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  1. Flying Norwegian also and staying at Hotel Kong Arthur maybe we can meet up for happy hour drinks there.
  2. Flew Norwegian last year on the Horizon cruise no problems great airline also booked several months ago for our Mardi Gras cruise, we are flying into Paris pre cruise 3 days $618 for 2 with luggage and seat assign. then on to Copenhagen 3 day on SAS before our cruise $220 for 2 with luggage and seat assign.
  3. We live in Md. so flying out of JFK to Paris staying 3 days 24th till 28th cost $618 for 2 we booked the bassinet isle extra leg room N/C but now they charge $50 extra for the seats also include luggage and food. Flying SAS Airline 28th till 31st to Copenhagen cost $220 for 2 seat assign and luggage. Booked Hotel Kong Arthur in Copenhagen and looking at hotels in Paris near the Eiffel Tower we have a tour leaving from there.
  4. I would make it 12pm or after , New York could be a madhouse it took us almost an hour and half to get a taxi once we got off the ship last year on the Horizon.
  5. We are booked at Hotel Kong Arthur also a number of cruisers will be doing the Copenhagen Pub Crawl Friday or Saturday then we will do the food fair saturday.
  6. I don't know where those that haven't booked airfare yet live but Norwegian have excellent prices one way direct.
  7. This will be my second flight on Norwegian first was last year for the Horizon and I booked my flight the first day they open and got the seat for a basinet a lot of leg room, and for the Mardi Gras I booked premium seating on day of opening no charge now those seats are $50 so it pays to book early.
  8. your carry on luggage weight should be 22lbs and your check luggage should be 44lbs if any one is over weight you pay extra if you don't have one I would invest in a luggage scale.
  9. I maybe interested need more info. Is it just the two places?
  10. I was just on the other site FB and some are saying Carnival Fly service will Not be offering flights to Copenhagen don't know how true it is but something for those who are waiting for their dates to open
  11. Just finished looking at Ponta Delgada Azores excursions thru Carnival is up and for those that are looking at flights from New York Airports JFK, LG and EWR, they have Carnival transportation to each airport. Just a FYI
  12. I forgot to include my email telebax51@aol.com again I am interested TED and ELAINE
  13. On youtube you have to catch a bus from the port to the train station and be mindful of the times.
  14. Good morning Mardi Gras cruisers it is getting real I just booked my hotel for the inaugural Hotel Kong Arthur for August 28 thru 31st. Anyone else booked what hotel and how long.
  15. They just got funds to keep them in business for 2 yrs. this will be my second time flying with them I hope they can survive love the prices.
  16. I We flew Norwegian last year for our Horizon cruise and had no problem so we compared prices with other airlines and they were still the lowest. By booking when our date became available was able to get a row right behind first class N/C now those same seats are $50 extra so i would not wait to long.
  17. I am from Md. and 2 weeks ago we booked our flight one way on Norwegian Air, flying into Paris for 3 days then plane or train to Copenhagen for 3 days before cruise the cost per person with luggage and meals $309 I think we got a good deal.
  18. Thanks for the info. Eddie i thought my itinerary for Paris was complete now i have to start over Pariscityvisions have great tours with better prices. Again thanks
  19. Have not used them but am looking at them since I will be flying into Paris first for a walking tour when I arrive.
  20. Everything is coming along picked our flight from Paris to Copenhagen now looking at hotels in Paris have our itinerary for Paris and looking to book our hotel in Copenhagen.
  21. Booked my flight last week will be flying into Paris for 3 days then fly over to Copenhagen for 3 days before the cruise. anyone else booked flights.
  22. If you cannot open the Hub app and we can then that would be something to talk to Carnival about I just found out today that more excursions are listed on the Hub app and not on Carnival site.( strange ). Wish I could help
  23. There are excursions open up for the inaugural and if you have Carnival Hub App more are listed.
  24. Like i said previous you will love the cabin and the area, it will be hard to go back to a regular balcony.
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