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  1. The larger issue is there are very few countries US Citizens are likely to be allowed in to for the foreseeable future! Smaller operations like river cruises in some European countries will be restarted by then but any large ship that relies upon US citizens to board are not. We added one million new cases in 14 days and there's no sign of the virus slowing down. It is going to be well into 2021 if not later before we will be allowed back in Europe and other countries.
  2. The first one was a NEW booking. The second and third were the rebooking. We are still waiting for the taxes and fees from March!
  3. She is mistaken and again go look at the invoice. Regardless of what a travel agent says it's there in black and white. In fact, I'll paste it here for you. Our FCD's WERE used towards it but did not count for ALL of it. From our original invoice. Deposit Received. Total Amount Received: 400.00 . Final payment is due by January 5, 2020 . Future Cruise Credits cannot be used towards payment of deposit (excluding Future Cruise Deposits). Here's another one. Deposit of 800.00 is due by March 15, 2020 . If the deposit due date falls on a weekend, booking will not cancel until the next business day. Total Amount Received: 0.00 . Final payment is due by August 10, 2020 . Future Cruise Credits cannot be used towards payment of deposit (excluding Future Cruise Deposits). We decided we didn't want that cruise so we rebooked on the one out of LA Deposit of 200.00 is due by August 5, 2020 . If the deposit due date falls on a weekend, booking will not cancel until the next business day. Total Amount Received: 0.00 . Final payment is due by September 22, 2020 . Future Cruise Credits cannot be used towards payment of deposit (excluding Future Cruise Deposits). and ON the invoice itself if shows the use of the FCC: Future Cruise Credit : So if you have an invoice that shows you can use your FCC share it. I will keep a copy of it and use it in the future and say "they were allowed to" thanks.
  4. You can because we have six and all would be used for the three of us in one suite. Now that they canceled we want our money back.
  5. Okay so to repeat myself as apparently I wasn't clear enough. We were booked on a cruise in March. It was canceled. We received TWO Fcc's. One for the full value one for 75% we put THOSE towards another cruise. We were told that by August 4 we HAD to come up with $400 CASH as the terms were the FCC could NOT be used for the deposit. Trust me I have zero interest in passing along false information. We were not going to offer up the credit card until THAT day because it was obvious the cruise was likely to be canceled. We also had TWO original FCC's from the time we took a cruise two years ago that was supposed to mean we did not owe a deposit but in a SUITE apparently they require one. So again, this is not a new booking and hasn't been since around mid March. And rather than assume what someone else tells you if you read your own invoice you would see it does tell you FCC's cannot be used as deposits. Its' there in black and white and its even bolded.
  6. I'm sharing my experience which was that even though the two FCC's we had were MORE than enough to pay the entire cost of the cruise princess insisted we had to pay a cash deposit.
  7. Just be aware that they still may REQUIRE cash even if the entire amount of your FCC would cover the cost of your fare as they do not allow the FCC to be used towards the deposit nor will they allow you to pay it off early using those FCC's.
  8. So with the "short notice" cancellation and the huge FCC they offered when they canceled Australia on us in March, now what? We want our money back. Not willing to let them keep thousands for at least another year.
  9. I can't count on one hand the number of times I've gone back to my cabin and had anyone near me or even in the hall. I am far more likely to have people around when I leave my cabin because it is either around mealtime, showtime or happy hour. That being said, I'd still be more concerned being alone with someone in an elevator because you can't get out until it stops. And in terms of being in any foreign port, it's always a good idea to be vigilant. That's a whole different story though, those people can grab and go, ones on cruise ships don't escape quickly. Even when crime was horrible in NYC, the subways were always safe (we were teenagers) because it's hard to get away unnoticed. And I get back to the point of seeing a single name written on a door and say that I don't think someone is going to spend the time to not only notice which cabin has one name but will write it down so they remember. They would be more in tune to a potential victim they hit up at a bar when they see them sitting alone.
  10. I have traveled solo and gone to/from my cabin alone many times over the years and never once gave it a thought. I mean you could have a problem if you're alone with someone in an elevator too... I'd prefer to think people with evil intentions don't really like the confines of a cruise ship because they can't escape. Of course getting shipfaced and losing control of one's ability to walk upright can lend itself to unhappy endings.
  11. We are stopping in Hawaii on the way back for a day and a half then going east. I don't get jet lag when I go to Europe so hopefully won't get it this time. I'll land back in NJ at 6:30 AM so I'll go stand outside for a bit, that usually resets my body clock. 😊
  12. Very true but in terms of how many days you're away it does matter. If you are deciding between being away 20 days and 21 days the 21st day is actually the 20th day because you get that time back.
  13. We are going down under one time in our lives so being away longer is secondary to an adventure of a lifetime. We are actually flying out of Auckland on a red eye the day we get off Ruby Princess and going to Hawaii for a day and a half. Since I can't get back to NY without stopping might as well do it someplace fun. Tahiti was my first choice but the timing to do that was not right. Just remember you get time back when you leave so our flight leaves at 11:55PM but gets in at 1030 that morning.
  14. We went through Stayz to find a place for eight nights and reserved an awesome apartment. There are some nice properties available for as few as one night that you might want to take a look at. If you are staying for more than one night it may be worthwhile to take a look as I know I don't want to eat out every single meal for eight days before we board Ruby Princess next April.
  15. Yes it turns out it has terrific reviews on Trip Advisor ☺️ We've also booked an apartment through stayz for the eight nights we'll be in Sydney before we get on the ship. A much better option IMO to a hotel because with three of us already sharing a suite on the ship it will be good to have a little space before hand lol. This far ahead of time there were so many choices and there are some great gems. We didn't want non refundable (some actually don't give you anything back if you cancel even this far out) and we didn't want to pay the entire thing today so we narrowed it down to four and the one least like the others was the choice. Now to figure out what we want to do in Sydney but with all the accommodations taken care of now there's plenty of time to sort that. Have a great night.
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