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  1. I had similar questions today in my thread. Love that I can now follow both for insight. Happy sailing everyone. I am traveling with my sister and Mom.
  2. I swear I read they had two options for an extra bed in the CC suites but of course I cant find it now on the Azamara website. Something about it pulling down from the ceiling. Maybe I am going nuts. Very much looking forward to my first Azamara cruise. Only been on a couple of cruises and they were both Viking. The Azamara boards seem like a friendly bunch. Jeffrey
  3. I hope those bathtubs have an overhead shower? Never understood why anyone would want to take a bath on a cruise ship soaking in dirty water but to each his own. I will definitely work with the T. A. about Micato tours but still love the simplicity of doing everything including airfare through the cruise company. The website about the Club Continent suites also mentions something about a bunkbed pulling down from the ceiling. Anyone know about that? Thanks everyone for your insights
  4. theHello, I am considering booking my first Azamara cruise (South African trip with a pre-trip including Safari and Victoria Falls provided by Micato Tours). My concern is that my mother wants to come along and that would make for 3 people. I hate the idea of booking a room for only one person due to the expense and we can't find a 4th person to join. I have a few questions: 1. In the Club Continent suites can 3 adults book the room? 2. Has anyone seen pictures of the extra bed/bunk they have in this room? 3. Any idea how the pre-trip would work for 3 people? If anyone has any insight or suggestions it would be much appreciated. I want to go to our travel agent already knowing the answers to my concerns. I am also concerned about going nuts with 3 people in a single suite. Thanks, Jeffrey
  5. My opinion, The Silver Spirits package is a steal price wise. Grey Goose Martini's and lots of top shelf spirits are included. If you only occasionally drink spirits its not worth it. I found the ability to get a margarita made with Patron and a shot of Grand Marnier without worrying about paying for it worth it. Plus after 3 visits to the Chefs Table with the included upgrade its a bargain. Viking really does not gouge on the package or bar prices if you don't have the package. Its just nice to not have to worry about prices once on board.
  6. This is a very sad thread that makes me realize tat even Viking atracts the kind of guests I have spent my life trying to get away from.
  7. Hi Ragnar, I soo agree with you about buffets. Last time on a Viking cruise I had a plate with sushi and lamb on it. Right then I decided buffets are not for me. I much prefer the cohesiveness of a well planned plate in The Restaurant but I understand while others may prefer a buffet. To each his own!! Jeffrey
  8. I never had any buffering or freezing for the on demand movies on the TV. However, if you are trying to stream video via WIFI that is another issue and yes it will buffer and freeze
  9. There will probably be more consolidation and possibly some lines closing down due to too much competition. Only so much they can grow the annual number of cruises. I strongly hope Viking remains independent and finically sound.
  10. Thank you MJAdventures for posting that list of P.V. sliders. I was wondering if our 2 rooms would have sliders or double windows. Looks like both of our rooms (5015, 5017) on floor five are sliders. I thought the sliders would be the same on each floor but that is not the case. I assumed the ribs on the side of the ship would be in the same place for every floor but from you list floor 4 and 5 are different for the rooms above and below each other. Thanks again, Jeffrey
  11. Hi everyone, Going on on a cruise next month on the Jupiter with my family and my sister wants to know if the gym has a rowing machine? She does rowing competitively and wants to stay up with practice. Thanks,, Jeffrey
  12. If you search in this forum you can find many posts about this policy. It is pretty standard policy for cruise lines to either include gratuities in your fare or to automatically add them to your account. Please remember that a tip pool is shared by more than just the people that are customer facing. Dishwashers, cleaning staff etc.
  13. There is a sample bar menu with prices on Myvikingjourney.com. Click the link to buy the package and you will see a link to the sample bar menu. My my question is simple. Does a grey goose martini straight up cost more than $15.00? Anyone know if SS covers that?
  14. When you say the first night of sailing do you mean embarkation day or the next day when the ship leaves port and is out on the open ocean? I am also trying to figure out when lobster night will be before booking specialty restaurants.
  15. Caviargal, that is probably just the sample menus and not the only meals offered. My 15 day cruise in late April has two sample menus posted for the Chefs Table and they are the two Asian ones. Its not what is on offer just a sample and it does not yet let me know what is being served per night. It will change every 2 to 3 days. However, I suspect you will not be happy with anything they offer or do at this point and confused by the whole process.
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