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  1. Ketchikan - from the dock to the street level there is a long up hill ramp, once at the top the main shopping area is around 3-4 blocks Juneau - once off of the ship there is a shuttle bus that is either $5 or $10 RT, drops you off about 3 blocks for the shopping area Skagway - has carts that can take you to the end of the dock
  2. We sailed this year in late May and the weather we had was outstanding!!! Not sure what it has been other years, but we lucked out!
  3. There are at least two in Ketchikan. We are not into fur, but went in just to look at the prices. They had a chinchilla fur vest dyed hot pink for $19,995. The salesman were very nice and not pushing at all, but they knew we were not buying. The shop in not far from the cruise ship, just ask when you get there. They said they are in that location only during cruise season and then they head back to Utah.
  4. Yes they pick you up right off the ship and drop you off the same way. Allows you time to go back to your cabin before getting off the ship.
  5. We were on the Solstice in late May and we got back to the ship just as it was docking in Juneau, we had to wait a few minutes before the catamaran could get us unloaded back on the ship.
  6. You should have time after you get to the Marriott to see some sites such as the Pike Place Market, Seattle Waterfront, Seattle Center, etc. The hotel you are at is in a nice location and there is a stairway/elevator outside of it that will take you up to the Market. I think Mt. Rainier is a great idea, it is so much more beautiful up close and great if someone else is doing the driving. Depending on the time of summer you are going there may still be snow near Paradise or maybe wildflowers in bloom, in any case it is a great place to visit.
  7. We cruised the end of May and had great weather and even on the days the weather was not so nice there were people in the outside hot tubs and even the pools. Of course the inside pool was also there to use. My advice bring at least one swimsuit.
  8. I would suggest a taxi and get off the ship early, if you can carry your luggage off there won't be too many crowds.
  9. If you don't mind walking you can head up 1st Avenue (gradual climb, but not too bad) and stop by the Pike Place Market. \ The giant hills will be the ones going east/west and you will be walking north. From there you can head over to Westlake Center and jump on the Monorail and head to the Seattle Center or grab a local bus (I am sure your hotel can help you out). We have a great bus system here in Seattle, called King County Metro. Hope this helps some.
  10. My advice is get there early, we had a friend drop us off at Celebrity on the 26th and as another person said, it was a zoo!! We got there around 10:30 after waiting in traffic to get to the pier. Taxis were zooming by because they were going to pick up those getting off the ship. Once out of our car a guy grabbed our luggage and we went into the terminal and were on the ship by 11:35. I did look out later at the RCCL line and it was crazy long. When you return carry your luggage off if possible, we were off the ship by 7:30 and catching a taxi was a breeze. Good Luck!!
  11. We cruised in late May and found a fleece or sweatshirt was fine to have in case you got cold. If you plan on being outside on the ship you will need layers, I had on a fleece and a rain coat, our ship also had blankets to wrap up in. We only had one day where we had a little rain and we had rain jackets with hood so we did not get too wet. We did see someone had recommended rain pants which we brought, but did not use. We did an excursion on a boat and that was chilly being outside, but once inside it was warm.
  12. I suggest walking off the ship with your luggage. We did and we're off the ship waiting for a cab by 7:30 without any problems. The earlier you can get off the less traffic and congestion. We had someone drop off at the cruise and it was a nightmare, so glad we arrived extra early.
  13. We just did our first cruise on Celebrity on the Solstice and were so disappointed with the food. The Oceanview food was never hot even if it had just been put out and the scrambled eggs were runny. The dining room wasn't great either. I felt like they should spend more time improving the food rather then trying to get everyone to buy the specialty packages. Not sure if I will be using Celebrity again.
  14. Interesting, because the sales guy said it needed to be and it was at the Taku store.
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