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  1. On board credit is forfeited, but gift card funds are not unless the balance is under $10. If the gift card balance at the end of the trip is under $10 then those funds are donated to St Jude's Children's Hospital.
  2. If you have a balance over $10, they will send it back to you in the mail on a new gift card. If your balance is less than $10, it is donated to St Jude's Children's Hospital.
  3. Just to let everyone know, all of the 4K cabin French doors on the Legend have been sealed closed. I confirmed this with Carnival today. You can also check out the Carnival website, that's how I stumbled on the change. The cabin description that had read "Interior with French Doors" now reads "Interior with Window". I am currently booked on the Legend for the Journeys cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii. I am in one of these 4K rooms specifically for the ability to open the French doors (we did Alaska in a 4K room and loved it). I am very upset for a couple of reasons. Carnival is not bothering to notify anyone that they have downgraded these rooms. Also, as far as I am concerned, Carnival owes anyone that booked one of these rooms some onboard credit of at least the amount that was paid to upgrade to French doors. They don't see it that way. They don't feel the need to notify anyone of the change. I spent over a couple of hours on the phone with them today and all that they offered (after a lot of pressing) was a $25 onboard credit or we could cancel our cruise. That does not come close to covering the amount that was paid to upgrade to a 4K. Anyone that booked a 4K on the Legend while it was being advertised as having the French doors need to call Carnival customer service and complain. At the very least, you might get a bit of credit. Hopefully if they get enough calls they will realize that they did not handle this properly. Sad these are sealed, but hey, it's their ship. However, this is not fair for those that booked before the change. I would have been really pissed if I did not find out about the sealed doors until I got in the cabin and I'm sure no one else will appreciate the surprise either.:mad:
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