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  1. We stayed in 4216 on the Horizon 23 days my only problem is this cabin is only available on certain ships i love staying in a Havana Cabana Cabin. Your pictures brings back good memories.
  2. I was offered the same but on the Horizon once you play a certain amount they give you free drinks and since we were doing a BTB it carried over to the T/A without playing.
  3. Booked the Pride Oct.21 Rome to Lisbon Portugal then the Inaugural Celebration Transatlantic Southampton to Miami, with Pre and Post stay in Paris and London England. Will be celebrating 3 missed anniversaries.
  4. Yes we did the last 2 European cruise before T/A to New York, i hope the Celebration have no delays looking forward to the T/A to Miami want to spent some time in Disney before our flight home.
  5. BTB same ship Carnival Horizon same cabin 23 days no fruit basket no Champagne maybe not all BTB but we had the best cruise to date.
  6. Right now just being on a ship will be ok, it will be only 9 days then i will be on the Celebration T/A to Miami. Thanks for the heads up on the lifeboat.
  7. I was on the Horizon 2018 Europe cruise and you were allowed to bring back onboard to your cabin wine and liquor from the ports you visited. At the end of the cruise i bought back 15 bottles total from every port, no need for cheers.
  8. I just booked the Pride for Oct.21 sailing Europe first time in a extended balcony cabin # 7258 anyone been in this type cabin?
  9. You will love the Havana Cabin we spent 23 days in the same cabin on the Horizon Havana cabin now it is hard to go back booking a balcony cabin.
  10. that was our best cruise to date, but we did not receive a fruit basket and Champagne. Oh well we booked the Pride for Oct.21 Rome to Lisbon Portugal and T/A on the Celebration Nov.6 Southampton to Miami i will be on the look-out for a fruit basket and Champagne.
  11. On the Horizon 2018 there were no restriction on bringing wine and alcohol back from every port we visited i personally bought back 15 bottles some from every port.
  12. We did the inaugural and TA on the Horizon 2018 there were over 600 of us doing the BTB no disembarkation we all met in the MDR to get our new sail and sign cards a light breakfast wine and juice pictures and we had the ship to ourself for about 2 to 3 hours.
  13. Yes received $500 casino offer and free drinks when playing. I had the free drinks on the Horizon, was on the fence about booking this cruise but with all the other cancellations i said why not now i will be looking for a TA leaving from the states to London or Barcelona.
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