting discussion going on here.
  7. Webguy

    My Review of Calabazz Cruises

    What do they charge? Thanks
  8. Webguy

    China Highlights

    I am posting this for my cousin who does not remember his password. [FONT=Times New Roman]I wish to report a very negative experience with China Highlights, a Chinese company that arranges tours in China.[/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman]We paid in advance a total of $840 to this company for a one day tour of Shanghai for 6 persons. Unfortunately our cruise ship the Diamond Princess was unable to dock in Shanghai due to fog; it skipped this port entirely. China Highlights was informed by telephone early in the morning of this fact. Nevertheless when we requested a reasonable refund of 50% they refused and refunded only a total of $60, the amount that they saved on admissions to parks and museums. They apparently had the legal right to do so because the fine print in their contract excludes refunds in all circumstances including weather and acts of God. However, I think their action indicates a very consumer unfriendly attitude and I certainly will never do business with them again.[/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman] [/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman]The GasteinGuy.[/FONT]
  9. Webguy

    Jewish St Petersburg

    I have also asked out guide to take us to the Synagogue. Thanks everyone for all the information and links.
  10. Thank you for the good walking Map and commentary.
  11. RCCL's Chops and Portofino estaurants give us excellent service every time as well. They even get deserts ready if we are too full.
  12. Webguy

    RCI Transfers ??

    RCL transfers are $100pp each way.
  13. We also are flying and bussing in to the Jewel same day. Dror
  14. Webguy

    New Years in OSJ

    [quote name='StCroixCruiser']I was in Old San Juan last year for New Year's Eve with two of my sons following an 11 night Celebrity cruise. There were some restaurants open, but many were closing early for private parties or so their employees could go to parties of their own. After a little exploration we went the simple route and just went to the Embassy Suites for the evening for dinner at Outback Steakhouse and then hung out in the casino. It turned out to be a great decision as I hit a big jackpot (triple 7's) 15 minutes before midnight (I never play slot machines, but my youngest son was 18 and old enough for the casino there but he wasn't up for learning to play craps that night so we settled down at some slot machines). The machine was still paying out when midnight came and we had been cheering for awhile along with everyone around us. The jackpot didn't completely cover the cost of a 2 week trip island hopping, but it was a nice rebate! LOL There were bands and dancing and cheap drinks and a snack buffet. Not what I would have done if I'd been there with a b/f, but it was safe and easy with my sons. Late nights in Old San Juan can feel a little sketchy walking around some of the darker areas. That kept us from winging it in old town, although we would have liked to find an area where we could have watched fireworks at midnight and that kind of thing. We had done the Segway tour through old town and the fort earlier that afternoon. Most things were slow to open on New Year's Day. The restaurants in the hotels will be sure to open at some point, as will McDonald's and other fast food.[/quote] We appreciate your reply. Happy New Year.
  15. Webguy

    New Years in OSJ

    Does anyone have any knowledge if the restaurants are open New Years Eve and day? Is anything else open? Thank you