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  1. We have also discovered this week, that our future cruise credit cannot be used on another of our bookings, as a discount had been applied at the point of booking.....again, a well known travel agent, not Azamara. If we insist, then we must start the booking again at full price, subtract the future cruise credit and perhaps get a small discount on the difference. This would now cost an additional sum to our invoice (and deposit paid) price. This has been a bit of a minefield for us!
  2. Do you mean that you haven't asked yet or you have checked it out and Azamara have agreed that this is ok? We don't really want to pay the £500 deposit and then find we cannot use it. ...sort of thing. Ta, Betsey.
  3. Yes, unfortunately, we always usually use Azamara for everything, booking on board and then getting them to add flights and transfers later. This one was booked on board and transferred to this travel agent before we even arrived home......we thought it odd, but left it. Coming back to haunt us now, though! Lesson learned!
  4. Just to let you know, that we are in UK, and not waiting on a very large amount, as it was a very short cruise, but we are now approaching the 120 days since cancellation and no indication of when this refund will be processed. I did read somewhere on these posts, that some travel agents have already been issued with the cash and that the problem / wait may not actually be with Azamara.
  5. Yes, it's the travel agent that is being difficult, not Azamara. .....
  6. Does anyone know if a future cruise credit can be used at the present time on a cruise which is included in the offer...buy one get second half price?
  7. Bonnie - I received an e-mail from Azamara today, and am delighted to be 'on the list' - thank you for your help.
  8. Thank you. I did not mean to doubt you....simply to find somewhere from whence to quote.
  9. Can we read this for sure anywhere?
  10. Very well planned.
  11. Thank you, Grandma. XX
  12. Thanks, Bonnie. We have been through this several times before over the years, but happy to try again. Thank you for trying to help. Stay safe. X
  13. Spent ages with Tine, Azamara Circle aboard Quest a couple of weeks ago, so that she could 'sort out' why we never get any e-mails ...looks like it didn't work. Can you share, please? Ta. X
  14. Please is it Ok to ask what was felt to be insufficient? We could only send Azamara a copy of what we were given at Muscat Airport, when paying our 180 Omani reals. We have heard nothing from them since then.
  15. We didn't get the e-mail invitation to bid for this same (Capetown cruise)(sorry old news) , so we bid ourselves via the web site. Received an acknowledgment for this bid.....even bid again, higher before we left home, as we hadn't heard anything. ...and received another e-mail thanking us. Should say, we were discover plus in a balcony. Did not hear back from Azamara at all, so we e-mailed them from Capetown when we arrived, the day before embarcation. . To hear that we had been unsuccessful, as these bids rely on availability only, and the cruise was fully booked. ....so no upgrades were available. ????? But, it was still a fantastic cruise. Thank you again Azamara..Captain, officers, staff and crew...you were Azamazing.
  16. Thank you. In time, we will do that, but for now, we know they are extremely busy with more pressing stuff and we can wait. x
  17. Sorry Bonnie....our Capetown to Dubai cruise on Quest, which was very different and cut short. Not complaining as it was made to be the best it could be by everyone and for that we are .most grateful. I was simply adding to the questions about complementary nights used on a cruise which, through no fault of Azamara, didn't go to our ports and had to finish early.
  18. What if the most recent Quest cruise included complementary nights?
  19. Lookyboy


    I was thinking the very same.
  20. A wee bit bumpy, though..... but we agree...a fabulous cruise.
  21. On Quest now, ..being very well looked after by Azamara.....didn't enjoy these days before we left home, but we are very happy with how Azamara are keeping us up to date. Bonnie..maybe you could pass this up the line. Many thanks to you all. An unfolding story, but we feel in safe hands. XX
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    Didn't get it.
  23. What is the one per cent?
  24. It's not you... don't worry.... and it's not just this post. Sorry - just a wee bit sensitive to another poster.... in the midst of such a worrying time. Sorry...
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