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  1. Alphen, Thank you for letting me know the status of the Zodiac this season. BaltimoreCruise
  2. Hello All, I'm back again for advice for those of you that know the Nieuw Statendam. I am currently booked in a Spa OV on a February trip to the Caribbean. I just noticed that the Save on Sunshine package for the month of October adds the SBP (although a non-refundable fare). The Spa OV cabins are sold out. Can you recommend OV cabins that you like? I would be most interested in not having a cabin above or below busy public spaces. Thank you, BaltimoreCruise
  3. Towhee and RuthC, Thank you for the information. It is very much appreciated. BaltimoreCruise
  4. I'm booked for a September 2020 Great Alaskan Explorer cruise on the Maasdam. I am interested in the HAL Zodiac excursions from the ship. One trip is at Tracy Arm Fjord and the other trip is at Hubbard Glacier. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that took either of these excursions this year before I book. In addition, I would enjoy hearing from anyone that has viewed Hubbard Glacier and Tracy Arm Fjord and can compare the two. I'm certain that the information you provide will help me make an informed choice. BaltimoreCruise
  5. All, I have two questions for those of you with CCL stock. My husband has maybe 60 shares of CCL in an IRA account. If he purchases an additional 40 shares outside of the IRA account, will CCL accept the combined shares from two separate accounts (owned by the same person) as OBC eligible? I make the HAL cruise reservations and my husband is always listed as the second passenger in the cabin. Would we still qualify for the OBC since I am the first person listed on the reservation and he owns the stock? Thank you. BaltimoreCruise
  6. Thanks Randyk47 and bEwAbG. Part of my issue with the CBP is that the information for BWI is inconsistent. Unless the voicemail message has changed in the past week, it did not have the same information as the CBP site. And, the information from the CBP agent that I spoke with was different. As Randyk47 indicated in the response, I will be checking twice each day and hope that something opens up at the three airports I will be flying. I also plan to try the 'walk in' route if I am unable to schedule an appointment. Thank you again for your insight. BaltimoreCruise
  7. I hope this is not considered a "hijack" of a thread, but I wanted to share my recent GE story and hope to get some insight or advice. Upon recent receipt of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, I immediately applied for GE. My application was approved in a couple of weeks. Then I started looking for appointments at my home airport BWI. Nothing is available online. I called the office and listened to a recording (did this twice). The recording indicated that appointments were walk in and available M-F beginning in the afternoon (2PM I think) until later in the evening (9PM, I think) and on a
  8. Alberta Quilter, I am currently booked in a Spa OV on Deck 10. I was looking forward to trying this cabin category (view perspective) and didn't want to give it up. The big box TA said that I could upgrade my cabin category to the next level and get the promotion for $300 more. I am not interested in an obstructed view balcony or paying $300 more. Before our two trips on the Veendam in 2018 and 2019 we always sailed in a balcony cabin. We liked the OV cabin (we had the same cabin each sailing) on the Veendam so we thought we would try an OV on a larger ship. As I said earlier, I wil
  9. No luck for me yesterday or this morning. Yesterday I was told that the fare had to be non-refundable in order to add the promo. This morning I was told that if the cabin category was available the promotion could be added, but the cabin category I have booked is no longer available. Notwithstanding, I could cancel and rebook the same cabin (but would risk losing the cabin and the OBC that I currently have although it is not that much). I guess I'll let this one go and look at the Black Friday promotion.
  10. DaveOKC and Alberta Quilter, Thank you for your responses. I am on the February 16 sail (just one week) with a refundable fare. While I have no promotions I do have a small amount of OBC from HAL (in addition to the OBC from the FCC that I used for this sail) and OBC from the big box TA. In an Spa OV cabin (so the grats promotion should/could apply). I'll give it another try today. Baltimore Cruise
  11. My husband and I are booked on a February 2020 Caribbean cruise on the NS. This cruise is currently booked with a fully refundable fare. I called the big box TA yesterday and inquired about this promotion. The representative called HAL and was told that the promotion applied to non-refundable fares. I had the representative ask a second time and the answer was the same. I did a dummy booking on the HAL site this morning and in order to benefit from this promotion I had to choose the Save on Sunshine promotion which requires a non-refundable (reduced) deposit. I used a FCC to book this cr
  12. We have been on the Veendam twice, the second time was prior to the dry dock. Both times we had an ocean view cabin on Deck 4. I can't speak to the porthole cabins, but the view from the window in our cabin was great. We had the same cabin on both sailings. Prior to these two cruises, we had only sailed in balcony cabins. We did not miss the balconies. BaltimoreCruise
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