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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Our turkey is in the oven & should be ready around 2:30. We will cart portions over to the kids and do a Zoom holiday. We were supposed to be in Curacao today. It is another port we have not visited yet so no pictures. Here is our Turkey from 2008!
  2. Bonaire was our destination for today. We have never been there so I don't have any pictures. I'll have to find something else. I think HAL's Black Friday Sale starts today. I will be looking for a cruise that will put us in the ABCs this time next year! Thanksgiving prep starts today. Simmer the neck & organs for broth and meat for the stuffing, figure out what roasting pan will fit in the oven (it is on the small side) at the new house, set up the "auxiliary" cookers (toaster oven & Nesco roaster)... We got a 13 lb fresh turkey, it was the smallest I could fi
  3. Gimlets are often made with Roses Lime Juice, using fresh lime and simple syrup sounds much better to me! Today was supposed to be another sea day on our cancelled cruise with our son and girlfriend. I just started looking to see if we can book a similar HAL cruise with them for next Thanksgiving/B-Day - there are FCCs to use up! Tuesday pizza night for us, it could have been from the New York Deli & Pizza overlooking the Lido pool...
  4. Got up early today - this morning we are pre-signing for the closing on the sale of our condo. Actual closing is Nov 30. It might be a bit on the corny side (at least the older ones), but I do enjoy Dr. Who now and then (Wee-Ooo...). Today was supposed to be a sea day on the way to Bonaire - With a bit of a rainbow -
  5. We got a dusting of snow last night but it is already melting. I took advantage of some reasonably warm weather (40s) to put up some Christmas lights yesterday. We won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving. Today was supposed to be turn-around day in Fort Lauderdale for our Caribbean back-to-back. Our son and his girlfriend were supposed to boarding today to join us for Thanksgiving at sea and his 30th birthday celebration. Now it is doubtful that we will even have a Thanksgiving together!
  6. While making coffee this morning, I noticed some ice along our Lake Phalen shoreline. The swans, ducks, and geese are still hanging around. Brandy Alexanders make a good "emergency" dessert... We should be at Half Moon Cay today so I should be looking at something like this as I board a tender!
  7. Well, I just found out our 18 day March 2021 Caribbean cruise on the Nieuw Statendam has been officially cancelled. We had used almost $700 each in FCCs from our cancelled March 2020 "Voyage of the Americas" so it will be amusing to see how they sort out the credits. Time to contact our PCC! In a way, I am relieved since I wasn't at all sure it would be safe enough (for us) to cruise by spring 2021. Today, we were supposed to be at sea between St. Thomas and HMC -
  8. A Bombay Sapphire G&T is one of Mitzi's favorites. I actually prefer rum and tonics with a good dark navy rum (like Gosling's Black Seal or Cruzan Black Strap). We were supposed to be in Saint Thomas today -
  9. Here are the sweet rolls Mitzi made yesterday. Apple butter (our homemade) on the inside and gooey pecans on top. We were supposed to be in Saint Kitts today -
  10. Mitzi has some sweet rolls rising right now! Since it is Tuesday, we'll be having Papa Murphy pizza tonight. The next several days should be in the 50's so I will be grilling as long as the weather lasts. Today, we were supposed to be in Fort-de-France, Martinique on the Nieuw Statendam. Here are some photos from our previous visit. Freshly pressed cane juice on its way to the fermentation tanks and distillation towers at the La Mauny rum plant - And some of their gorgeous flowers -
  11. I just realized we were supposed to be in Bridgetown, Barbados today onboard the Nieuw Statendam! I should be looking at things like this -
  12. Cloudy, cold, and dreary here - a good day for baking! Maybe an apple crisp... Well I forgot to get the cranberry juice when I was shopping yesterday so I had to improvise for our Cosmos last night. There was some guava juice leftover from the goofy cocktails our son made for my birthday so I used that with a bit of grenadine in place of the cranberry juice. It was actually very good! Here are two pots of pansies that we had on either side of the front door at the old house. They (the pots not the pansies) now grace the patio at the new place -
  13. I just put cranberry juice on the shopping list - Cosmos tonight! Here is an interesting bush clematis that I have moved from our old house to our condo and now to our new house in less than a year. I hope it survives all the movement!
  14. We moved mom and dad to Minnesota around 2010. They needed more help than we could give from so far away. Both have since passed, but it was good that we were able to take care of them in MN for quite a while. I would love to visit the Tucson area again - Desert Museum, Madera Canyon, Sabino Canyon, Tubac, Sonoita, Tumacacori, Amado, Sahuarita, Arivaca, Carmen, Patigonia.... Lots of fond memories!
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