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  1. You know, not everything is our fault. We don't get together in committee rooms and sit around deciding what we want to spoil for everyone. We use mirrors too. 🙄
  2. OK, I’m not *that* kind of millennial 😂 I’m the half decent job working in social media kind of gay millennial - I still have to budget 😂
  3. I'm a millenial that cruises Celebrity 👍 Whilst the general tone of the new decor really does appeal to me, and I don't mind those high stools in the retreat lounge - those wooden chairs on the balcony look ridiculous. I want to spend hours out there, maybe fall asleep with my music and a drink - not sit bolt upright thinking about what I've done wrong.
  4. Oh my gosh, I think I'd go stark raving mad! Glad you had a good time tho :)
  5. Hello! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you folks on this, I came back from our mini cruise and went into a massive media campaign for work. Anyway, just finished my review. I know some people have very strong opinions on specific cruise lines / cruise ships, and I know no one review will please everybody - this is just my honest thoughts after a short trip aboard the Marco Polo. http://www.tomlovescruising.com/2019/07/15/marco-polo/
  6. Thanks for coming back to me so quickly, Phil. I think we're going in with open eyes knowing it's a 55 year old converted Russian ice-breaker, and that the decor is looking a little 1990s dated. But if you're with friends and visiting great locations those things can disappear into the background can't they? I'll be taking plenty of photos and be writing a report for my blog TomLovesCruising.com - I'll be sure to report back here too.
  7. Hi Guys, Myself, my partner, and a friend (we're all early thirties) are trying out CMV's MS Marco Polo for a one night taster cruise tomorrow night (Sat 29th June 2019). As you can see from my signature we're used to the newer mega-ships, so this is going to be a WHOLE NEW experience. We booked it partly because it was so cheap (£59 per person) and partly to try something new. Given the weather is due to be 30c (86f) we're likely to be sat around on deck with a cold drink most of the time - BUT those of you who've sailed her before do you have any tips/tricks? Must sees? Cool spots to hang out? Thanks in advance!
  8. Haha, ignore the negativity Twipenne! CC is no different to any other review site like yelp or tripadvisor. People usually are more motivated to leave a review when something bad happens rather than when they have a good time. CC is slightly different in the fact it's full of very privileged and fiercely brand loyal people who will declare war when their Captains Special Diamond Reward Martini is missing an olive. Ignore it all. Escape is a beautiful ship. NCL is one of the best cruise lines out there. You'll have an incredible time.
  9. Hah, I know right? Yeah the two-year period is to enable our guests to save up to come with us. Hoping they all can!
  10. It's all been checked and approved, don't worry! 🙂
  11. Thanks both for your replies! Bridge viewing area could be cool 🙂 We're all booked through Royal Celebrations (NCL's outsourced weddings company) - and it's happening at 3pm on our day at sea which is nice. No land for miles. Super excited. Now to just pay for the damned thing 😂
  12. Hi guys! Thrilled to have been proposed to by my partner Jimmy recently. We've always wanted a wedding at sea and have some incredible memories from our time on Epic in 2018 - so when we heard she was sailing from Barcelona in 2021 we were sold. We put down our deposit with the wedding planner today and should be getting the planning pack in the coming weeks. Has anyone had/been to a wedding on the Epic? Do you know what the venues you're able to choose from are? Although we love the Epic we're aware that a lot of venues have no sea-view and that's a large part of having the wedding *at sea*. Thank you in advance for any info / advice you're able to give! Tom & Jimmy
  13. Hi Guys & Gals, I'm taking 8 of my gay friends on MSC Meraviglia on a 2 night/3 day mini cruise on 14th April 2019. It's a steal for £99 per person. Any other LGBT folks aboard? Do you know if MSC arrange LGBT meet ups? Thanks in advance!
  14. Wow, what a blog! Thanks for sharing that Terry (and Kory). Myself and my partner Jimmy are doing this cruise this coming Sunday (2nd Sept) - well, we're doing the Barcelona to Barcelona version. I'm so excited to get onboard, and your blog just made me even more excited! Have you any plans to upload the photos anywhere? :)
  15. Yeah they're not obvious *AT ALL*. There's a embedded hyperlink in the middle of a paragraph - which will take you to a new document with the tags. It's much easier to print them at home. Just print, put on bag. When you get to the pier let the porter take them out the taxi whilst you walk into the terminal. Done.
  16. The premium all-inclusive rates with UBP. Staff are fabulous on whatever line you’re on, food is good whatever the ship (for the most part), and most lines have great entertainment now. But few take the all inclusive thing quite as far as NCL. I really appreciate it.
  17. People will get as drunk as they want/need regardless of an open bar or UBP. I've been on 12 cruises so far, across various lines, and seen my fair share of wasted people. Good luck finding a cruise without them. Even the super-premium cruises have their fair share of entitled drunks. Just learn to deal with it and move on.
  18. Haha no, it's the only thing that can get some of us going after a heavy night the night before! Mine's a bloody mary - extra spicy.
  19. And obviously you can use your UBP for the speciality drinks and wines (by the glass) in those venues too.
  20. Do you get the UBP as part of your premium all inclusive fare? We did on Jade. Or is it extra? The Atrium Bar, Pool Bar, Garden Cafe Bar, Great Outdoors Bar and O’ Sheehan’s Bar are all open from about 8am - so there’s no shortage of places to drink. We always do a drink package - just so we don’t have to count the pennies whilst cruising. At $15 a cocktail it would add up quickly!
  21. I've sailed on the Jade twice now, in 2018 and 2017. Both after her refurbishment in 2017. What I liked: The ship felt very modern thanks to its contemporary new decor, carpets and fabrics. She certainly doesn't feel 12 years old. Moderno & Sugarcane Mojito Bar (the same venue) are wonderful. The salad bars went on forever (don't fill up before the meat) and the cocktails and cosy seating in Sugarcane were lovely. Spinnaker Lounge was my favourite spot on the ship. Huge lounge bar right at the top and front of the ship. Amazing 270 degree sea views, comfy sofas and excellent bar service. Lovely wide promenade deck - accessed via the main atrium. Order yourself a nice champagne cocktail, or a hot chocolate and then head out onto the Promenade deck for a stroll, or follow round it to the back of the ship and overlook the wake. The cabins are all looking great, they were almost entirely re-done in the 2017 refurb. New contemporary decor & fabrics, new carpets, new beside lamps with USB charging sockets. The Great Outdoors. Go into the garden cafe. Grab your food. Walk through the garden cafe. Keep walking. Keep walking. Then keep walking some more. You'll eventually end up outside with an amazing covered outdoor seating area. Great to eat lunch or breakfast with some fresh air and a view. There's even a nice bar here too. What I didn't like (but could live with, because come on it's a cruise!): Having mostly sailed on RCCL I found the atrium to be... underwhelming at only two stories high. But it is what it is. The bar opening hours can tend a little to the late side. I don't know if this is a Jade thing, a European (which I am) thing, or a NCL thing - but even on sea days lots of bars didn't open until 5pm/7pm. The Bliss Ultra Lounge was meant to be the night-club and it certainly looked the part with its metallic decor and bold colours - but the party was almost always to be found in Spinnakers. Some of the more common cocktails (such as long island iced tea, or cosmopolitans) were kept in big jugs or dispensers. They seemed to separate a little, didn't taste as good or as strong. So keep an eye on where your cocktail is coming from. All in all we had a wonderful time on the Jade, and I'd sail her again in a heartbeat.
  22. Comedy club is still there. It’s the blues & jazz lounge that’s the cavern now :)
  23. I may or may not (I am, of course I am) watching a comprehensive video tour of the Epic ahead of our trip next week... *cough*
  24. Nope. Confetti has been banned on most cruise lines for a while - partly because of the time spent cleaning it up, partly because of the huge environmental impact.
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