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  1. woodinville cruisers

    Shuttle from Civitavecchia to airport in Rome at end of curuise

    We used Civitavecchia shuttle express from the Prinsendam September 30 and had a 9:30 am time with a shared shuttle. Our driver was on time, the vehicle was filled with passengers from our ship and the vehicle seemed very new. We were dropped off at a hotel right at the airport. The driver told us where we should sit in an order that we would be dropped off. The cost was 69 euros. The only negative that we had was that the vehicle was completely filled. My husband sat in the front seat in the middle between the driver and I. The front has the least legroom. We already have them booked for a trip next year.
  2. woodinville cruisers

    Rotterdam Oct. 19, 2019 and Nov. 2, 2019 not on roll call tab

    Thanks for the help.
  3. woodinville cruisers

    Water in the cabanas, and a few more questions.

    The bottles of water provided are very large. We had a retreat cabana on the Nieuw Amsterdam and they brought us lunch that we could order from a menu. We could also order breakfast there too. There were evian misters but not available for our first 7 days. They were out of stock. They bring frozen grapes in the afternoon and chocolate covered strawberries. They also bring chilled towels. We've never experienced so much pampering and just loved it. I also got a fan through my room attendant and the cabana attendant set it up for me. Usually there was a nice breeze but the air was pretty still for a portion of the trip.
  4. Our roll call for the Rotterdam for October 19, 2019 and November 2, 2019 has a number of pages but does not show up when you use the "Find your roll call tab". You have to access it on the boards page. It started out as a Prinsendam cruise and changed to the Rotterdam. Several people have started a new roll call using the find your roll call tab. How can the original thread be moved. There is absolutely no activity on either roll call because of this. It's a very interesting cruise and the roll call should be active but I don't thing anyone can find it. Mary
  5. woodinville cruisers

    Which Nieuw Amsterdam Inside Cabin Would you choose?

    We had J1064 for 32 days this spring and loved the size of the cabin. We could hear some music but it didn't bother us. The future cruise person has J1058 since it's under the drums. I would definitely book this cabin again or it's neighbor 1068. Hi Ruth, it was really nice to meet you on our Prinsendam cruise. Mary
  6. woodinville cruisers

    Koningsdam Inside Cabins

    The cabin we chose (#1115) is one of 4 of the "I" category on the main deck midship that is a double cabin so no sofa. The cruise we booked is 44 days so just wondered about adding a chair.
  7. woodinville cruisers

    Koningsdam Inside Cabins

    I've booked cabin 1115, a square inside cabin on the Koningsdam. The photos show extra space by the entry and along one side of the bed but no chairs in the room besides the stool under the desk. Has anyone been in one of these cabins? Would there be space for a chair and would they bring one for us? Just hoping to be able to sit with a little back support. Any information would be helpful.
  8. Ketchikan- We picked up a walking tour map from the Visitor's center. We walked to Creek street, watched the salmon in the creek, followed the married man's trail up to the fish ladder, turned right along the street that parallels the creek and walked down to the Salmon hatchery. There was no admission fee and there were two staff members there that answered questions for us. We then walked to the Totem Heritage Center, paid $5 per person to see the totem poles exhibited there. There were staff members here that would answer any questions. We had chowder at Annabelle's for lunch. Sitka- We walked to the Sitka National Historic Park,listened to a talk outside by one of the park rangers, talked to a totem pole carver inside, saw a film, visited with a lady doing some bead work. We then walked through the park to the Alaska Raptor center. The cost was $13 per person entrance. Don't miss the talk that the staff gives in the auditorium. Sit up front if you can, you won't be disappointed. We then had chowder at the Ludwig's next to the Aquarium. Juneau- We booked a whale watching trip at one of the booths when we got off the ship. There were 14 passengers on a boat rated for 49. The cost was $139.65 per person including tax and the company was Juneau Tours. The price was for a combination whale watch with Mendenhall glacier. We were taken directly to the whale watching boat, had an excellent time and just were very fortunate that they hadn't sold many tours. The whale watching was amazing and was in a very comfortable boat. We then were driven to Mendenhall Glacier park. We walked to the raised walkway by the creek and were told that bears had been there just 30 minutes before. We walked out to the waterfall by the glacier on a very easy, flat surface. We checked out the area for bears again and were out of luck. The white school bus was our transportation back to the ship. Just as we were leaving the park area we saw a giant bear off in a grassy area beyond the parking lot. A terrific end to an amazing day. We had to have chowder at the Hangar on the Wharf and watch the float planes take off and land. Victoria- We booked ahead of time with a private company called "Fresh Air Tours". We had hoped to share with other cruise critic members but nobody was interested so we went by ourselves. We asked to be taken to Craigdarroch castle and Butchart Gardens. The tour didn't include the entrance price for either place. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and our tour guide Linda. This company is best for a large family group. It was expensive for just the two of us but we saw exactly what we wanted to and would recommend a visit to both places if you have already seen the inner harbor area. Mary
  9. woodinville cruisers


    Thank you for all the information.
  10. woodinville cruisers


    What about closet space in the 4 regular inside cabins on Promenade deck? Mary
  11. woodinville cruisers


    Thank you for the information. We do have one of the 4 regular newer inside cabins on the promenade deck and are looking forward to our Prinsendam cruise next year. Mary
  12. woodinville cruisers


    We have our first Prinsendam cruise booked for fall next year. Does anyone have any experience with the inside cabins on the promenade deck. I've seen photos and they look amazing but I've also read that they have quirks. Any information would be appreciated. Mary
  13. woodinville cruisers

    K548 Inside Room Maasdam

    We've never flown on them but I've heard that Icelandic air has really low prices. I believe the seats are more traditional though (not much legroom). The only time that we've ever been on the Ryndam we had the penthouse suite on a 10 day Sea of Cortez trip. HAL had mispriced the sailing for a few hours and I was lucky enough to find it so we only paid $3,000 for both of us. That was our best price ever! Our best friends got a regular suite for $2000 for two. Awesome trip. Mary
  14. woodinville cruisers

    K548 Inside Room Maasdam

    Thank you, We have the cabin for a 30 day cruise and in the photos I only saw the closets that look like they are by the door where you enter the cabin. Mary
  15. woodinville cruisers

    K548 Inside Room Maasdam

    We have 549 booked on the Maasdam for February. It doesn't look like there are many closets. Was that a problem for you? We're going with cheaper cabins now that my husband is retired so we can go on more cruises but will have to learn to pack a little differently. Mary