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  1. We have been to San Juan 3 times, twice on the Nieuw Amsterdam (2015 & 2016) and once on the Nieuw Statendam (2019). We will be back (hopefully!) this November on the NA. Flags at half staff in remembrance of Pearl Harbor -
  2. We were in Skagway in August 2004 on Celebrity's Mercury and took the train to the Canadian border -
  3. Here is the equivalent wine list from 2019 if you want to compare - https://rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Wine-List.pdf
  4. I commented today on a couple of other threads. The current wine list downloaded from the Navigator app shows considerable reductions in wine-by-the-glass prices. There are now 26 wines by my count that would be covered by the SBP. There are an additional 6 that would be covered by the EBP. 2021 Wine List.pdf Lisa confirmed the lower prices on her live Alaska thread.
  5. I mentioned on Lisa's thread as well and asked if anyone onboard can confirm the accuracy of the Navigator app wine list.
  6. Hi Lisa, I am enjoying your reports! I posted something about this on the Daily thread, but you might be too busy to notice it. The current wine list I downloaded through the Navigator app shows some drastic reductions in wine-by-the-glass prices making many more wines (26 by my count!) part of the SBP. If you (or others onboard) have a chance, can you confirm this? If the app is accurate, it makes me wonder if upgrading to the EBP is worthwhile from the wine perspective. Smooth Seas!
  7. Like many of us, I have been enjoying @LAFFNVEGAS's live thread from Alaska. I do hope she takes time to enjoy the cruise instead of tracking down answers to everyone's questions! Her thread, and a couple others about paper menus, Navigator app, and maybe needing cell phones onboard inspired me to download and explore the new Navigator app. And I found something interesting that perhaps others have noticed. We don't cruise until late November so many menus and such can't be accessed yet. However, the wine list (from James Suckling - the one usually on the table in the MDR) was "live". It is very similar to the one Roger Jett posted from 2019 (https://rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Wine-List.pdf). The remarkable difference is that most wine-by-the-glass prices have dropped significantly putting many more wines into the Signature Beverage Package $11 window. On the 2019 list, I counted 13 wines at $11 or less and and additional 10 that were between $11 and $15 (thus part of the Elite BP). On the current wine list (2021 Wine List.pdf) on the Navigator app, there are 26 wines at $11 or less and another 6 between $11 and $15. Many of the wines on both lists are the same so you may want to take a close look before upgrading the SBP to the EBP just for the wines. The upgrade is (I think) $5 per person per day which isn't much and might still be worthwhile if you want access to some higher end scotch, cognac, port, and such.
  8. Deleted - Posted in the wrong spot - Moved to the Tuesday thread
  9. They were from some Bombay Sapphire Gin promotion several years ago. I think Mitzi found them on eBay and bought a dozen. They might have been seconds.
  10. I have been known to make an Alexander or two...
  11. From our 2017 west-bound canal transit - Entering Gatun Lake from the Gatun Locks- The dam that forms Gatun Lake - Ships at anchor in Gatun Lake -
  12. Happy Birthday @summer slope!! It will be in the 90s today and probably last until around Wednesday so I guess we are doing our part to honor "hot enough for ya day". We are excited about Canada's August 9 border reopening but don't understand the delay on the US side. It is quite clear what we need to do to get into Canada to visit our cottage, but I sure cannot find any info about the logistics of getting back to the US at a land crossing. We have been setting up doctor, dentist, and other appointments that have been long delayed do to the virus. Due to some of that scheduling, we probably won't head to the cottage until the beginning of September. Hopefully, things will be clearer by then.
  13. Dutch Night in the MDR, Zaandam, 11/28/2002 -
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