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  1. Anybody have any experience with their future cruise booking? We cruised last July. Purchased the future cruise booking benefit (deposit plus 5% off). Booked a cruise for Oct 2020. So my TA says if we cancel, we lose $200 each deposit. If we rebook, they will transfer funds to new cruise, but the price may be higher. Either way it sounds like we lose the FCC. I'm not happy about this. We should be able to reuse it on a future cruise. Anyone have this situation?
  2. We are booked for Oct 11. Trying to stay optimistic, but not sure how this will all shake out. We are going to decide early June to keep reservation or reschedule. Not sure what post pandemic tourism will look like.
  3. I just looked at our receipt. We (husband and I)sent everything we wore to the laundry every day! Averaged about $12 euros/day.
  4. Needing info about SA suites on Magna. Read a trip report and writer said that the music and revelry from the lounge at night could be noisy in tyhe front cabins. Has anyone stayed in the first SA cabins and was noise a problem? I’m looking at 304. Thx!
  5. AMA offers laundry services( no dry cleaning) for a fee, per piece. They did not have an option by the bag last year On the Kristina. But the prices were very reasonable, and we left it on our bed in the morning and it was returned by the afternoon or evening at the latest. We were very pleased and used it everyday.
  6. For the AMA cruises precruise is in Bilbao. Has anyone done this? Which airport do you fly into?
  7. Just flew business Lufthansa in July. Not once were our bags weighed. Like others say, label all, consider mixing your clothing with your partner, always buy travel insurance for lost/delayed bags.
  8. Following, looking at this for 2020
  9. I know there is selection of included wines at dinner. Do they also have other bottles to purchase if you would like something other than what is offered?
  10. Which canal hop on hop off did you do? We will be in Amsterdam Sunday for precruise AMA Rhine cruise. I walk with a cane. Could you tell me if it will be difficult to board/unboard from the boats? Enjoying your report.
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