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  1. Go to the Grand Africa roll call and I'll give you the latest information there. Mary
  2. I'm sorry but the excitement got away from me. Mary
  3. Ruth, Are you taking the Grand Africa cruise? Brent and I met you on the Prinsendam last September for the rivers of Europe cruise and showed you our really spacious inside cabin. Mary
  4. She quoted R92,200 for two people and USD $6,240 or $3120 per person. I imagine that exchange rate could change. Peter sent me the ship tours for the 2018 segment of the world cruise. HAL's 4 day/ 3 night safari to Jock Safari from Maputo was $5999 per person and that was only 3 nights at Jock. There was a less expensive option, also from Maputo 4 days/ 3 nights to Kwa Madwala Game Reserve and the price was $4399 per person. Their prices were for double (2 person sharing). Mary
  5. Liselle sent the proposal already for the 4 nights at Notten's Bush Lodge and she'll send my payment form in the morning. Our total will be R92,200. She said there will be no discounts even if we add more people so that price is firm. I've been working on a safari for a while now and have spent quite a bit of time researching and talking to friends that have done it and I'm happy with the final product. Notten's Bush Camp - 4 nights includes accommodation, all meals, drinks (soft drinks and alcoholic), all safari activities (2 x open 4x4 game drives , 1 x bush walk per day), teas, coffees Scheduled flight Skukuza - Cape Town Road transfer Maputo harbor - Nottens Road transfer Notten's to Skukuza aorport Road transfer Cape Town Airport - Cape Town Harbor If you're interested you can email Liselle at liselle@sunsafaris.com Space is subject to availability at time of booking. I'm taking out insurance through my TA to cover the deposit in case anything unforeseen happens. We'll then add to the covered amount when the cruise payment becomes non refundable. Mary
  6. Yes that is per couple. Brent came in and we made our decision. We will spend 4 nights at Notten's Bush Lodge. That will get us to the ship on it's first day at Cape Town at about 3 pm. ( This is judging from the time that our friends Peter and Harry arrived on a similar flight in 2018.) We'll have that afternoon and the next day in Cape Town. (The ship leaves at 11 pm on Nov. 25). We'd love to have other people join us. Mary
  7. I got a detailed quote from Liselle Raath at Sun Safari for the 3 nights at Notten's Bush Camp, 1 night at Cape Codogan hotel in Cape Town, road transfer Maputo harbor to Notten's, road transfer Notten's to Skukuza Airport, flight from Skukuza airport to Cape Town with South African Airways, road transfer Cape Town Airport to Cape Codogan, road transfer Cape Codogan hotel to Cape Town harbor. Notten's Bush Camp is all inclusive and includes the lodging, 2 game drives a day, meals, drinks etc. The cost for this for two people is R85,400 total. The cost for staying 4 nights at the bush lodge and not staying at a hotel in Cape Town is R92,200. We have to make up our minds as to how many days we will spend at the Safari Lodge. I'm hoping that the cost could come down slightly if other people join us since the vehicle could be shared for the road transfers. We'll be booking by the end of this week. There is a 30 % deposit. I'll take out insurance when I pay that since it looks to be non refundable. Mary
  8. I googled and Richards Bay is 372 miles to Notten's camp (just for an example) so you'd probably have to fly but you wouldn't have to cross the border. Maputo to Notten's is 170 miles so still quite a drive and involves a border crossing.
  9. I've also been looking into a safari and have finally settled on a safari lodge with the tour company (Sun Safari) and will probably get a quote later today. It is for Notten's Bush Camp in Sabi Sands, a private area next to Kruger National Park. The prices there are fairly reasonable, there are usually only 6 - 7 people in the vehicles for game drives and they recently added a/c to the units. They get excellent reviews on trip advisor. It's not super luxurious but very nice and much more reasonable (by about half) the cost at Lion Sands Narina Lodge. There are only 8 or 9 separate units there. Sun Safari was recommended to me by Gail ("We're sailing away"). They used them in 2018 on the WC and are using them again for 2020 WC. We will leave from Maputo and return to Cape Town. That gives us a total of either 3 days safari and 1 day Cape Town or 4 days safari before meting the ship on November 24. That still leaves one very long day (November 25 till 11 pm.) in Cape Town. I'll post with the two options when I get the information. Notten's is very popular and from reading trip advisor usually is sold out early. Mary
  10. We finally got our cabin assignment late yesterday afternoon and it was our second choice so we're very happy. I tried to look at available cabins on HAL's site and it seems to hang up when you want to look at specific cabins. Maybe just too many people looking at the same time.
  11. I still haven't gotten an assigned cabin yet. I'm getting worried that I won't get any of my 4 choices.
  12. You really saw a lot. I especially love the photos of the birds on the animals backs (rhinos, giraffes etc.). The Shinshangeni Lodge is one of the places that I emailed asking for information. The others were Lion Sands Narina, Lukimbi, Jock Safari. We'll see what is available and prices. Mary
  13. Did you get a cabin or still just guarantee.
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