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  1. Thanks Denise - sorry I thought you had already gone on your trip - but I am convinced and will buy as well - happy travels!
  2. Hi TinCan782 - it won't work out to sea and I understand that - but while in port it should cover our needs. I am not keen to use free WiFi and the risks associated with that when in port.
  3. Thanks Miaminice - I think I am convinced!
  4. I am interested in hearing from members who have used the Skyroam Hotspot while cruising. I have been researching it today and have read very mixed reviews - some glowing and some dreadful. Usually I take my own MiFi device and international sim cards with me but end up getting very frustrated when they don't work. I understand that none of these options work while out at sea and that we need to be in range of phone towers. I am thinking the Skyroam looks like a simpler option. One thing I do have trouble with is sending emails when overseas with other sim cards - I wonder how the Skyroam compares? I am only looking for data - do not need to make phone calls or send texts. Australian telco prices and roaming plans are exorbitant so this is not an option. We don't use the internet a lot while away but do want to have access for sending emails, researching ports, uploading some photos to Facebook etc, so please don't suggest leaving the phone off - it is also not an option. I don't like using free WiFi except as a last resort and ship's internet is also exorbitant. Any information gratefully received!
  5. Hello neenee61 - how did you go with the Skyroam? I am also looking at it currently for a cruise and interested to hear your experience - have also read very mixed reviews (which is giving me a headache!) so would be good to hear from someone who has used it for a cruise - I know it won't work out to sea. I have been using MiFi devices for several years now and have had mixed results and lots of frustration when SIM cards don't work.
  6. Thanks all for your replies - it was as I suspected but thought that as the bulk of cruise was not in Australia it might be treated differently.
  7. Hi we are looking at above cruise but it appears that the CHEERS drinks package is not available on the Legend? I see his applies to cruises in Australia but does it apply to cruises coming from US? and also have a query about gratuities - again as the cruise is sailing into Australia do gratuities apply and can they be prepaid? Any comments/advice about this cruise appreciated - I read some reviews that there were a lot of unruly children on this cruise last year - am hoping this is not the norm. Thanks in advance for any advice on this
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