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  1. We received ours on Sunday. I requested it on March 15th. The total cruise fare, taxes, and tips was credited back to our credit card.
  2. Don Kehote, Whenever you sail again, you have to write a review! I love your writing! Hilarious!!
  3. Wow! I spoke with my PVP this morning about transferring my sailing to exactly a year from my sail date. She told me that she would have to due a cancellation and rebook for those dates. She said that they didn't have a way in the system to do a straight transfer and it will look as we cancelled and rebooked. She assured me that we won't have to pay a cancellation fee. She also told me that she could only transfer about $200 over and would have to get her supervisor to do the complete transfer later on, possibly this evening. She couldn't give me a specific time that it would post showing paid
  4. The Spa on the Dream is lovely! It's the best Spa we have ever been on in the ships we've sailed. Our only issue is that we had a cloud 9 spa interior room on the Dream and we didn't check the map layout before we sailed. Once we got on, the first night we tried to sleep we found out that our room is directly under the weight machines in the gym. It was horrible!! The pounding weights all night kept us up and we couldn't sleep. It would keep slamming all night. We found out that after the gym closes at night the employees have full use of the gym so they would work out late into the evening/ea
  5. I was able to book a pack and go rate last Friday for sailing this Sunday on the Imagination. It was listed under Pack & Go.
  6. We just booked a last minute cruise on the Imagination March 15th. This will be our first time sailing to Catalina & Ensenada. I have a couple of questions that I hope someone who's been there before can help answer. 1)What is the weather like this time of year? Is the water too cold to get in the pool? 2) Is there shopping right off the pier in Mexico like there is in Cozumel? If so, can you find some of the usual items like vanilla, t-shirts, etc?? 3) What is recommended to do in Catalina ad Ensenada? Thank you!!
  7. What was the cost of the all inclusive at Paradise Beach? Does it include all foods listed on the menu as well as anything from the Taco Truck? I have never seen the hammock area before. Is it new and is it only if you're doing the all inclusive?
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