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  1. Thanks again Fairgarth. I found on CC "The Beach Bum Café" which is right on the beach. Hopefully it is still there or we might be hungry. Cheers
  2. Thanks Fairgarth! I considered this as well but was hoping for a more secluded beach. How long ago did you visit with such a small beach? You have got me rethinking this for sure. We plan on eating lunch at Half Moon and hopefully then we could use their facilities. Anymore info is most appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Not yet but still hoping someone out there can give a little advice-anyone??
  4. Hi everyone, The information on this site is awesome in assisting our plans for our upcoming cruise-thank you all. My question: Can we, a family of 5 adults, hire a taxi to take us to Nelson's and Shirley's followed by a stop at Half Moon Bay Beach? We arrive at 11 and depart at 7:00. Is this doable? Any advice, guidance or tips is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks firstly for all the valuable information on this site that I have attained so far for our upcoming trip. My question is we will have enough time to get to Gros Piton by taxi, climb it (from the land base not the sea level) and get back to the cruise ship? I have read it is about 90 minutes there and 90 minutes back with a climb of about 4 hours totaling 7 hours. Is that reasonable? We are a family of 5 adults- all in relatively good shape- arriving at 9:00AM and departing at 6:00. Any advice, guidance or tips is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. Hi, I just started reading through this thread and your map and notes sound amazing and just what I am looking for, for our family trip. I would love to see what you had mapped out for "The Amigos Take San Juan". If possible please send to bradandjo@sympatico.ca Thanks a ton.
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