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  1. Leaving from Tampa you should have access to data from local cell towers until you're past the Sunshine Skyway bridge, so at least 2 hours post sailing time. Port Tampa is right in downtown Tampa, so there's ample coverage for most carriers.
  2. We've brought our own on our last several cruises. We have two 2" memory foam toppers from Amazon (similar to these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077ZGBM7N/ref=dp_cerb_1 ) that help a lot in making the beds more comfortable. They're not too hard to transport. We fold them lengthwise, roll them up, and store them in a standard pillow case. The two of them squish nicely into a large checked bag. We unpack them the first day and put them under the topsheet. After that the room steward leaves them in place and sometimes knots the end of the sheets around them as they prefer. Ours are holding up just fine after several trips, but if you needed to leave it I bet the room steward would be thrilled. I can only imagine the bidding war they might inspire in the crew quarters!
  3. Agree 100% . The Boardwalk Dog House is one of the best quick service options I've found on a ship and a very unique offering. I like good fast-food burger by the pool every once in a while, but it's so cool to have something different and a bit elevated! They've got a winner with that one.
  4. Guy's/Blue Iguana are much better offerings on Carnival than anything Royal has that's comparable, especially given that they're included. I found the quality of both to be a step above buffet offerings and loved that they were a quick in and out. Johnny Rockets is not a grab-and-go restaurant and our experiences with it were godawful. Carnival does have a point in their favor on these quick serve options, though the Boardwalk Doghouse is pretty good on ships that feature it. Carnival's Internet vs. RCCL's VOOM is like comparing apples and rocket ships. CCL's internet, even "premium", is only marginally functional. Remember 2002? It's about like that. VOOM on RCCL is almost normal, modern connectivity. That being said, I find the clientele and experience on RCCL to be significantly different. I know not everyone will agree, but if Carnival is the WalMart of cruising, RCCL is more like the Target, or even maybe Kohl's. It's still a mass-market, mid-range line, but...there's a difference.
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