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  1. How do you see your cabin allocation in the cruise planner?
  2. There is a 'Dixons Tax Free' onboard Britannia, maybe others in the fleet. So I'm sure there will be iPads or other tablets for sale. But you're right - it's a perfect opportunity to try and nudge some tech naysayers to catch up. Because we all know that this is the way it's headed.
  3. I'm looking forward to trying it out July 1st too. Seemingly not able to book speciality dining etc ahead of the cruise, so I'll be logging on to bag some spots as soon as I step onboard.
  4. Anyway.... so there's a new app onboard?
  5. It's all a bit of a rollercoaster isn't it? We're on the 1st July Britannia sailing, and having spoken directly to P&O yesterday they've reassured me that we'll be onboard without any issues - or impact to onboard experiences. I'll reserve judgement until I'm onboard with a G&T in hand.
  6. I'm with Monzo and as part of their Premium account I get worldwide travel insurance for me and my family from AXA Assurance. The policy wording doesn't mention cruises at all, so I called up and they sent me out a travel certificate stating that I'm covered for a UK coastal sailing - and included my medical coverage as requested by P&O and Princess.
  7. We loved the Epic. Had an anniversary on her in 2018 and getting married on her with our friends and family in 2022. I agree she can be a bit inward looking without a real promenade deck or observation lounge, but there's plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. The Spice H2O bar area is HUGE, perfect for sailaways, and there's a great quiet sunbathing area on Deck 18 on the opposite side of the ship to POSH. The spa is incredible too, having used many many ship spas I have to say that Epic's is hands down the best. Outward facing glass saunas and the spa even has its own aft-
  8. Yeah, I know it seems a requirement for cruise lines to have really bad websites but P&O's is particularly dated and user unfriendly. Having worked in IT before my change in career I can fully appreciate that a slow and steady rollout is always wiser than a fast and flawed one. I think another point to be cognisant of is the environmental savings of moving to digital rather than paper based working. How many daily newsletters does a cruise line print each year across all of their ships, daily changing menus, shore excursion sheets etc. The amount of paper (and thu
  9. I get that. But it's something a lot of people want - and it is the way things are heading.
  10. I'm using another app to track the countdown to my cruise, and was pleased to see it's only 18 days until our July 1st Britannia sailing. Can't wait to be onboard.
  11. I spoke to P&O on twitter last week and they confirmed there will be a 'Celebration' formal night on every UK staycation cruise. I don't do tuxedos, but I'll bring a nice shirt and smoking jacket.
  12. I think calling it an "app" is very generous. It's a private web portal, accessible in your browser only when connected to the onboard WiFi. My first sailing with P&O coming up in less than three weeks, and I have been a little disappointed with P&O's lack of tech. Most lines have a dedicated smartphone app that allows you to check in, manage your account, message fellow travellers etc. I guess this is a step in the right direction though.
  13. Just to clarify, I'm talking about when you come into these main Princess Cruises forums. You can select 'See posts about: [select ship]'. This filters the forums to show just posts about that specific ship. When I drop down this list I can see all the ships apart from Sky. Maybe it's just me?
  14. Loving the updated look. Thinking we might upgrade to Haven for our April 2022 cruise. Does anyone know if they touched much else of the ship during the works?
  15. Hi guys, Have I missed something? Can't seem to find the 'Sky Princess' in the drop down list of ships to filter the forums by? I can see all the other ships, even Discovery Princess who hasn't launched yet.
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