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  1. How was the El Loco Fresh? Was it better than Mini Bites or whatever one they have on Harmony? The one on Harmony was OK and did the job, but nothing great. Wondering if El Loco is better. I know, it's all subjective, but curious.
  2. I wonder if it will be more of the Raft-Coaster rides they have on some of the new amped ships. Like a roller coaster, but with a raft. Hills and all.
  3. Thanks! Some day! Right now, with a house full of teens, it's all family sailing for us. I hope to get there some day.
  4. I just looked. I guess I'm surprised they are still playing Cats. I guess I should count on them playing that again unless I hear otherwise. The itineraries are the same for both ships. Different originating cities and different days, but same ports.
  5. Thanks! I was wondering about the Ultimate Abyss. My teens didn't use it as much as they did 2 years ago, but it's a nice option.
  6. Yes to Coco Cay. This was one of the things we were looking for. Labadee is nice, but we have been there 3 times. More importantly, both ships have newer ports we haven't been to yet. We currently have Symphony this December (2019) booked; we did this on Next Cruise. When I came home and had given it more thought, I decided that I would rather go a year later (2020) to give more time to pay off the entire vacation (because we all know it's never just the cost of the cruise you have to plan for). Not to mention, I can save a significant amount if I book two years from now, rather than 12 months from now. I have a little time left (less than 30 days) before I get charged for changing reservations. I plan on changing before I get charged.
  7. Do you think there will be any more special venues on Symphony? Different theaters or something else that is really different?
  8. Thanks. I was wondering: Is it a 'for sure' thing that Allure is being redone as well? Also, I was wondering if the staterooms were going to look like they did when I sailed her in 2016. Granted, it's only 4 years later, but I tend to notice and like the sparkly objects (newer updated rooms). 😉
  9. Symphony: Miami Oasis : FLL Both of which will cost the same to get to. When we have stayed in FLL (all 3 times) we pretty much stay /swim at the hotel, shop for last minute stuff, and go out to eat. We don't make any big 'tours' out of the city. If we stay in Miami this time, we may look around a little bit, but Miami vs. FLL isn't going to be a deciding factor.
  10. I sailed Oasis when the show was Cats. Do you think the shows are likely to be better on Symphony? I would think so, but I also think that Oasis, still being in Oasis class, will still have some of the better shows across the fleet. Thoughts?
  11. My family has sailed Oasis 1 time, Harmony 2x. I really want to sail Symphony next, which would be during Christmas, 2020. At this point, the Oasis ship will have been redone/dry docked/ AMP (what is the right word for this??🤪). In some respects, Oasis will be (I think) new as well, as it will have been amped. I am comparing prices and room options for my party of five between Oasis and Symphony. Not surprisingly, Symphony is going to cost more. I was told in another thread that the new Oasis is likely to have the following changes. Jamies Italian to replace Giovanni’s Playmakers to replace Sabor some type of waterslide Addition of Hooked and Wonderland Escape room El loco Fresh to replace wipeout cafe I don't mind spending more for Symphony if there is something significantly different than the redone Oasis. In fact, I am almost looking for something to convince me to book Symphony that makes it worth the extra spending. The only thing I can use to justify the extra expense at this time is that it's new and I have never sailed her before. While that's all nice, I don't know if it's worth spending a few thousand more and possibly downgrading rooms to make her fit in my price range. Is there something extra that Symphony is likely to have? Will Oasis look 'tired' after the remodel? I like the newer and updated rooms. I don't know if that is a selling point for Symphony. Symphony and Oasis have the same ports to visit as well, so this has no bearing on my decision. If you have sailed both, do you have any insight on this? I am inclined to go with Oasis because I just can't see what Symphony has that is above and beyond what I can expect with Oasis. I know we won't know what Oasis will have with certainty until later but need to book soon.
  12. Good to know. I was contemplating a 5 day cruise to fit travel/budget needs and was wondering if the two days makes a big difference. I was inclined to stick to the 7 days, but good to know. Thanks.
  13. Your packing experience was like mine two weeks ago. I has six suitcases for five people. I was happy I chose southwest air for this reason. I figured there weren’t any deals with Christmas cruising for Chris’s or air, so I thought I could at least save money on the baggage fees. It worked out well. And yes. I too scheduled alarms in my phone to check in exactly 24 hours ahead of time. I made section B both times. Are you there yet!
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