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  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know the wall in the cabins are steel and I use the magnets on them for multiple things.
  2. MSC only supplies wheelchair assistance for boarding or debarking. On their website they offer no suggestions other than to bring your own. However, Royal Caribbean recommends contacting two companies that may be able to deliver to the terminal (on Royal they will actually put it in your cabin.) Try contacting the following companies and see what they can do for an MSC sailing. Scootaround (formerly CareVacations) Phone: 888-441-7575 Local: 204-982-0657 Fax: 204-478-1172 E-mail: info@scootaround.com Special Needs at Sea Phone: 800-513-4515 Local: 954-585-0575 Fax: 800-513-4516 E-mail: info@specialneedsgroup.com
  3. About what range are individual cocktails on sailing in the U.S.?
  4. With the reduced capacity that Royal is sailing, I don't see why they cannot set up on day of sailing testing for everyone. They provided it for us on our June sailings on the Adventure. It was not difficult to get the test, then wait the required time for results, then sign in. There were actually only about 6 persons there needed to give the test. But it was all very efficient. And for heavens sake if Carnival can do it, why not Royal!
  5. It would depend specifically on the boardwalk cabin you choose. Every other cabin on Oasis has the bed either by the sliding doors or by the bathroom at the entrance to the cabin. I I use a scooter and can fit it in the cabins with beds by the sliders. When the bed is by the entrance/bathroom there is no room and you cannot get the scooter around the bed to the other side of the cabin. There is a specific formula to find which cabins have bed by the door or sliders. If /when you need to know for a specific cabin I can help or you can ask on the Royal Caribbean forum and they can also tell you.
  6. At least Carnival is planning to set up a place for testing at the ports. It will be with an outside agency but Carnival will be providing the space. Associated costs to be determined.
  7. Just read that Carnival will be following CDC recommendations to reduce the pre-cruise testing from 3 days down to 2 days beginning on Sept. 13. Yes, it will give a greater assurance that Covid will not be introduced to the ships; but it's already so difficult to get test results back in the 3 day window.
  8. Is the Diamond members complimentary specialty dinner for the member only or may I bring a guest complimentary also? Benefits pages does not indicate one way or another. Anybody experience taking a friend/guest in another cabin to dinner?
  9. Thank you twangster. Beautiful sight. We are also on her in September-so looking forward to it.
  10. It's been a few years since we sailed on Divina but at that time I was using a walker. I remember that in the Centrum there were two or three steps up to the entertainment area. The handicap section in the theatre is the farthest back upper section so it is difficult to see the stage My biggest difficulty was no automatic doors on the ship. We're cruising again on Divina for 2 back to backs in Sept. This time I will be using a scooter. So I'll see how that works. One definitely needs an accessible cabin or a suite as the cabins are very small. I have sailed on Meraviglia and Seaside in a scooter and had no issues at all.
  11. The least we can hope is they provide comfortable chairs
  12. I just went to MSC's website, to the bottom of their homepage, and to "Contact" and pleaded with MSC to accept the Binax Now AG test. Maybe if enough of us request this they will agree to accept this test. It took less time to send the request than to post here!
  13. The original email just might have been for real; but with the indignant letters sent to Bayley, corporate minds may just be rethinking their thinking
  14. Before your Celebrity cruise try to book a test with CVS at one of their clinics in N. Miami on the way to Port of Miami. CVS opens their appointments about 13 days in advance and there are several CVS Clinics who offer antigen tests. Of course you would probably need to rent a car. I suggest checking with Hertz because they will pick up at FTL and shuttle to their office and they then have a MIA office downtown on 2nd St with a shuttle to the port. We are doing several times the back and forth Port Everglades- MIA January through March of '22 and I've been doing a lot of researching. There are no convenient CVS tests near Pt. Everglades. I'm also planning on having the ABBOTTS BINAX TEST NOW AG with us "just in case."
  15. This 3 day testing results reports are only going to get worse Cruise lines are going to have to relent on the short timeframe. Now everyone is making double and more appointments "just in case" and it will be harder and harder to find a test available.
  16. My opinion is the safest place to be right now is on a floating island (aka cruise ship). That's why we're planning to spend much of the next 9 months floating on the ocean.
  17. Years ago(last decade or so) Royal used to mail you docs and luggage tags. Then they decided the guest can do it all themselves!
  18. A call to Royal Caribbean and the Rep should be able to tell you. Also, ask if the Rep can email you a copy of your booking confirmation.
  19. Jefngeo01, I agree with your wife; but then again it depends on what month you will be cruising. Anytime between April and December would be a (very) warm trip. Not so bad in winter.
  20. I think your plan is great. We often do back to backs and then jump from ship to ship. Benefit to a second different cruise is that it presents different entertainment opportunities. Plus, one night on land will allow you to visit any shops you may need to replenish your supplies. Suggestion for your one night hotel: pack just in a carry on the things you will need for the one day in Miami so that you don't have to open the larger cases.
  21. As Royal is always looking for ways to make an additional dollar, maybe they need to sell testing on the last full day to those who are not back to back or foreign travelers who will get it free. We are scrambling to find Rapid Tests in south Florida for January and February 2022. We have continuous back to backs but all on different lines. I imagine the Saturday time slots for testing will be very difficult to find. Fingers crossed.
  22. Per https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise protocols for those cruising from Galveston are the same as Florida-no unvaxed over ll years of age.
  23. Royal has changed the info on their website to reflect sailings from Florida in September will be all vaxed for those 12 and over. Proof of vax and negative Covid 19 test required at embarcation.
  24. Are departing guests tested? We are going from Royal to another cruise line the same day. Trying to figure out how to get the required test done in between.
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