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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/kindhearted-scots-raise-over-4-23978508 I did it, took me 3 days but the main thing is raising money for the children.
  2. https://virtual.thekiltwalk.co.uk/fundraising/ScotlandsVirtualKiltwalk2021-ColinShields?fbclid=IwAR0T518izw2_7_hcBW9RoeMFcu-f10BBaHUKYGYeGHhESoyv0aTfo3s3WNI Thank You from the children, Children 1st and myself.
  3. It's wall to wall sunshine here in Paisley and is to continue into next week but won't make a difference to me, i'm taking part in the Virtual Kiltwalk with my own challenge of walking up and down the set of stairs to my flat 26 times equal to miles in normal Kiltwalk for my favourite charity Children 1st. Might not sound that difficult but i have a Prosthetic leg and between the operation then housebound recovering then winter kicking in then all these lockdowns over the last year i'm still not very confident wearing it. The 'official' description of me by the Doctors and Nurses in
  4. Maybe it will be the opposite of that Japanese way of dining where the food is on a conveyor belt slowly moving around in front of the diners where they help themselves to what they want, the P&O way will be the diners go round on a conveyor belt eating as we go. 🙂
  5. Funny you say you had to nag your husband to go on a cruise cause there was a couple i dined with on my first cruise and they were the same but by the end of it he was hooked and they went on another a few months later. Might be you trying to shut him up asking 'when we going on another' when you come home. 🙂 Enjoy
  6. I was going to make a comment about most of the Ladies not wanting them to end but thought i better not save getting myself into trouble. :-)
  7. Personally i'm not really bothered either way about if there are Formal Wear Nights or not because if you think about it after dinner what use is wearing Formal Wear.? Yes a dress code always smart the way you would dress when going to say a friends wedding, not like you slob about during the day (or is that just me.) 🙂 During my first cruise i seen a sight i had a little snigger at, Formal Wear Night and Man Utd was playing Man City and in the biggest bar on the Azura it was standing room only shoulder to shoulder watching football with all the Men and Ladies dressed in Formal Wear.
  8. Thanks for that though travelling myself i could gve him the keys of my car ask hm to put case in boot and return my keys on his way back save him waiting for this old slow coach. :-)
  9. The P&O site says choice of Dining times with Select Price so they must be using the standard ad.
  10. The Iona only been on 2 cruises before and both ties given a choice of dining.
  11. I booked a trip for July 2022 the other day through there call centre and have noticed i have been put down for Freedom Dining without being asked about sittings, is this standard with me booking so far ahead or has the member of staff who took my booking decided themselves that i would have Freedom Dining even though i paid the Select Price which states a choice of Dining times.?
  12. I would say go for it but the only bit of advice is unless you like sunbathing in peace reading a book a Balcony is a waste of money cause i spent £700 upgrading after reading someones comment about sitting there watching the scenery go by forgetting you only see one side like that, better lazing up on deck.
  13. Thanks for that tip happy to pay Porter to collect my luggage for me, just looking to make my Transfer from Terminal to Car as easy as possible for me.
  14. Thanks for info not bothered who does it or price, just will be first time on holiday with Prosthetic and though i can walk with crutches i don't like the idea of trying to pull a case at the same time.
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