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  1. On board credit is forfeited, but gift card funds are not unless the balance is under $10. If the gift card balance at the end of the trip is under $10 then those funds are donated to St Jude's Children's Hospital.
  2. If you have a balance over $10, they will send it back to you in the mail on a new gift card. If your balance is less than $10, it is donated to St Jude's Children's Hospital.
  3. I put in an order last Wednesday for a $500 card and it was delivered 15 minutes ago, so I would say about 1 week for delivery. Just FYI, it did require a signature.
  4. Lots of good information, especially regarding the refund turn around (I was wondering about that too). Thanks!
  5. Wow, I think you are my new personal hero. Did you have any credit from one of the gift cards left on your account at the end of the cruise? If so, do they refund what is left in your account or does it go back on the gift card?
  6. I have Cruise Bar Cash, Cruise Photo Cash, OBC and a gift card that I will be applying once we board our next cruise? Will the Cruise Cash (for applicable bar and photo purchases) and the OBC be used first before charges start coming off of the amount in the Sign & Sail account that was from the applied gift card? What happens if there is some money left over from the gift card at the end of the cruise?:ship::ship::ship:
  7. It is being done as each Spirit class ship goes into dry dock. Luckily, a few weeks ago someone cancelled a 4K room between the life boats and I was able to change so we don't have a view of the broad side of a life boat. Still not what I booked, but at least it is better than what we would have been stuck with after the change. My biggest issue with the situation has always been how Carnival handled the situation by not informing cruisers that had booked before the change. Very similar to what happened a couple of days ago with the Cheers package, but did not get much attention since the 4K cabins are such a small percentage of the cabins within the fleet. I don't understand why they just don't give the information proactively instead of trying to sneak the changes and hope nobody notices. Have a great cruise!
  8. The French doors on the Miracle have not been removed yet. It won't happen until it's next dry dock and I don't believe that date has even been announced yet.
  9. I was helping someone in a Legend Facebook group today. They went through a couple levels of customer service reps on the phone and got nothing offered. They are waiting for a call back from the next level representative. They might be more receptive to you since you have so many 4K cabins booked. It took A LOT of pushing from me to get anything. I managed to get $25 pp OBC, a bottle of wine and a pastry tray for the room. I would much rather have the French doors, but at least I got something.
  10. This is the only one that I have seen posted so far.
  11. Jeezus, I was just wondering if it was indoors or not.:evilsmile:
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