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  1. Not surprised by any of this. My canceled cruise section of my cruise spreadsheet is getting longer and longer! We've scrapped our entire 21 day B2B due to the pause in Rotterdam's launch. Ah well... here's to 2022!
  2. Indeed I said trendy and have explained what I meant. YOU partially quoted me, changed the context and then suggested I called Covid a fad, those are two very different things. Glad you did your research and made an informed decision to vaccinate. I respect your decision, perhaps you should respect mine and those of the other people choosing to not vaccinate.
  3. Who said Covid was a fad? Don't quote my words and then take me out of context. Do you honestly think everyone clamoring for the vaccine has asked questions, done research and their due diligence? Or are they getting the vaccine because of social pressures and the government, friends, companies, etc. are telling them to do so? That's all I'm saying. Indeed deaths increase with age and co-morbidities. But for the vast majority, Covid is not a death sentence. I know, I had it. For those choosing to not get vaccinated, that is their prerogative. Just like those choosing to g
  4. Indeed. I'm choosing to not vaccinate at this time because I'm doing the research and asking questions. If I'm comfortable after researching and speaking with my Doctor, maybe I'll do it. But I'm not going to do it because it's trendy and people who are biased are telling me what to do. Apparently this critical thinking is cause for admonishment these days. I'd happily go on a cruise today if I could, and would take precautions like I always did... yes, without a vaccine.
  5. I suppose I'll have to cancel as well and put off cruising until there is semblance of normalcy. I don't plan to vaccinate and participate in real life trials for a rushed vaccine with so many unknowns. I'm weary that bans against those who have chosen not to vaccinate will be widespread and an unacceptable part of the irritating nomenclature, "new norm."
  6. Was on Maasdam exactly one year ago, on an EXC cruise. The concept was great and we enjoyed some of the lectures. We also enjoyed the commentary from specialists when cruising the Fjordlands etc. It did get a bit repetitive and if I'm being honest, a little boring. The zodiacs were a massive disappointment having all experiences canceled 3 weeks prior to sailing. I think there's value there, I just hope they improve on the execution.
  7. Happy with my V and V changes! I had a Signature Suite on a 14 day cruise on Rotterdam. I rebooked into two adjacent verandas, added the preceding 7 cruise. I transferred the deposit to one room (onboard booking $50) so only have to pay deposit for the added room. ALL FOR LESS than my original pricing. Even though I lost some of the perks from a previous promo, it's perfectly fine and perks I'd give up for what I've got now.
  8. Read your other post. Sounds frustrating indeed. Well... with lots of time between now and final payment and our sailing... we wait and see. We were supposed to be on Radiance right now, then did a lift and shift to Quantum in the other direction. Maybe we'll have to figure out plan C soon.
  9. Have you been officially informed that this cruise is canceled? I'm on this cruise as well, but have received no notification.
  10. Sailed on Holland America Maasdam earlier this year right before the shut down. We spent an entire DAY cruising Milford, Dusky and Doubtful sounds. It was spectacular and went quite deep into all of them.
  11. Any other info on this topic? I've booked a Vista suite for a 14 day Baltic's cruise next summer on Rotterdam and was considering an upgrade to a Signature suite. Any idea where the murphy bed is located? They layout pictures don't really indicate the location.
  12. Sad to see. My family and I disembarked Maasdam in Auckland March 1, 2020 after sailing 14 days on her. Overall, a fantastic ship and crew. Yes, she's a little worn and dated to some extent, but we found ways to overlook the shortcomings and have a wonderful experience. We met some neat people and I thought of them often as Maasdam left Auckland on what was her last voyage to San Diego. I even caught a glimpse of her in Honolulu as she provisioned, at the height of the COVID panic. She served HAL and all the guests well. Carry on in those epic Greek waters. Carry on.
  13. My June 1st Jewels of the Baltic on Rotterdam (Ryndam)was rescheduled for May, which is actually too early, I would have preferred it get pushed back a bit. When the dust settles I hope to rebook for the Sept/Oct Jewels of the Baltic. Hopefully that's not too late in the season for a Baltic's cruise. HAL has the latest sailings, with most lines pulling the gangway in August. Either way, it's nice to have some clarity on what was bound to happen in the new build being delayed.
  14. Since I started this thread, I'll give everyone an update. I ended up canceling the cruise in question and after some back and forth and finding a new agent to deal with, I got the $100 cancelation fee waived. I'll also be taking my business to a new agency with no extra fees.
  15. Thanks everyone for the update, I've never encountered this before, so I wasn't sure if it was a one off, or more bad info by the agent, which is a consistent reality. For color, I had to inform her about "Cruise With Confidence" after she quoted me the standard cancelation policy, as if Covid wasn't wreaking havoc and wasn't front and center in the industry. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with her until this particular cruise sails or I cancel. I go into all of this having done my homework, but I'm shocked that in light of what's going on and that the cruise lines, airlines and hotel
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