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  1. KarenandPaul

    Is a 28 day cruise to long

    I can imagine I will be the same, Even land base holidays a couple of days before the end. I go into want to be home mode. Though saying that a couple of days of been home and that quickly reverts back too wish “I was still on holiday” I can’t imagine us taking much more than one suitcase and carrier each And maybe a small cool box with our alcohol allowance and few soft drinks/mixers.
  2. KarenandPaul

    Is a 28 day cruise to long

    Haha Hope to meet you at knit and natter. :D
  3. KarenandPaul

    Is a 28 day cruise to long

    Glad to see some more positive comments. Reading some of these comments worried would be jumping overboard by third week :) lol. 10 weeks today we will be on the way to Southampton.
  4. KarenandPaul

    Rumours again....

    I wash up three evenings nights a week in my local village country pub approximately 15 to 20 hours a week Any tips are divided between staff on duty at the time . (4 to 6 depending on night) Weekends in the evenings we can often have 200 diners over the course of the evening and if private function in skittle alley more. This is not pub grub, we have extensive gourmet menu Everything home made and use local produce providers. The pub receives mainly 4 or 5 stars and just received an award. I’m In my 60s working for the minimum wage. Shifts include Saturday Sunday and in the run up to xmas will often be working after midnight especially Saturday nights , Can be six or seven hour shifts with no breaks. The chefs regularly work 12 /14 hour shifts with no breaks I get my little brown envelope of tips for the week on a Sunday night. On average around the £10 pound. But these tipping posts do make me smile. I’ve done the maths Diners / staff/ hours. The majority of diners don’t tip. On a side note I have a Cruise Fund Tin and my tips go in every week and I open it up when cruising and use the money for tipping staff.
  5. KarenandPaul

    drinks package on Azura

    Customer service are giving so many conflicting answers. I phoned this morning because I have preordered wine and drink packages And told no firm decision over drink package dates been rolled out had been taken and was told that he was sure non of his colleagues would of given such misinformation. It’s only on Azura and yes on there you cannot buy any drinks package. As you say that might be different to ordering individual bottles of wine and if that the case I might go down that route. We are on a 28 cruise and brought 2 wine and 3 soft drinks packages costing £515 A lot cheaper than £2240 than an AI package would cost us!!! There will be a 2/3 of beers and 1or 2 short drinks a day and the odd day a Cocktail to add to the drinks bill We happily drink coffee from buffet Buy bottle water on port stops. So somehow somehow can’t see our drinks adding up to £1725 difference 😳.
  6. KarenandPaul

    drinks package on Azura

    Ive already brought wine packages and soft drinks cards for upcoming cruise at Christmas. So guess they be refunding it.
  7. KarenandPaul

    Rumours again....

    We have already brought a 24 bottle wine package and couple soft drink cards for our cruise at Christmas on Arcadia . These packages are not available to buy on Azura since inclusive drink package and children’s all inclusive package has become available. So if they are bringing it out fleet wide. I guessing these will be cancelled and refunded. I’m not interested in AI package.
  8. KarenandPaul

    Service charge ending!

    I think all P&O will do is greatly reduce the OBC they offer. Price will increase a little maybe , service changes. No sweets. Talk of doing away turn down and chocolates at night. few pence on drinks , The main way they will incoperate the change and make up some of the difference will be a big reduction of OBC I think a good proportion of people who left auto tips on just paid out of that. “Giveth in one hand take out from over” . That’s how we always felt and had no problem with it been that way. We tipped extra on top for excellence service. Mainly to wine waiter or MDR staff. I think if we had to find £12/14 a day and money was took from credit card. It would of somehow felt too much. But it felt it wasn’t our money tipping but P&O OBC. So tips in a round about were included ! . No logic in that way of thinking but worked for us.
  9. KarenandPaul

    Is a 28 day cruise to long

    We are also on this cruise. 😀 We have done one 28 night cruise previously it was over xmas and new year on Azura two years ago but it was a fly cruise and very port intensive. 6 sea days out of the 28 So this will be a new experience for us too. Agree with the previous comment. Just take a little bit more but will use the laundrette. I’m hoping the speakers will be interesting, I’m sure they will be , the films they show seem to be quite current so might slip a few visits to the cimena those early days. We will join in some of the ships activities. Though neither of us are dancers or singers but happily happily watch other brave souls participate. We will take some card games , books, knitting for me ... I’m sure we will be fine. And really once it’s hits 5pm. Even if a port day would be back on board so evenings don’t really count. Well that’s my logic 😀
  10. KarenandPaul

    Packing Tips

    Sounds like a good Plan. Lol the wife turns into a centipede 😂😂
  11. KarenandPaul

    Arcadia's hydro pool

    Thanks for your answers. Will definitely do the tour. Lots of sea days on upcoming cruise nice to know somewhere to go for a relaxing dip ��
  12. KarenandPaul

    Packing Tips

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAUNDRY-BAG-POP-UP-MESH-WASHING-FOLDABLE-LAUNDRY-BASKET-BAG-BIN-HAMPER-STORAGE/171247366617?hash=item27df2371d9:m:mtswRX5NwbloYMW2jf413-Q I always pop 2 or 3 of these in suitcase. They sit under the wardrobe space on Azura and Ventura. I tend to use one for beach bags. Sarongs and swimming costumes /swim shorts Sun hats etc. never enough drawer space I have one for dirty laundry and if using laundrette works well. Always comments of isn’t that a good idea.
  13. KarenandPaul

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    Well I’ve booked a suite for one reason. Our own two sunbeds on the balcony 😎. All other perks I could take or leave them.....Butler. No Extra space in suite don’t spend enough time inside , priority boarding. Nice but not a winner , breakfast at Sindhu, nice again but not a game changer , whirlpool bath. Waiting for knee replacement and can’t get in and out of bath 😬, Slippers and robe. Def no. Champagne chocolates and flowers. Very nice Expensive Sunbeds I guess 😂
  14. KarenandPaul

    Arcadia's hydro pool

    Hi I know this is an old thread. Going on Arcadia for the first time in December Just wondering if you knew what the rough depth of the hydro pool is please ? I’m just under 5 foot and a non swimmer. So both other pools are not going to be accessible for me as though they are small they are deep.
  15. KarenandPaul

    abuse of Lifts

    Not sure how many times we use the lift in a day. I do have a disability and stairs not possible No more than 20 I wouldn’t think Only some of this in peak times. Never had a problem at midnight returning to cabin ! But I’m on holiday and if I’ve got to wait for a lift for a few minutes or even go up and down because someone’s pushed the wrong button. there are bigger things at sea to get stressed about. Meals times and theatre shows. I allow time for the expected queues and enjoy people watching , chatting to other passenger or even hubby while waiting ��. Your on holiday chill Stressing and getting annoyed not going to change anything