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  1. terryde

    Private tour in Roatan

    We haven't used him yet but used Rony a few years ago and will not use him again. Bodden has been used by so many of our friends with excellent results.
  2. terryde

    Day Pass Marriott or Timothy Beach?

    We booked it and went Oct 1. After taking our money she told us the pool had just been drained. Then we decided to walk arou d and it was so run down. No one there. To just a bit further down the road to Shipwreck.
  3. terryde

    Shipwreck Bar

    We enjoyed Shipwreck. Good food and drinks and very reasonable prices. Two chairs and your own shade palapa for $10 total. Only about 30 or 40 people there, all cruise passengers. Great snorkeling. Highly recommend. $4 pp cab back to port.
  4. terryde

    Pirana Joe's

    We enjoyed the store just two weeks ago. Some really good prices and lots to choose from.
  5. terryde

    What to do in Grand Turk??

    In response to snorkeling right by the ship. It is great! Swim out a bit toward the ship and you will be near a shelf full of fish. Once you get to it just swim parallel to the ship. We have 20 years of experience snorkeling the Caribbean. This is not the best but good. Pool, food and drinks at Margaritaville were great and free chairs by pool or on beach. Pool is zero entry.
  6. terryde

    Cartegena : doable on your own?

    Going to be in Cartagena again in December and wonder if anyone else tried the walk from Boca Grande beach area to El Centro? Did anyone sit on the beach and enjoy it? What area did you walk through from beach area to El Centro? Any shopping along the way that looked good? Thanks
  7. terryde

    luv bugs

    Just drove back from Tampa to Jacksonville this weekend and they are bad in Tampa, but not in J'Ville. Have been in Tampa for over a month for sure.
  8. terryde

    Scooter Rental Questione

    So can you tell about the bikes? Cost and how good was the bike? Were you able to get all over the island? Did they have a lock so you could lock them somewhere and walk around?
  9. terryde

    Charlie Car Rentals

    Thanks, Digger. We did rent from Charlie's, from 11am to 5pm. His condado office is open to 5, it is the one that does the cruise ship shuttle, so as long as you get it there by 5pm, you can get a cab back. His rate is honestly so cheap compared to others that it is worth the cab. Then we just need to get on the ship by 6pm!
  10. terryde

    Has anyone DONE Island Trams?

    I emailed Island Tram and asked about staying downtown longer, or at a beach longer, and they said we would have to tell them how long we needed and they would then send a tram to pick us up. Doesn't sound like the "hop on, hop off" idea that we first heard about on these boards. Still, it is much cheaper than renting a jeep or cart and for such a small island, it would cover the bases. We may still rent bicycles!
  11. terryde

    Charlie Car Rentals

    We will be in San Juan for about the fourth or fifth time Oct. 2. We are there on the Valor from 11am to 7pm. We wanted to rent a car to drive to El Yunque, because we love it. Is there any way we can get a car in San Juan, near the cruise port, and return it after 4pm? We know Charlie will pick you up there, but we worry that by the time we are picked up, driven to their office, get the car, and get to the rainforest it would be 1pm or later. Then to get back to turn in the car at his office by 4pm we would be rushing. Any way to get one from anyone and return after 4pm?
  12. terryde

    Just got back. Sapphire beach review

    We have been to St. Thomas several times - took Godfrey's tour once, and loved it, snorkeled at Coki beach twice, once went over to St. Johns. We really didn't prefer the long trek to St Johns at all. This time will snorkel at Sapphire thanks to all of your posts. We also then come back to the ship, clean up, eat if we need to, then walk into Charlotte Amalie. Shopping or just walking around is good there.
  13. terryde

    PRE-Cruise Hotel (Miami)

    We just booked this on stay123.com for $113 including taxes precruise on Sept. 28. It says it is the new all suite hotel, and we drive down from Jacksonville, getting in after midnight, so we don't need to use the pool, or eat anywhere that night! We need 8 nights parking to go out on the Valor Sept. 29, and reviews looked good. The free breakfast looks better than average too.
  14. terryde

    Walking to Seven Mile Beach?

    Yes, my DH and I do it often - we are 60 now and last time was last year. We will be there again next week! We walk about 2 miles, we are guessing, to Royal Palms. It is a good sidewalk, past some stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, nice things to see. It is shorter to some closer spots by maybe a half mile or so. Again, just guessing on these distances.
  15. terryde

    If not booked on an excursion...

    Royal Palms is a great area on 7 mile. You can rent a beach chair for $10, then if you want to eat/drink you pay separately. we like it for the great pool, which is not for children, so makes it even better for us!