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  1. Hi, just returned from a 2 week vacation in italy. 7 days in italy and then a 7 day cruise on msc. all marvelous. upon finishing the cruise we left the ship at 8:30 a.m. in the port of civitavecchia, rome. we (6) had booked italytours.eu in advance because we had already been to rome and seen the vatican and coliseum, etc as well as the city and wanted to go somewhere different and special to kill 6 hours before we went to the airport in rome to return home. Our english speaking driver was waiting for us when we exited the ship, we stored our lugguge in his 8 passenger beautifully appointed mercedes van and he whisked us away for an incredibly exciting excursions to Tarquinia and Tuscania. These places had exquisite cathedrals from out of the past that were truly awe inspiring as well as tombs from the 5th century with mind blowing frescoes to take your breathe away. But the highlights of this trip was the the professional manner that our driver displayed explaining these century old towns to us and giving explicit instruction on what to see, where to go and was knowledgeable about our total surroundings. when it came to lunchtime he was insistent of finding a place to eat that was highly reputable and even came with us to speak with the waiter to interpret for us. Alas he turned down my invite to enjoy a lunch with us as he was more concerned to keep watch on our luggage and his vehicle. I would highly recommend this company as they are the most professional, caring people about what they do and sincerely have a high regard for their business and clientel. You cannot go wrong with these folks, they love what they do and love and enjoy touring their customers. marc, deb, marc ll, dani, kathleen and victor. just sensational
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