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  1. All, I saw this post early this morning and checked the HAL website to see if my currently booked September 2020 cruise was included. The website shows a tag with Explore 4 above the specific cruise. I checked on the website of my TA (Big Box) and it was not listed. I called the TA and the associate called HAL to confirm. When the associate came back on the line she stated that it's not Explore 4, but NX3 (early booking promo) which has the same benefits as Explore 4 (SBP and Pinnacle dinner). And that to add the promotion NX3 to my reservation would not increase the price or decrease the current TA and HAL OBC that I have on the existing reservation. The associate said that I would see a reference to NX3 in the new confirmation that she was to send me. I received the confirmation and it doesn't reference NX3. It still includes a benefit from February that provided a coupon book. I'll spend my lunch today calling the TA again to confirm. BaltimoreCruise
  2. Thank you to everyone that took the time to share your experiences. I'm planning to book the 14 day, hopefully this morning! BaltimoreCruise
  3. RuthC and 3rd GenCunarder, Thank you for your insight. Very much appreciated! BaltimoreCruise
  4. CC Members, I am looking for comment from experienced Alaska cruisers. For many years I have been looking at the HAL 14 day cruise. I have read reviews and comments on this site and I don't recall reading one negative thing about the 14 day cruise. And I love the small ships! I had the cruise booked for last year, and then cancelled it to go to Cuba. I'm looking to book in the next couple of days for September 2020. My issue/question is will I be disappointed if I don't do a land tour and visit Denali and the Yukon? Your thoughts and experience are appreciated. Thank you, BaltimoreCruise
  5. Thank you for the information. I do plan to call today or tomorrow and ask about pricing (refundable) and cabin selection. We sailed twice on the Veendam in the past 12 months and that experience has assisted me with determining which Maasdam cabin we want to book. I am still befuddled by the HAL website when I could not check cabins on the decks I'm interested in. The 14 day Alaska has been on the list for a few years. I had it booked for September, 2018, but cancelled it to take the trip to Havana. BaltimoreCruise
  6. I am recently off the Veendam. My husband and I sailed on her in April, 2018 and January, 2019. It is my understanding from multiple crew members that the elevators will be replaced. Currently, it appears that not all of the elevators work. Often there are only two of each set that work. BaltimoreCruise
  7. Dear CC Members, I have been interested in booking the 14 day Alaskan cruise (September 2020). I departed the Veendam on Friday, January 25, 2019. On Thursday I checked with the onboard cruise consultant to inquire about this cruise because I could not find the September sailings online or in my recently received cruise planner. The cruise consultant checked her computer and confirmed that the sailing was not yet available. Over the weekend, I received an email from HAL and the cruise that I am interested in booking is available. Yesterday I started checking the prices and cabin options. The cruise will be on the Maasdam. On the HAL website, Deck 4 cabins (ocean view) are not available. Same for Deck 5. On the big box store website, there is a Deck 4 cabin available, but when I complete the information, the website indicates that the fare is non-refundable (Not interested in a non-refundable fare). Have you experienced anything similar? I thought I would have my choice of cabin/deck and not have to lock into a non-refundable fare. I have not called the big box travel company yet. I am hoping to have some insight before I do. Thank you for your experience and insight. BaltimoreCruise
  8. ddlslm, We are booked in cabin 723 A Deck (4). It's an OV cabin. In April it was our first non-balcony cabin and we found that we didn't miss the balcony. The cabin is close to the elevators but we detected no noise. BaltimoreCruise
  9. I received an email from AMEX that I used an offer. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I will meet the requirements and receive the credit. No worries on my end if I don't spend $500 and don't receive the credit, as long as HAL returns the remaining OBC to me. BaltimoreCruise
  10. Thank you for the information. I'm going to attempt to purchase on the HAL website now. BaltimoreCruise
  11. All, I am a little confused about what happens to any left over AMEX credit at the end of the cruise. If we don't use the entire $500 obc ( I plan to purchase today directly from HAL on its website) will the balance be refunded to my AMEX card (the card we register for onboard purchases) with an understanding that we could lose the $100 AMEX credit if we don't use the entire $500 obc? I was successful with adding the promotion to my AMEX card but with already having Explore 4 on the reservation, and OBC from HAL and the Big Box travel agent, I'm not certain we will spend the additional $500. A rough calculation looks like I may have $222 at the end of the cruise. Thank you for any insight you can offer. BaltimoreCruise
  12. My husband and I will be on the Veendam next week. Our second sailing on her in less than 12 months. Our first was to Cuba in April. We loved the size of the ship and the HAL staff. We booked the same cabin as we liked the location in April. I have a couple of questions for anyone that is currently on the Veendam or recently off the ship. What are the current movies? Have you had success upgrading the SPB with Explore 4 to the Elite Beverage Package? Will the mid-level unlimited wi-fi package permit words with friends games? Thank you. BaltimoreCruise
  13. Is there a boat dock at Sugar Beach where tour transportation boats drop off and pick up passengers? Thanks. BaltimoreCruise
  14. My husband and I were on the Veendam earlier this year and docked in Havana. We hired a private tour guide (Lauren with Blexie tours) for the day (and it was an entire day), a combination of walking and riding in a vintage car. In the evening we arranged a private tour with Strawberry tours to the local bars. Both tours were fantastic. During our day tour, we passed by a few large groups from the ship in Old Havana and were so happy to have our group of two! There is no way that a large tour could cover all that we saw during our day tour. We were all over the city (old and new). We also saw many people just walking around but as a first timer in Havana, and with no public transportation network, we thought it was wise to hire the guides. We had such a wonderful time we would hire the guides again. Anita
  15. sail7seas, Thank you for taking the time to respond. Yes, careful evaluation was performed regarding the EXP4 package. We had recent HAL cruise data from our April cruise to Cuba to assist with the evaluation. I'll try again tomorrow, and then leave it alone. We always look forward to middle of winter getaways and this is no exception. BaltimoreCruise
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