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  1. Well that September cruise (casino deal) got cancelled on the Paradise, as expected. I now am booked on the NCL Jade out of Tampa for Xmas, I hope it sails, but it's looking doubtful. Then I've got one the end of January '21 on MSC's Seaside for 7 nights out of Port Canavaral. Getting a little worried about these final payments due in August.
  2. Let me add our September sailing to the mix. I think I've got everyone beat, age-wise. I am 81 and DH is 78, and we booked a casino rate on the Paradise out of Tampa for my birthday in late September. Only 5 nights and I prefer much longer cruises, but the price was right and it's a good starting place for a return to our favorite passtime. We will wear masks and enjoy just being onboard a nice ship and looking at the water. Stops are Grand Cayman and Cozumel. If they are open, it's a winner; and if not, then we'll just enjoy the ship. Call us crazy or not, if the ship sails, we're on it!!
  3. What about Paradise out of Tampa? I don't see it even listed.
  4. Megan: Thanks so much for the most welcome information. Very good news, indeed.
  5. I also just booked Paradise for 5 nights on 9/21 with a Casino rate. Pretty good deal. It's been several years since we've cruised Carnival. Can you take any wine aboard like on RCCL or NCL? What about 1 6-pack of soda? Forgive stupid questions. I looked for answers but search option is not working for me.
  6. We are booked on the 9/30 - 10/10 E. Canada/New England cruise on the Pearl. We are definitely "older" and DO plan to go if igt is not cancelled. We booked our airfare months ago and also the pre-cruise hotel for 2 nights, so we would probably lose that if we cancelled. I am waiting to see what transpires between now and then.
  7. We also live in a senior gated community in Florida, but on the Gulf Coast about half way down. We are also in lock-down. However, we have been able to get out and get groceries, but DH and I wear masks and wash thoroughly when we return home. I feel so bad for those who have contracted this terrible virus. We are quite elderly, so we are being extra careful. We have a cruise scheduled for end of September in Canada and New England are are thinking about canceling. I hope this is over by then and if so, we might just go on it.
  8. Hey Sid== Now I've read all the way through your Horizon Review and the Encore Review. I'm about to start on some of your older ones. I absolutely love your writing style. You remind me so much of my son, who also lives in Georgia, but few years older than you. With the camera in front of your face all the time, I thought it was him!! He's a hard-working single dad with girls about the age of your Ashlee. He also loves his shirts, buzz hair cut, same body style, same style in home decor even. OMG!! I'm almost half way through the Ay Tee El thread and love it. Marilyn(mimi) ,
  9. mimi7ccr

    Coxen Hole tours

    Thank you. Just the info I was looking for.
  10. mimi7ccr

    Coxen Hole tours

    Are there any tours at Coxen Hole when you get off the ship. By that I mean vendors that you have not signed up for in advance. We would like to go to one of the parks where we can interact with sloths and monkeys and perhaps hold a sloth. Then maybe some shopping at the rum factory and cocoa factory, then back to the ship after a tour of the island. Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. Thank you, Princeton, but I had the day of the week wrong. It will be a Saturday. Does that change anything? The Penn Station/train sounds interesting. We might do that. I went to Carmel's web page and it had a price of $52 from MCT to EWR, but did not include tolls or taxes??? Would that run it up that much, up to $85-90?
  12. What are the options for transport from Manhattan cruise terminal to EWR on a Friday morning, along with approximate costs, please? We are planning to book our return flight home around 2 or 3 p.m. Thoughts?? Thank you.
  13. I also encourage you to try the Hotel Lleo. It's right near Placa Catalunya and very close to HOHO bus.
  14. We (senior mother & daughter) are on the Vision for her TA back to Florida the end of September. As you can see, we are also near Tampa, up in Spring Hill. I will be following along, looking especially for tidbits about the ship. I'm just slightly worried it might be a long 14 days since she's getting some age on her.
  15. We just returned from E. Caribbean sailing on MSC Seaside, and I got off the ship in St. Thomas specifically to purchase Rum. We were docked at Havensight. There used to be a very cheap liquor outlet right at the top of the streets going away from the ship, but they are now gone. However, I found one right on the main street going away from the ship on the left side. Got my Brugal Anejo Rum (aged and dark) for $15.00 per bottle, large size. You can't get it in the U.S., at least we can't here in Florida. It is excellent.
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