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  1. The ship leaves Asia in spring 2022 and spend the summer in the Mediterranian Sea. Lst announced cruise will end in Lisbon in late October 2022. It would be very likely that the ship will even sail across the Atlantic Ocean and will stay in the Caribbean during winter. Otherwise it would not make much sense to go to Lisbon at the end of summer season.
  2. Tradewind Voyages is a sister company to the shipyard. Their parent company holds between 25 and 50 percent of Tradewind Voyages according to moneyhouse. No other owners listed there. Just another try to put some pressure against the cruise company, as long as the netherland court which handles the arbitration between shipyard and cruise company has stopped any sale of the ship while arbitration is ongoing.
  3. Just check your travel voucher - the prepaid/included gratuities should be stated therein. If not, contact your travel agent before you go onboard. Purser's office has usually no insight in your booking details. Gratuities will not be charged automatically to your account. If you have no prepaid gratuities, you will get an information sheet, envelopes for cash, and the option to charge it to your cabin account instead of cash. In addition, about two days before the end of the cruise you will get an 'invoice for information', stating all expenses until then. If there are
  4. 1. There is a large tent to check-in at the harbour, located behind the parking lot of the cruise harbour. Even there is luggage pick-up after the cruise. 2. Beside of the included tips we always tip the bar staff separately with a little cash at the end of the cruise for every of the bar tenders. They do a grest job. USD or Euro - it doesn't matter. 3. In former years we stayed at the Sonesta, which is blown away by the last hurricane. They still have two other Sonesta Hotels, but they are located near the airport. 4. verything was written to shore excurion
  5. We have been last week on Royal Clipper. Cruise was cancelled the morning after embarcation. Same for the Star Flyer, I think. Keep in mind that you have booked with a wonderful small cruise company. Their manpower is limited, and their primary tasks are getting their passengers back to their home countries. We got any help we needed on board, including the guarantee to stay until the next day onboard unless alternative arrangements could be made. And that was time enough for everyone. Then they have to arrange anchor places or itineraries even for 'empty' ships. E. g.,
  6. My interpretation of sunscape's post is, that - if you want to stay on shore the whole day - you will miss the sailing betrween the two places they go at that day. You must inform the cruise director or captain that you are a no-show when leaving the first place of anchor. Eventually there are restrictions by local immigration law if you want to 'extend' the stay. That will be checked by the purser before getting a 'permission to leave' by the captain or cruise director.
  7. Suggested tips (for cabin attendant and restaurant waiters) are 8 € per person per day. Bar prices are very affordable (i. e. soft drinks about 2.50 €, tap beer about 3 €, several house wines starting at about 16 €/bottle. And good to know: Service charge is already included in drink prices. As service is always between very good and excellent, feel free to give some extra tip. 😉 As the ship (or the tenders/zodiacs) usually go directly to the 'hot spots' (whenever possible; depends on destinations), you may do a lot on your own in most cases.
  8. Hi, we are on that cruise. Stay in Dublin for Columbus is scheduled from 0800 till 1800 hrs (08 am - 6 pm) which means that the ship would have left after returning from the show. Disney Magic will leave at 9 pm. I just checked the schedule for Columbus with CMV and their german subsidiary's websites again and found no change. Enjoy the Disney Cruise. (Sad that we will not hear her shp's horn.)
  9. Regular coffee at breakfast is included as well as tea to all restaurant opening times (tea bags as well as some different kind of teas to create your own mixture). During lunch and dinner instant coffee powder will be provided for free in the restaurants only. Other coffees like cappucchino etc. will be served at every bar during the specific bar opening hours and will be charged. Btw: Aida actually changes from Pepsi to Coca Cola products. Most ships have changed already, the remaining ships will get the change during the next four or five weeks. Prices in
  10. If you have booked through a travel agent, they are able to arrange name changes (correction of names) for free (but not passenger changes) as long as there are no tickets already produced.
  11. Just want to add that service charge is already included in the prices. No mandatory ad-ons at all.
  12. @cathaana: I am sure there are several english speaking people working for Aida Cruises - they even run a website in english language. As Aida Cruises is a bit different - not only in language - it should be better imho to contact an independent travel agent especially for non-german-speakers to get the right explanations of the differences of their cruise concept and the booking process under german law. As all other competitors, the cruise line's own staff will always sell their own product only. To get a better information, an independent, cruise specialized travel a
  13. Would be difficult to find an agency in the US. Why don't use a german agency? German agents are able to handle international bookings for Aida Cruises as well. But be aware that german law will be valid. The main terms are: - Pricing of the cruise is in Euro. Pay only directly to the cruise company - easy by credit card or paypal. Bank transfer will even work. - Prices include all port charges and taxes, if applicable. Price tags must show the "end price" - even on board no additional charges will apply to prices stated in the price lists. - No surcharges, e. g. for
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