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  1. I am a late arrival today. I got distracted with the inauguration and projects around the house. Organizing the workshop and starting work on refinishing an old oak office desk (the top at least) that will become my computer desk. Here are some more pictures from the Mounts Botanical Garden. It really is an amazing place. If you have any interest in flowers/gardens, you should visit it when you are in West Palm Beach.
  2. Happy Birthday George! Looks like a great place to celebrate it!
  3. @seagarsmoker - according to Jacqui's future cruise thread (and our signatures) it looks like we'll be sailing together in November 2021.
  4. Well, we are all making new friends as more folks join The Daily thread. I'd be a jagoff if I wasn't happy to have @JazzyV posting from my old hometown of Pittsburgh 😉. I did err in my post about HMC yesterday. Today was the day for HMC in 2019 and yesterday was a sea day. What was that thing about memory for today? Before I forget anything else, here are some Key West butterflies -
  5. Surely there is a better name for Thesaurus Day... We were at Half Moon Cay today in 2019. We did our standard Clamshell/sun/swim/repeat routine with the BBQ thrown in somewhere. I either forgot my camera or decided not to bother with it so I don't have any pictures. Here are a couple orchid pictures from Hawaii (near Hilo) instead -
  6. I think it is only there to make the drink foam a bit when shaken. Feel free to leave it out!
  7. I'll be popping a small beef roast (sirloin tip if I remember correctly) in the oven for tonight. Probably with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts. Today in 2019 we were in Saint Thomas as we neared the end of our 14 day collector's cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. We did the "St Thomas Island Drive" through HAL to use up some OBC. It was useful to see more of the island than we had in the past. It took us to Mountain Top and its huge gift shop. We were there too early (for me at least) to try one of their "famous" banana daiquiris. I wanted to buy a bottle of rum, but unfortunat
  8. They aren't quite dragons, but the crocodiles in the Tarcoles River (Costa Rica) might do in a pinch - We were in San Juan on this day in 2019 and toured both Forts. It was a holiday (Celebration of Calle San Sebastian) and the city was very busy, they almost wouldn't let our bus through to Del Morro. While I was down by the water at the "tip" of the Del Morro, the Carnival Pride sailed out -
  9. We got a fair bit of snow yesterday, but it was near freezing or slightly above so it was wet and sloppy. It is 35F now and there are still a few flakes falling. Quite messy out on the roads! Today was a sea day for us in 2019. I don't have any pictures from that day, but here is one from 2015 and a bonus Key West butterfly!
  10. Yesterday, I was grilling a steak (it was delicious!) and didn't even need a jacket. Today there is a winter weather advisory. I would love to be where we were today in 2019 - Nassau, The Bahamas. I was a little hesitant about this port, but we ended up having a great time! We did a HAL tour that went to Ardastra Gardens and had a brief stop at Fort Charlotte. It was a bit chaotic at the pier due to the number of ships in port, but we eventually got to our transport OK. The "marching flamingos" at Ardastra were a bit silly and tourist trappy. But the gardens were very nice as was t
  11. I don't think it is actually Skeptics Day.... It is supposed to hit 40F today so I have a T-bone ready for the grill! Tomorrow will be a return to leftovers. In 2019, today was turnaround day in Port Everglades. We were thoroughly enjoying the new Nieuw Statendam but had come to the conclusion that the "standard" 7 day Western Caribbean route would be our last choice for future cruises. It was a lovely day for the sail away and we were followed out by the Koningsdam.
  12. It's $10 Tuesday at Papa Murphy so it's pizza for dinner tonight! A box of TimBits would be wonderful right now, but I would have to drive to Fort Francis or Thunder Bay (5-6 hours!) In 2019, today was a sea day on the Nieuw Statendam for us -
  13. Thanks John, the clip I had access to was too fuzzy to read the ships name! I might have to watch the movie again too since I only vaguely remember it.
  14. Both of those ships had single stacks I believe. So what was the twin funneled ship in the movie opening? There is a single funnel ship that can be seen towards the right as the scene pulls back
  15. Mitzi had a hankering for bacon and waffles this morning, so of course I obliged! I think we may need to skip lunch. Whenever I make waffles, I always make a huge batch and freeze the extras. We can then just pop them in the toaster for a quick breakfast treat. Today in 2019, we were in Cozumel. We didn't do an official excursion, but had a fun time wandering around the town.
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