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  1. Thanks that’s helpful but it does look like the only option for 2 single beds is that L shape.
  2. Hi everyone! Can anyone who has sailed speak a little more about the 2 single bed configuration? I know they show as an L shape. I am wondering, can they be arrange parallel like cruise ships typically do? I am not really wanting to sleep head to head or head to feet with my friend and I also don't want to sleep upside down. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for a good hotel close to Port Miami for my family of 5's 1-night pre-cruise stay. We would love to have a 1 bedroom with a seperate living room (with a door) for some of the kids to sleep. Would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks!
  4. That's awesome! I am taking a good friend of mine (got permission to leave wives and kids behind! haha) and we are coming from Boston. We are both teachers by day, and I am a travel agent by night. Can't wait to experience this product!
  5. Excellent! Hoping this time is the charm for you. Who all is sailing?
  6. Yup. I don't blame them. If you can't sail in the US, you need to go other places. I hope the CDC is listening. As for those brits- they are lucky! Can't wait to see videos!
  7. Nevermind, I found it. Deck 5- across from Squid Ink, next to the Manor. It shows on the official VV site but none of the cruise deck plans sites.
  8. Just paid $200 for $300 worth of drinks. Not going to complain. They can call it and track it how they want.
  9. Hi everyone! Just booked for Nov and can't wait. Question: I love the photos of the "On the Rocks" bar, but can't find it on the deck plans. Does anyone know where it is found? Thanks! Brett
  10. Through tomorrow, pre-pay $300 and get an extra $100 for a $400 bar tab.
  11. They will "publish" it to the app. No paper program.
  12. Exact opposite. Not having kids means the opportunity to have vaccinated adults. If they were having kids that would be another obstacle to sailing.
  13. It was never extended. Has always been 11/1 and may be pulled earlier.
  14. Can you shake for a glass of champagne or only bottles?
  15. Nevermind, I found ya. Changed name to Getaway Guys.
  16. I am searching and can't seem to find the page. Any tips? I'd love to see your content.
  17. I thought "food delivery" was included. Can anyone clarify with a link? Is breakfast different?
  18. Agreed. I love sparkling water and look forward to hearing what brand is served or if it is served from a tap.
  19. All travel agents who completed the Virgin training by a specific date just received access keys for complimentary cruises. This is done online but they need to call to upgrade the cabin or add bar tab. I suspect that is the increase you are seeing. However, I agree, I think sailing time is coming! Fingers crossed.
  20. Hello everyone! Would love to see who else is joining us onboard Scarlet Lady to Key West and Bimini from Miami on 11/3-7 2021!
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