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  1. I'm going to assume that I am the only person on Earth that has not had any issues with the App. Wow, I'm a geek, but, wow!
  2. I suppose that purchases could be made with it, however, if the staff are paying attention they will see that the faces don't match. I would take a lot of gumption to try to use a found Medallion to purchase anything.
  3. <RANT ON> This thread has become less than useless, it's just a bunch of people complaining with absolutely no real information, especially in regards to the App. <RANT OFF>
  4. With the right app on your phone you can scan it & see what info is stored on it. Warning, it's not a lot, mostly just a unique identifier for the onboard systems to use to look you up in their database. I scanned one awhile ago, can't remember what the App was (doesn't matter, the results are somewhere on CC). You need a fairly recent Medallion as the battery runs out after awhile.
  5. I would think that age would trend them down as well, wonder what percentage of HAL cruisers have smart phones. I haven't looked at any data regarding smart phones & age, but, I'd bet income, education would be pretty good predictors for that. I did not know that the US leads in number of cruisers - interesting...
  6. Then again (off the same webpage as above): "The following formats are acceptable proofs of full vaccination: COVID-19 vaccination card (original card only; no photocopies accepted), digital COVID-19 certificate (QR code acceptable); or record of COVID-19 vaccination from a healthcare provider including original digital email notification, personal electronic health record, or government Immunization information system (IIS) record."
  7. It's pretty clear that they want to see the original document "Guests should be ready to show original proof of vaccination at cruise check-in." https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/us-cruises/
  8. So, can I assume that everyone here that has had an issue has clicked on the menu (upper right), Picked Support, then More Assistance and then called O.C.E.A.N. to get assistance with the App, or, at least report an issue? I'm gonna make a wild guess, that most folks with issues are running on older phones or haven't updated their phone in awhile.
  9. Their data on a 90% ownership may be correct. People that cruise are not a representative subset of the general population. In other words, the 70% ownership of Americans does not apply. Not to mention that Americans make up a segment of cruisers internationally (I'd google that but I'm lazy).
  10. "Ok, volume on for this one 😊. One of my favorite moments of the cruise. We were watching the sea lions dodge the cables being released prior to departure and I just happened to start recording." Nice catch - you mean he didn't recognize the theme? Wow, I thought that anyone alive from the US would have recognized it 😉
  11. March 13th cancelled, we had that - now we're on the 27th - (hopefully) the inaugural cruise.
  12. Actually, if your last day or is/are port days, then you can buy liquor on the last sea day and take it with you! Think about it...
  13. I did - LOL. (well, my 2nd 100 shares, so I can sell off my 1st hundred at a loss - LOL).
  14. I made one purchase of 5x$500, got a notice from Credit card immediately asking if it was me (Chase), said yes, the charge went thru & I got the email a few hours later with the links to the online cards. All 5x$500 & the 5x$50 ones too. Funny thing (well, not so funny) - the last Time I bought 3 of these I applied them to a cruise that got cancelled last year, luckily I kept the cards (I got physical plastic cards that time). So, hold onto the Card info after you apply them in case you or they cancel the cruise.
  15. Time again for the Princess Girt Card 'sale' - if you buy a $500 card you'll get another $50 card for 'free' . While it indicates that there is a limit of one, I purchased 5x$500 cards and got 5x$50 extra gift cards. https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-gifts-celebrations/overview/gift-cards/
  16. Yes sir. Is that on the Regal towards the end of the month? I was going to look into booking that but we’ve a 10 day that leaves on the 29th.
  17. We will agree to disagree on this topic, I look forward to discussing this further on an upcoming cruise over a drink, on me!
  18. If they do, under current executive orders for the Gov of Florida they will not be able to operate.
  19. I have never had an issue with the Medallion falling out of the standard lanyard holder, I don't see how anyone could, unless they mess around with it and probably didn't close the bottom correctly. When I was in IT we called this "Probable user error, turn it off & on again - LOL". The Medallion is the size of a quarter, in the case is about 3in by 2in, not exactly what I would call big, since a standard card would be bigger (3.5x2.2) - they are thicker though.
  20. I use either the clip that Princess sells, or, just the standard lanyard case with the insert removed (I think it looks way nicer that way). Enuf about me 😉
  21. couple more pics - AirTag & Medallion side by side, the AirTag is a bit wider & thicker. This holder is by Caseology, carabiner clip may be handy (this is for my dog!). I'd say they're pretty much interchangeable...
  22. Folks, I don't plan on using a keychain holder, I posted the pic because the holder was for an Apple AirTag, a sort of 'proof of concept' to show that AirTag accessories might work with the Medallion. Geez. FYI - it's not 'chanting' out on a holder for the Medallion, it's more options - in actuality you will find that many of the AirTag holders are way more. 'glamorous' & expensive than the one's that Princess sells - heck you can spend $700 for a leather holder for an AirTag. There are also holders that clip with a carabiner, which might actually be handy, clip it to your belt loop, etc.
  23. Great, I've some more holders coming this week, I'll some pics when they come, I should have some AirTag's too so I'll do a side by side of them with a Medallion.
  24. Sorry about where you live, vaccine is pretty much available to anyone over 15 in many states and localities.
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