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  1. We definitely want to include the stingrays on our Cozumel port day. What is the name of this company --- they are near the pier at Starbucks? This is walking distance from the cruise terminal? Thanks so much. We are leaving Saturday july 7.
  2. Bob, thanks so much for the info! Exactly what we needed to know.
  3. Reading RCCL terms and conditions, on alcoholic beverage package, totally confused. I want to order the wine package for myself, but my husband doesn't drink wine or anything else. The terms /conditions say the package must be bought for all passengers in the cabin? How could this be fair, to pay for a wine package for me and have to pay for one for hubby when he doesn't even drink wine?? Surely I'm not understanding this correctly. Can anybody clarify for me?
  4. does anyone have access to menus on the Queen of Mississippi? Family members are booked on November 30 out of New Orleans, one with vision problems. I would love to see any menus and be able to read over them for the lady with low vision. Thanks so much.
  5. If we buy the beverage package, does that mean we have to go to one of the lounges/bars, etc. each time we want a drink or glass of wine or beer? That seems pretty inconvenient to me, especially if we are enjoying our balcony. and I don't really see a clear description of "unlimited". Does that mean I can order 5 glasses of wine during the day???? If anybody could clarify this for me, I would surely appreciate it.
  6. can't say we've ever been successful doing this. beer, no problem. hard liquor confiscated everytime.
  7. We were on Carnival Triumph out of N. O. last week, and my sister and bro-in-law were just ahead of us in the x-ray line. they were called to the side, and their small desk fan was taken from their carry-on, told it was a fire hazard. we were immediately next in line, and our fan went through with no comment or problem at all. We were also over the 750 ml bottle of wine per person limit in our carry-on, and that wasn't a problem either. Just goes to show - there's never any rhyme or reason as to who/what gets checked/taken. Their fan was returned to them at 4:00 a.m. on the morning of debarkation. Yep, that's 4 a.m. Knock on the door, security hands them their fan. :o
  8. We cruise this Saturday. Can we get in the pool when we first get onboard? also, do you know where the specialty coffee shop is located? thanks!
  9. could someone help me with how we can call home while in port? we don't know if we should buy calling cards, etc. :confused:
  10. could someone help me with how to call home while in port? should we buy prepaid calling cards, etc? :confused:
  11. chm1219

    phones at port?

    could someone please help me with how to call home while in port? I've read somewhere about pay phones at the docks, but do not know how to use them, if it requires a prepaid calling card, etc. :confused:
  12. Could someone please give me some advice on how to call home while in port? :confused:
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