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  1. tchoney

    What is the 1 DO NOT MISS thing to do?

    Great idea! Thanks. I'll go my library Tuesday!
  2. tchoney

    What is the 1 DO NOT MISS thing to do?

    I appreciate your response Hatteras51! I didn't expect a response to each. I was just hoping someone would have a response to at least one of them. From the port, can you walk to the Aloe Factory? We love the beach and snorkeling but have planned that for Grand Turk since we have been there before. At Aruba, since we have never been, we want to see how people live and experience the cultural and history. Thank you for the information on the taxis! That is incredibly helpful and I will look that up! :)
  3. tchoney

    snorkeling in Grand Turk

    I am interested in this as well...... ;)
  4. :confused: I am planning a cruise for my son's college graduation next year. I have read numerous boards and forums. Most of them give generic 'things to do' ideas like go to a hotel and pay to use the pool, all-inclusive resort, shopping, eat at a local restaurant, etc. That sounds awesome. Except, my family would not enjoy that. We prefer some type of cultural adventure. We would really like to know If you had to choose 1 thing to do in Aruba or Curacao, what would it be? Do you tour the town on foot walking as far as you can and back to port? Do you walk to specific museums? Do you take a taxi someone? Do you take the bus somewhere? Is there a local flavor of something that we cannot miss? Do you visit some factory? How do you get there? Do you walk to a beach from the port? Which one? Please be as specific as possible including details, directions and prices if possible. THANKS A BUNCH!!
  5. tchoney

    Norwegian Getaway 2016 - Girls Trip

    @MtnsToSea.. I appreciate your feedback! For dining in the complementary dining rooms, do you have to make reservations or can you just show up to eat? I will try the pineapple coconut monitor!! YUMMY!! is the monitor tasting included in the beverage package or is that extra? Thanks!!
  6. My mom and I are planning a girls trip this fall no the Norwegian Getaway. We are leaving the husbands at home and enjoying some girl time! We have sailed Disney, RCL and Carnival. We have never sailed NCL! We are really excited! Reading reviews, NCL seems so much different than any other cruise line we have experienced. 1. What is the first thing we should do when we board? 2. What do you highly recommend we experience while on board? 3. What is your favorite drink and which bar is the best? 4. Do all shows cost extra? If not, do we have to order tickets to the shows that are free? If so, when do we do that? What show do you recommend most? THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We are looking forward to cruising like a Norwegian.....:D
  7. Hoping for some feedback on the drink program. I read that you don't have to purchase the program on the first day. It can be purchased on the 2nd day. If I am on a 5 night cruise Day 1 - Thursday- Do not get package - $0 Day 2 - Friday- $49.95 Day 3 - Saturday - $49.95 Day 5 - Sunday - $49.95 Day 6 - Monday - $49.95 Day 7 - Tuesday - ???????? DO THEY CHARGE FOR THE LAST DAY? WE LEAVE THE SHIP AT 8:00AM SO THERE IS NO DRINKING; BUT DO THEY CHARGE YOU? Thanks!!! :)
  8. tchoney

    Door Decorations?

    Hello, I am cruising for the first time on the Fantasy. I have never cruised Carnival before. I have always cruised Disney and loved decorating my door. Can you tell me if the doors on Carnival are metal so I could use magnets to attach my signs? OR will I have to use some type of tape? Thanks!!!!
  9. I am so excited and I appreciate all of the info you can provide! I look forward to becoming a member of the RCCL cruising family!! :) My family has been on 2 DCL cruises, we love DCL. For a variety of reasons, we are ready to move on and experience other opportunities! We always sail with my family (myself, hubby & son [now 15]) and my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and 2 nephews [now 19 & 21]. I am busy planning out next big vacation for the summer of 2014. A big time for graduation, nephew from college and son from high school. I am thinking cruise to Europe. Family is open to whatever I recommend because I have planned all of our vacations. :D 1. Can you provide recommendations on RCCL European Cruises? 2. Airfare is expensive, what are your tricks for flying to Europe and back cheaper? Do you fly into a smaller, further airport and take the train or cab to the port? Is there a specific time that is cheaper to fly into Europe? THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!!!
  10. Thank you very much for your reply. This is very interesting! Disney doesn't offer a discount program for repeat cruisers. I like this! :D
  11. I am new to Royal Caribbean. My family has always been Only Disney Cruise fans. My son and nephews are older and we are looking for something more. Can you please explain what you are referring to when you say, "you were a platinum and now are a diamond"? THANKS!
  12. tchoney

    RCI vs DCL

    Does RCI have wireless internet in staterooms? What restaurants on RCI are free (:rolleyes: ) with no additional charge? Also, are you assigned a table each night or is it first come/first serve? I believe I read that Johnny Rockets and Ben & Jerry's charge an additional fee; is there free (:rolleyes: ) ice cream and hamburgers somewhere? Does the smoke from the casino linger into the halls/restaurants? Is there an additional charge for the onboard activities (golf, skating, rock climbing, etc...) Thank you all for your help!!