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  1. Both Safari and Firefox were failing, no amount of log on log off, reloads or reboots were helping, where some had helped before! I ended up logging out, removing the browser from background, rebooting and waiting for cache to expire! Fwiw, cursing at it didn’t work either😂
  2. i have one knee that doesn’t bent as well as I’d like but currently, I’m worried about balance! If I fall I cannot get up! At least not when I fall on both knees! So if you see someone scooting down the hall, to the stairs (half dressed) please know I’m trying to get to the steps where I’m able to get up on my own! That Rick doesn’t work well in the basement, at home though!
  3. this was the first time I couldn’t clear it on an iPad! There aren’t as many clearing options that don’t clear way too much. Rebooting has worked with shorter times than this time too! Theres a lot written about signing in and I’ve seen some of that but I eventually get around most of that! im using VPN instead of complete incognito . I used to know how to do browser private sessions I’ve forgotten which browser though. But then I remember being able to find specific cookies and delete just those! I understand that these newer “features” are supposed to make my like simpler: they haven’t for years!
  4. I’ve been having trouble with CC picking up the entire page when I attempt to reply, it not only can’t be erased, it can’t be posted! I don’t like this “feature”! i tried to respond about the low tables you can’t get your knees under. Assuming they haven’t changed the Equinox iLounge has tables that have a very large drop keeping one from getting close enough to type! It hard not to forget and crash a knee into it a few times during a session!
  5. thanks for posting this. With the stationary glass there there’s no easy way to sit on the side and swing your feet in either. You really need a step! Or two!
  6. After some remodeling I found a couple of cabins where there was no mirror over the desk and the hair dryer is bolted to the desk drawer! Or, when it’s not, there is still no mirror close to an outlet! Sometimes I wonder whether these designers think about some of their “features”! I’m starting to think that the regular sky suite may not have a chair that goes underneath the desk either! please tell me there is still a mirror where the hair dryer can connect😇
  7. i don’t remember the summit chair in a veranda room sticking out, but you are correct those don’t quite leave enough room to get past the bottom of the beds. More than a regular room but still not a whole lot. We had 2 walkers parked in the alcove right as we entered, one was better folded as are wheelchairs better folded. We had 3 in the room on one trip, all beds separated. I decided I prefer the size of the oceanview rooms much better than balcony. The sky suite could definitely change my mind if I did have too much sound vibration. To clarify, it was the millennium where there was a wheelchair, and there were only 2 in a room.
  8. thats true of the Equinox accessible Oceanview too! Especially if seas a rolling just slightly, or you have a wind that tilts you just enough! I don’t recall that being as much of a problem on the Summit or Infinity accessible Oceanviews, but maybe I just got used to it. I do like the Sky Suite as you show it, and yes some rooms near midship elevators get too much Centrium sound. The balcony are not quite where the sound is.
  9. Those pot pies were the third edition I saw. They were served in the MDR as the main course, I thought they were a bit small. My favorite was the one that looked more like a hobo bag and had no dish with it, other than the platte. Iirc, it also used croissant pastry. There was also one similar to these except that were larger and I believe had both crusts. I vaguely remember being given what they normally give use as a soup spoon not fitting in these ramekins well. For what it is worth, we had pot pie tonight too! glad you found them, I would not have thought to look in the OV!
  10. id like to vote that they use tracelets on tours! I’m not sure they’d work there but I can imagine going on a tour and not being around over half the people long enough to warrant being a contact. That way the whole bus load might have a chance of not being considered contact quarantinable! Of course it’s possible that they might not work there either….
  11. That clearing immigrations on deck 11 seems like a real contact tracing nightmare. Since everyone is usually out of their rooms by 8ish, dragging carry on luggage up and elevator and then back down seems to encourage crowded elevators! I’d be interested on your perception as you pass through, fortunately the ship isn’t full.
  12. I also have had good luck with tours by locals, especially when a typhoon kept us out of a port! In Tokyo a guide who claimed to be advanced English seemed was a bit modest. I had to reword a couple of my convoluted sentences but he spoke excellent English and could answer all my questions. recently get yor guide was recommended to me, on cc, but I’ve not tried that.
  13. sorry to hear that, hope her husband is doing better now. God’s Speed.
  14. i don’t understand with groups for sure! Someone that wants to start a conversation, maybe I’d understand old habits but I’m still with you! Glad more are masked perhaps because it’s more normal in California? in general we see a lot of people too close especially here at stores, for no apparent reason.
  15. I love the perspective in #436 where the ferry looks like it is traveling the bridge!
  16. Do you have Tracelets on this cruise? I remember you said they’d been abandoned on a previous cruise.
  17. I’d guess over 10-11 as my last Equinox I didn’t see it. One came as a sort of pastry bowl, another looked more like onion soup! Texture of the crust was different too!
  18. 2015 I think. We did 14 tours to Canada/New England before and after that and never saw them , so I though we were just in port perhaps.
  19. We say them in South America for the first time, 3 times. I’ve not seen them since but haven’t done too many 14 day trips since then. I hadn’t seen them before either!
  20. We’ve noticed that some of the dishes differ greatly when the crew changes. The oddest for me was 3 different presentation, and size, of chicken pot pie for lunch. I never figured out how that could have been all changes of crew. since our B2B2B I don’t remember seeing pot pies again, in MDR. Maybe it’s on a port day, or one of those last 2-4 days? Some of the deserts vary too.
  21. Right now, what’s happening to several airlines I agree. I was shocked at the high number of flights Southwest had cancelled.
  22. I had in mind the San Diego terminal it’s been about 10 years since I was there to catch the Century to Hawaii.
  23. Jim, when does your flight leave? I’m anxious to see pics of the new terminal at the port even if new is really 8 years old!
  24. Agreed. But when the 2 day requirement was first posted they weren’t all accurate. I will indeed watch each specific lines requirements. While I was impressed with MSCs rules in the Mediterranean I’ve been less so from the US. I have friends from Celebrity that keep asking us to do MSC, so far I’m not swayed much. Royal had been posting similar to Celebrity, so I’ll try them for that trip. We were looking at new ports of call or ports near us, Celebrity hasn’t reached us yet, the last time I checked.
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