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  1. Good point. I would hate to have others needlessly fret if this was just a misunderstanding. Is it the policy of Viking to charge a ridiculous fee or was this a "one off"?
  2. Thank you for letting us know. Although I haven't been to Belize, I've already been to Key West and Mexico a few times.
  3. Agreed. I'm curious what they will find. Their client base is experienced travelers who have most likely been to the Caribbean many times. In addition, they sell themselves as a port intensive cruise. I can't think of other ports that would likely hold the same level of interest that Cuba was going to do.
  4. I cancelled on June 18 and received a full refund 7/8 including all our added air fare. It does make me feel better about working with them. Does make me wonder what will happen with the cruise. It can't possibly be economically feasible to run ships that aren't close to capacity for weeks.
  5. Well, it has been over a month since the announcement. Has anyone received information regarding the cruise? Has anyone that cancelled gotten their money back?
  6. While booking my flights months before our cruise I went and double checked the dates and times noticed something was really off with the dates. Out of nowhere there was a 3 day pre-cruise add on. The TA took it off immediately and was just as baffled as I was. We hadn't even discussed it and I had a hotel in Rome booked.
  7. Sorry Pushka. You were NOT going on ad infinitum at all. I thought your experience was a good reflection on how VO was handling both communication and new ports. There have been other less than stellar reports of new ports in Asia that sound erringly similar to yours. It should be a cause for concern for those booked on the Cuba cruises. It doesn’t mean I’m going to cancel my VO Med cruise since I know they are quite experienced in those ports.
  8. I was in too much of a hurry and rushed booking the insurance. We came back from a lovely VO cruise right before Christmas. It was my fault.
  9. I paid for my travel insurance from a third party so I knew when I cancelled that it would not be refunded under any circumstances past the 14 day look back period. I'd already paid in full by the time the ban was announced. If I had waited until my 6 months out (booked on board) I would have been fine but there you go. Live and learn. Makes the year PIF a little harder to swallow. It has been a few days and nothing is back on my CC.
  10. The vague "please have patience" email should have come out within days of the ban. They were the last out of the gate with any response by a week. To imply that Cuba is still on the table was ludicrous and that "specific details" were unknown was blatantly false. No one is complaining that a new itinerary isn't moving fast enough. My worry is the one you mentioned above, nothing is going to attract Viking's clientele enough to create new bookings. I can't imagine that it would be financially viable to run a half empty ship for several weeks. A last minute cancellation is still a possibility.
  11. My gut feeling is that the email we were sent was written within a day or so of the ban and they waited too long to send it. It was before "the specific details" were known, which we've all seen the PDF that is pretty detailed and therefore sounded ridiculous. And before it was clear there were going to be no exceptions. There is no way that Viking is going to get an exception for a half full cruise. Viking cruisers are much more well traveled than most other cruise lines. We are simply not that gullible to believe that Cuba is a possibility It also did not promise that we would be given other high quality ports and left open the possibility for an 8 day cruise to Nassau. At that price point a terrible value. That email made sense immediately after the ban but they waited too long for such a vague email asking us for patience.
  12. I have to agree this was very unsatisfactory. The specific detail ARE known and there is no way Viking is in any position to receive "special consideration". This is very reminiscent of the Vancouver embarkation fiasco, where they knew months out that they did not have a berth and they delayed letting the guest know until shortly before the cruise that embarkation would be after 5PM. I agree. No Impressed Viking.
  13. I've been warned away from consolidators. Outside of looking at individual airlines. What do you search for when looking for business class flight prices?
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