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  1. On one Pursuit cruise (maiden voyage perhaps) we had Isle of Man cheese, served at the jazz brunch ....which was clearly labelled...... and everyone enjoyed it so much, that it was forever being for in Windows!! If I remember the story, I think it was gifted to Captain Carl when he 'called in' to Douglas when trying out the new ship. On Quest, I did try to persuade Fabio to purchase some 'Stornoway Black Pudding'........ when we sailed round Britain and into Stornoway!!
  2. We always pack a jacket (and tie) for more dressy evenings in specialty restaurants or when dining with senior officers. In addition, we find the air conditioning in the dining areas to be very cold on all three ships, so a jacket is needed for that reason also.
  3. Yes it is... and usually very quiet. A good day to use it....if you can.
  4. That's exactly what we do....a suite on most cruises, sometimes a balcony ...and even an ocean view for Suez a couple of times (opening balcony doors not recommemded).but always a stateroom that we will enjoy. Over the years, we have had some benefit from the old upgrade system, but on our most recent cruise we were not eligible??????
  5. Lookyboy

    Internet Credit

    Thank you - will make a note of this.
  6. Lookyboy

    Internet Credit

    Our next trip is in a balcony as opposed to a suite. I cannot remember what the credit is for this level of stateroom, if intending to purchase the package. Anyone know? Loyalty level is Discoverer Plus, which maybe important too.
  7. This could be a silly question....please forgive if so..... What is a reward flight?
  8. Great place to browse...not only books but also up to date and recent magazines for reading whilst lazing by the pool.
  9. Well done. Look forward to seeing you on this cruise.
  10. Lookyboy

    White Night

    This thread has made me smile......for we have never had a hot or warm white night yet, so we are always looking to wear something white and.........very cosy!!
  11. Or check out possible parkruns wherever you are on a Saturday? Depending on which ship, some of the officers and crew enjoy a shore run, which you may be able to join if you get to know about it in time.
  12. You will find your own time to use the running track and avoid those who share it with runners and joggers. For me, it is usually about 07.30, before it is too hot, and when purposeful walkers are also out and about before their breakfast, so everyone realises that direction is important and awareness of others coming through is essential to avoid bumps and spillage of coffee and other such events that can happen on a shared space such as the track. If very busy, I reduce to walking with purpose at a good raised heart rate. ENJOY.
  13. Sorry...nothing was said....about what? As someone who has attended and enjoyed the singers and dancers and social aspects of many of these LCV events....I am curious about what other guests are expecting to be said? Am I being naive here....enjoying the senior officers congratulate a handful of guests who have been able to be more loyal than we? We try not to miss it, to show our loyalty too. We will never be the top cruisers....but that adds to the special occasion ..does ot not?
  14. Well said, Bonnie. 😁
  15. No .running on the track at this time will drive you mad.. folks walking three abreast not seeing and hearing you coming....others going the wrong way round. ..and some stopping abruptly in front of you to look at something etc. etc......no, no, no....just my experience over lots of cruises. Run only when very few folks about on that deck....
  16. I would be interested to know how long you will get to think about it...would Azamara let you know as and when your desired categories have been sold via bids.....or would you just submit a bid after careful consideration and .....all your desired staterooms would be gone?
  17. Jenny, we got that same message right up until we sailed , yet there were still suites available on our last cruise. No matter, still enjoyed the balcony at the end of the day. It is frustrating, though, especially the loyalty aspect of how things seem to be playing out....or lack of!
  18. That is correct...apart from the payment and invoice..nothing else. We did receive an e-mail recently and were quite excited, but it seems to have been a one off, alas.
  19. This made me smile too, amongst all the complaining and negativity that can sometimes happen on some threads............well done on your first Azamara cruise......I did know quietly that you would love it.... and maybe become hooked??? x
  20. Elemis products from the spa (bought VERY EARLY on the cruises) are always a good buy if you are looking for ways to use any OBC. They make wonderful Christmas gifts...... if not used!!! (just saying!)
  21. We use Azamara as our booking agent for our cruises.... so on our recent cruise (June 2019), we thought we would try out the new upgrade system.....as we don't receive e-mails......we took the initiative.....and went into the web site as suggested..... NOT ELIGIBLE .....
  22. Lookyboy

    Azamara TP

    Thank you, Bonnie.
  23. Lookyboy

    Azamara TP

    Jenny - what is TP? (repositioning maybe?)
  24. A suite being originally TWICE the price if a balcony????? Mmmmmmm.....this is new.
  25. That happened to us on Royal Caribbean many years ago. We refused said upgrade because we had booked the wrap around forward balcony a couple of years before. But, someone was already in our cabin by the time we checked in and we were refused our plea to offer them the upgrade. The ship sailed and we were without a cabin....and at around midnight, after 48 hours without sleep....we gave in and accepted the upgrade.....wait for it....to a stateroom with... a.....BATH! It turned out to be our travel agent who had accepted and had omitted to let us know. From then on, we have had a note on our file to NOT offer upgrades unless to ourselves in person and that has worked well with Azamara for the last 9 years. Of course, it is all change now.....
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