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  1. Maybe if they were speaking in the MDR while dinner was being served surrounded by as many people as we can expect to see in the MDR when cruising resumes. Then cut away to the speech continuing as they step out of an elevator into the lobby with as many people present as we can expect to see when cruising resumes. Then to the promenade on embarkation day. Then to deck 2 at 7 AM after having just docked. Then sitting in the theater right before the curtain rises. Then outside the theater 5 minutes after the curtain drops. Then in a stairwell between decks 9 and 10 as Abner is huffing and puffing, chin strap barely on, while Edna encourages "Only 2 more flights to go!" If one believes there is a risk of infection to a contagious disease spread via aerosols, is the indoor space on a cruise ship more dangerous compared to the indoor space of any other space where strangers encounter one another? In some cases, yes.
  2. Put the school a few hundred miles out in the ocean. Replace the young kiddies with lots of old people, overweight people, diabetic people. Add alcohol.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200716-the-people-with-hidden-protection-from-covid-19
  4. I don't know if the # is 80%, but information emerging about some having "natural" immunity to SARS-CoV-2. One example story: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200716-the-people-with-hidden-protection-from-covid-19
  5. Give Royal cash for a cruise at this time? Homey don't play that!
  6. The controlled cruise ship environment that has thousands of people getting off the ship to mingle with tens of thousands of other people several times during the week. Other than maybe a college football game or Times Square on New Year's Eve I just can't come up with a worse activity as it relates to COVID avoidance than a cruise. Sigh. Gonna be a loooong time before we cruise again.
  7. Rest assured they will try their best to keep your deposit, so yes, they will work with you.
  8. Commas save lives. Let's eat, Grandma! 😀 Let's eat Grandma! 😳
  9. I once forgot our anniversary. I don't know if it was a tidal wave, rogue wave, storm or tsunami that hit me later that day, but man, it was rough going for a while there.
  10. "a facility"? Full of other people there against their own will. Potentially sick and contagious. Yikes.
  11. I wonder though. With millions of people confirmed to have the virus, and tens of millions more suspected to have had the virus, the "novelty" of a few hundred people having some strange, foreign virus never seen before just isn't there anymore. If a cruise ship comes home with a few hundred Covid cases but that home port city already has thousands if not tens of thousands of active cases and maybe tens if not hundreds of thousands of cases since it started.... Yeah, starting to build up scar tissue and numbness to it all.
  12. First booked, last cancelled is one way. Or, anything not balcony and above getting pulled makes sense for multiple reasons. More $$$ coming for balconies and above, and if (when?) the ship gets quarantined, a lot better to be cooped up in a room with a balcony versus an interior. Some of the non balconies could be used by crew to help space them out. Imagine the outrage if they decided Sea, Sky and Star only? Bet they wouldn't have a problem fulling booking that.
  13. Regardless of where you are physically located and how minimal the pandemic's impact to your zip code may be, empathize for a moment with the people of the greater New York City area and what they went thru the last 90 days. Separate yourself from the emotional attachment of it being a cruise, something we do love if you are reading this. Now, what are the chances of a company or government agency blessing 5000+ people gathering in New Your City (Bayonne) for a frivolous activity less than 8 weeks from now? I'll quote Dean Wormer: "Zero.Point.Zero."
  14. Fear/respect of Covid-19 was not the reason for many of those masks.
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