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  1. I received the full refund today. I posted more information on our meet and mingle thread about how I reconciled the amount of the credit.
  2. Ship - Oasis of the Seas Deck - 14 Stateroom # - 14260 Stateroom Category – Grand Suite Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – No. This stateroom is directly below the path that goes from the aft elevator/stairs to the pools, so it gets a lot of noise from above (mainly the sound of running feet). Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - Yes Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – balcony is shaded most of the time because Deck 14 balconies have a larger overhang, but other than that the view is good. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Normal for class - one round table with two chairs, plus two chairs with ottomans Was wind a problem? - No. I actually slept on the balcony one night (I was on the norovirus cruise) and wind was definitely not an issue. If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - No Any other comments? - We are a party of 3. After my husband became ill while my daughter and I did not, I switched from sleeping in the bed to sleeping on the pull out couch. The couch was surprisingly comfortable. The chair/ottoman on the balcony was also fairly comfortable.
  3. I was thinking along these lines (food poisoning + virus) as well. I was in a party of three, and my husband was sick the evening after we left Labadee. His symptoms were sudden and subsided in less than 12 hours although he was exhausted the next day or so. My daughter and I were in the cabin with him and we did not get sick. What is notable is that my daughter is a vegetarian and I am a pescetarian - in Labadee we ate very little and no meat or fish -- her because she didn't see much she liked (I think rice was the extent of her food there) and me because I didn't like many of the choices and I was concerned about the food temperature. Neither of us ate anything there without utensils (no finger foods), and we did both use the hand sanitizer. Hubby used hand sanitizer, but ate some items without utensils. My husband also mentioned how they had hand sanitizer set up by the buffet on Labadee, but no one was using it. I got my first refund today - I had a credit balance on my onboard account after all charges and that amount was refunded - that refund included the one missed day, plus all port charges. I believe the remaining 6 days (except for the port charges) will be coming in a couple of weeks they said. They also provided a $200 allowance for those of us who had to book a hotel, we have to file a claim for that as we booked a Disney hotel for the unexpected night on land. Royal Caribbean did a fabulous job handling this, the only thing I could even possibly fault them for was not being quite aggressive enough with pushing handwashing, etc... early in the cruise, and the food handling in Labadee. I would hate to be an accountant at their home office having to figure out all the refunds. The crew was wonderful, but obviously stressed. Our stateroom attendant told me (when I directly asked) they all have to give up their normal time off in Port Canaveral to work on sanitizing the ship - and that is not a simple task.
  4. Assuming Ovation is the same as Oasis - you don't need reservations, just arrive 25 minutes or so before show time and there is a dedicated area blocked off for suite guests.
  5. We were on this cruise as well - I'm very sorry I didn't meet you because we certainly seem to have similar opinions on the cruise... We were in a Grand Suite and I don't think I will ever cruise again without being in a suite. We too got turned away the from the ice show performance due to "technical difficulties" on Day 2. We did see it on Day 6 and the music stopped during the sand artist and they announced technical difficulties. My daughter is a competitive skater and we've been to a LOT of ice shows - I'm pretty sure at least two of the cast were recovering from being ill - they toughed it out but I felt for them. There were some impressive moments during the show (back flip and triples on a postage stamp size rink anyone?), but the cast obviously was not in top form. Cats -- not my favorite but the cast was amazing and there were some good moments. I was at the late night Day 1 comedy show as well - and it was strange with the 'tipsy hecklers.' We went to the comedy show two more times including the final show Day 6 - Joe just kept getting better! I'm from the Boston area so I will definitely look to go see him when he's in town. Kind of looking forward to the rest of your adventures... We had one person out of three ill.
  6. Hi! My family is sailing on Oasis 1/6/19 sailing. Our last Royal Caribbean cruise was on Explorer a few years ago. At that time, if you brought your own ice skates you could go to an "advanced skater" session early in the morning. We enjoyed this because the ice was not crowded at that time. Question #1 - Did they offer this on your sailing? Question #2 - We are in a Suite. Do they offer any ice skating sessions that are only for suite guests? The main thing we are looking for is less crowded times to skate to get a bit of a workout without having to worry excessively about running into others or being knocked over by others. TIA!
  7. I received an offer on my 1/6/19 Oasis sailing. We are booked in a GS, but I did bid (the minimum or slightly more) on some of the higher categories - Crown Loft, Owners, 2 bedroom Aquatheater, Star Loft. Right now only the 1 bedroom Aquatheatre is showing available, and it is actually smaller than my GS so I didn't bid on it - why pay to upgrade to a smaller room just because it has the Aquatheatre view, plus I'm 6' tall and I've heard the ceilings are low in some of those rooms. I will report back if any of my bids end up being accepted. I'm not counting on it, but I'd consider it a bargain price if they did. To check fair pricing - I went out a year, compared the GS price against the others, and figured that was a good ballpark figure. In every case if my bid is accepted I'll have saved at least a little money over what I estimate it would have cost me to book those categories originally.
  8. Ship - Breakaway Deck - 15 Stateroom # - 15122 Stateroom Category – Haven, Courtyard Penthouse Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Very - this stateroom is near the stairs that go up to the Haven and the 'secret passage' hallway to the spa so we were a bit concerned about noise, but we had no issues at all other than occasionally hearing the neighbors slamming drawers shut the last night while they were packing. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Any specific problems with this cabin? - The door covering the minibar would not properly close so we rigged a fix by putting paper into it to block it closed. This was never fixed during the cruise although the butler did remark on it. We also had problems with the remote for the TV that were never addressed - but overall these were small issues. Any other comments? - This was a great room location - quieter I think than the rooms on deck 16 right next to the Haven lounge and pool area, but so close to that staircase and spa that we were convenient to everything.
  9. We bought Brita water bottles with a built in filter and this is another option if like me you don't like to 'taste' your water. I also bring along some lemon flavoring (a dietary essential oil version) to make sure I don't run into taste issues. As a bonus, you can replace the filters in the Brita bottles and use them for other trips where you don't want to be stuck overpaying for bottled water. We use ours at the Disney parks and save some serious $$ on water.
  10. Have dined in the North End many times, and we don't like Olive Garden, yet still found La Cucina a better fit for us than what others have stated. But we aren't super picky, just mildly so! I should mention our party has one vegetarian and one pescetarian, so that impacts our opinions as well. The service was so bad at Cagney's (yes, bring a drink in from somewhere else if you want wine with your dinner and forget about a dessert wine option), that definitely impacted our opinion.
  11. We booked out March 4 cruise about 5 weeks prior to sailing. I requested some things based on the concierge letter we received - it was a waste of time. There was a pillow menu (requests weren't filled). I asked for tea in the room (no tea, good thing I travel with tea bags). I'll echo the advice - book your dining and entertainment online, then adjust it once you are on the ship.
  12. Just got off the BA, in the Haven. For wine - be aware the Haven restaurant has a much better wine list than anywhere else, and they can bring you food from other restaurants (as long as it isn't sushi). I didn't learn about the wine list until the last night. For specialty restaurants, we dined at Cagney's, La Cucina, Teppanyaki, and Wasabi; plus the Cirque Dinner Show. The service at Cagney's was poor - getting a glass of wine was difficult - and the food was not very different from what is found in the Haven restaurant. La Cucina was excellent, as were Teppanyaki and Wasabi. We paid Wasabi out of pocket and for three people it was under $30 - so that's a good lunch option. I'm the only sushi eater in the family but my DH and DD loved the other options on that menu. You don't go to the Cirque show for the food, but the show was great.
  13. We just got back from the Breakaway, where we had the 'free' UBP. I made it my mission to try as many drinks as possible, and I will admit there were some I didn't finish because I did not like them. There were some that I didn't make it to (grass clippings was one of them). My favorites: Lavender Patch French Raspberry Rum Cake (perfect dessert drink!) Rebellious Fish (when made well - sometimes they weren't so great) Inniskillin Ice Wine ($2 upcharge) North South Red Wine blend
  14. We sailed on the Breakaway 3/4/18 in the Haven. We spent a lot of time in the Haven because the BA is a huge ship, it was spring break, and we enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere. We did breakfast in the Haven restaurant each morning, they have a small buffet set up along with the menu, so ample variety for us. We did lunch most days in the Haven as well, although DH loves wings so he regularly lunched at O'Sheehan's, which I did not like at all. DD is a vegetarian so she liked the veggie wrap they offer at the less formal table at the Haven poolside. For dinner, we had the 3 UDP package 'free.' We booked four specialties: Cagney's, Teppanyaki, La Cucina, and the Cirque dinner show. We also visited Shanghai Noodles one evening, and Wasabi sushi bar twice (once at lunch). In retrospect, we should have skipped Cagney's (we paid out of pocket) as service was so much better at the Haven, they have a much better wine list, and the food at the Haven was also better. Teppanyaki was worth it for the fun and the food was okay (too much food though!) - at La Cucina we dined outside on the Waterfront, the service was excellent, as was the food so I would go there again. Cirque, you don't go for the food or the service and I'll leave it at that. There were a LOT of empty seats at that show so you'd probably be safe booking onboard. We liked Shanghai as well (they don't take reservations and there was always a long line there at opening to get in, we only waited about 15-20 minutes but we went on the first night when most people were hitting the MDR's. We did pre-book the shows - always the latest one. The concierge will have you arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime in the Haven and escort you to the reserved seating area. I wasn't thrilled with the reserved seating on BA - it was off to the side so everyone wanted to sit on the end of the row because the other seats were against the wall and offered a poor view of the stage. About 5 minutes prior to showtime they open those remaining empty seats to standbys. So you have to get up and down to let people get to those seats. For Burn the Floor the people next to us in a large group got up ten - yes ten - times to go in and out. The last time one of them had the grace to apologize and assure us they weren't coming back - and then a new group came in a sat down in those seats. Probably just bad luck for us, but on other cruise lines where I've sailed in suites with reserved theatre seating, they put the reserved seats in the center of the theater so you aren't forced to sit on the end to have a good view (and can avoid having people climbing over you). The one item they will not bring you from another restaurant to the Haven Restaurant is sushi. We were told it is because it is too hard to make sure the proper temperature is maintained (makes sense).
  15. As of our March 4 sailing - yes!
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